Kelly Weeps During Touching Story Of Mister Rogers Visiting A Little Girl In The Hospital

– All right y’all we put it out there and your response was overwhelming. From acts big to small, people all over the
country took extra time to get to know their neighbors. There are too many stories to talk about all of them today, but this hour I’m sharing some that really stood out for me personally so the first started on this stage. You might remember this
proposal from a few weeks ago Victoria popped the question to her girlfriend, Emily, who said yes. Well they are back with an amazing Good Neighbor story as
a result of this show. Hey, what’s up ladies? (applause) – Thank you for having us back. – [Kelly] Yes! So what happened after the show? – [Victoria] Okay so we
were a little bit nervous for the show to air to be honest with you because where we’re from
it’s not necessarily accepted like it is a
lot of places, you know? So, but afterwards we
got a lot of positivity a lot of people reached out to us and sent us messages wishing us well and things like that. So and then we actually linked up with a few ladies that live about
forty-five minutes from us using the Good Neighbor
challenge that you started. – Yeah. – [Emily] Well they actually knew that we were going to be spending most of our holidays alone, so they reached out and asked us to spend
the holidays with them and it’s just a great
demonstration of your show and your campaign that one little thing… – [Kelly] Well Mr. Rogers
in the one that inspired us to start it so years and years later it’s still working. Thank you, Mr. Rogers. (applause) So Alex, what inspired you to reach out? – We saw the genuine love
that these two shared and being a lesbian in the deep south you’ve got to stick together.
We’re all neighbors. (applause) – I love it. Good job, y’all. We also have some people
in the audience who say their lives were forever
changed by Mr. Rogers and his show. Where are Beth and Kathy? Hi Beth and Kathy! Yes,
you! (laughs loudly) So y’all can stand up if you want. So Beth, you have a
very special connection to that song, correct? – [Beth] Yes, I do. Well growing up I spent
two and a half years having non-stop seizures as a child and as a result of that I had no friends. Every time Mr. Rogers came on the TV I felt like he was talking right to me. I felt like I was the
only friend in the world that he was talking to. – [Kelly] He did have that, he just looked directly into the camera and that’s what they say that he always was picturing one person
on the other side. – [Kathy] Oh, absolutely Kelly. I get still emotional today. – [Kelly] I am as well. – [Kathy] As a result of her seizures she was diagnosed with
a very rare encephalitis and no one really knew the cure. It was scary, she had to
have half her brain removed. – Oh my gosh! – [Kathy] So before the surgery I noticed that every time I put Beth in front of the TV, in
front of Mr. Rogers, she wouldn’t have a single seizure. It’s so well-known even
Mr. Speedy Delivery knows about it, and they
think they should study it, and we were asked to call him Fred, and he called Beth and spoke to Beth in every puppet voice. – [Kelly] How cool are
you? That is special. – What did you say? – I told him things that I didn’t even tell my own mom and dad. Like I was afraid I was going to die and leave my brother. – [Kelly] Oh my god. – [Kathy] So fast forward,
Bethy has surgery, and the surgery goes well but that night she fell into a deep coma and unbeknownst to us, Mr.
Rogers had been calling the Ronald McDonald house every night. – [Kelly] To check on her? – [Kathy] To check on
her. And then finally a nurse said, “Kathy
there’s a man on the phone “claiming to be Fred Rogers,
and it sounds like him “but really?” (laughter) You know I answered the phone and he said, “Kathy, I’ve been so worried, how is she?” And he didn’t know us from Adam, and I said, “You know, it’s not good, “she’s in a coma.” and he said, “I’d like to come.” And I said, “Mr. Rogers,
it would be a waste “of your time, she won’t
even know you’re there,” and he said, “I’m coming, only, “just one request, no press. “I don’t want any media, I just want “it to be a special meeting between “Beth and I.” And he came with a little clarinet case from
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and he laid the clarinet case on her bed took out every puppet, and for an hour gave her
this incredible show. She woke up several weeks later and the first person, after our parents, we called was Mr. Rogers, and his first words were, “Praise God, “I’ve been praying everyday.” And we’re so grateful
that you’re doing this, and thank you so much. – I am very excited that y’all came to share that story. It’s very powerful.

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  1. Wow! What a wonderful human being and Kelly, you are making his legacy live on by being a wonderful human being too!

  2. This is what we need right now on TV. This is why the show was renew for season 2. Thank you Kelly for sharing real life stories with the world.

  3. If only there were more like Mr Rogers out there for our kids and grandkids, to look up to….role models with substance, who are more than entertainers trying to make a buck off our youth…how much better the world would be. He was an awesome man.

  4. wow, she had half of her brain removed as a child and she can talk that well and presumably can function relatively well? I noticed a little difficulty in her speech, but that kind of thing happens to everybody. Bless her and her family, hopefully she has friends now that she is older.

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