Joe Dispenza – How the Law of Attraction actually works | Experiment with your destiny

This is a time in history where it’s not
enough to know. This is a time in history to know how. And you could be black, you
could be white, you could be old, you could be young, you could be sick, you could be
vegetarian, you could be in shape, you could be out of shape, you could be rich, you could be poor,
you could be successful, you could have never ever had any experience in
meditation or personal transformation. I’ve seen it on all shapes all sizes all
colors all cultures sick people health people healthy people young people old
people all you got to do is apply the formula that’s it nobody’s excluded from
the phenomena and my job is to not create any exclusivity my job is to
create community and science creates community it’s the language is the
contemporary language we use people come to our workshops for all different
reasons some people come because they’re sick some people come because they want
more money some people want more a new job a new
opportunity a new career a new relationship some people want the
mystical that people come for all kinds of reasons to me I don’t care what I
care about is that they latch on to a vision and they learn how to create
whatever drives them to that elegant moment where they’re so present and so
passionate about what they want and they have a clear intention a clear vision a
coherent brain and they have an elevated emotion combined with it that they
create heart coherence and now they’re broadcasting a whole new energy into the
field and whatever we broadcast into the field is our experiment with destiny so
I want people to know the how because we have plenty of people that have made
millions and millions of dollars that were living in the backseat of their car
or that filed bankruptcy with plenty of people that were stage for cancer
serious health conditions that are healed but really people think they come
for those reasons but we come for wholeness that’s why we come that when
we feel so whole and so happy with ourselves so connected to something
greater if you feel homeless it’s impossible for
you to want how can you want when you’re whole when you’re whole you feel like
you have everything so I want people to reach that point where they feel so
whole that they no longer want and that’s when the magic happens
teaching them that allows them to understand that when they come back to
their senses they open their eyes they’re not looking for the experience
they feel like it’s already happened and if you feel like it’s already happened
why would you be looking for it then if your body is conditioned emotionally
into that future you’re not separate from the energy of your future you’re
connected from it to it but the moment you get in traffic and you start getting
angry you get on the line at the bank and you start getting impatient or
you’re sitting in a staff meeting you start judging the co-worker you just
disconnected from the energy of the future and now you’re back to the energy
of your past and you’ve done nothing wrong you just lost your connection to
the future now now the importance of that is to notice that you’re
disconnected and if you say to me well that person made me feel this way and
think this way I’d say oh my gosh you’re back to the unconscious program of being
a victim in your life the victim is saying that someone or something is
controlling how I think and feel but a person who’s producing outcomes in their
life all of a sudden they say wow the way I’m thinking and feeling is creating
outcomes in my life now I’m a creator in my life and now I believe less than I’m
a victim of my way point one a point number two is that people think that
they want certain things because they’re experiencing laughs and and so they have
to go about becoming the very person so then if we reframe it and you say oh I
really want to be wealthy I want all my needs met and I’ll say really why you
want to be wealthy and will say because I want freedom I’d
say okay let’s focus on freedom so now the person understands the sponsoring
thought or the emotion why would you wait for your wealth to feel free
that’s the Newtonian model of reality of cause and effect waiting for someone or
something out there to take away this emptiness or lack hmm and what if I’m
feeling this emotion this emotion is influencing certain thoughts and how I
think and feel creates my life if I’m living in lack I’m not gonna create
anything new but if I say to you hey when you become that person
once you become it then your your reality is gonna reorganize itself
instead of living by cause and effect let’s teach you how to cause an effect
so then the person then is no longer interested in getting something in their
environment when they realize it’s about who they become and all of a sudden now
the emphasis or that interest is in becoming that person and we have a week
with those people and I want me to walk as it sit as it stand as lay down us and
I want them to get in the habit of walking from their room to the ballroom
it’s become the new habit that’s why when we do our work yours we’re doing
sitting meditations we’re doing standing and walking meditations we’re doing
lying down meditations I wanted to become a new habit I want them to become
that person so then this happens thousands of times people come for
certain reasons they come to heal their disease and once they heal their disease
they realize it was never about healing their disease you know what it was it
was about unlearning breaking the habit deprogramming becoming conscious of
their unconscious thoughts becoming aware of their automatic habits and
behaviors noticing that they’ve been living in unworthiness and guilt for the
last 25 years but they’re so so used to living by that feeling they don’t even
know it’s guilt it just feels like who they are so point number two is that
becoming that person requires you to stop being the old person that’s the
work and so when people come with a passion and enthusiasm to overcome that
old South they’re gonna understand then that
people who live in the past or asleep in the present and they have to die that
old person has to die and the dying of that old personality is an uncomfortable
process but if you apply the formula when you’re in that uncomfortable
process you will literally begin to become somebody else so when they start
becoming that person they’ll say I thought I wanted wealth
I really don’t well if I want this and all of a sudden all of a sudden here
come the synchronicities the opportunities the Serendipity’s the
coincidences you know the wonderful wonderful events start unfolding in
their life and they’re gonna say to you I’m not doing anything I’m not do I
because they took care of the past personality because your personality
creates your personal reality your personality is made of how you think how
you act and how you feel so then after no longer thinking the
same way no longer acting the same way no longer feeling the same way they’re
thinking differently they’re acting differently they’re feeling differently
and they were returned back into their lives they’re able to maintain that
modified state of mind and body that’s the new habit they’re embodying that
energy then all of a sudden people in their life are gonna say something’s
different about you something something is you’re something
happened to you because the person’s not showing up and
the unconscious predictable habit of themselves and they’re outstanding
because they’re not reacting emotionally they’ve overcome that sitting on their
meditations they’re no longer judging they took care of those circuits the
hardwired programs they’re no longer blame you know complaining or making
excuses because they sat for two hours and I left them sit in that emotion in
those habits until they finally got beyond them

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  1. "The process of change requires unlearning. It requires breaking the habit of the old self and reinventing a new self" – Joe Dispenza

  2. Thank you so much for you learn to unlearn old habits brings forth a inner peace of gratitude which brings in an emotion of love from within. So much gratitude Dr. Joe Dispenza . Wholeness for me is when you are by yourself and feel a calmness inside that is the feeling awe.⭐️❤️

  3. I bought a very interesting book on this subject, it’s called The self Code…I recommend it to everyone!!
    The author is Robert Ledward!!!

  4. When you are poor & there is no money you cannot live like a rich person….yes you can feel it but reality of bills etc brings you down….yes i want wealth so I can have the power to protect the environment animals all life….as a poor person all i can hope for is my health so i can co tinue to work volu tarily.

  5. Hi, love what you've created here. I have one small request, can the volume of the 'GV jingle' be reduced as I find its volume jarring. And thank you for adding clear subtitles. Keep up the good work.

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