Jobs, Dreams Fulfilled in Public/Private Partnership at UAlbany

Patricia Greenwood: “They only thing I can
say about the SEED Program is that it renewed my life.” Bruce Evans: “This is the culmination of a
generational dream.” John Robinson: “I can’t thank University at
Albany enough and Empire State Developement enough for this opportunity and specifically
SEFCU.” President George Philip: “The SEED program
links faculty, staff, and students from UAlbany schools of business and social welfare in
our small business development center with financial support from SEFCU and Empire State
Development. Their shared goal is the creation and growth of small businesses in the Capital
Region.” Michael Castellana: “Here we’re looking for
people that are hard working people with an incredible work ethic and a great idea, and
what were doing is bringing the funding source forward, it’s a different type of lending.” William Brigham: “The public private partnership
behind SEED has driven this project like no other I’ve ever seen.” Peter Wohl: “Today, only six months after
the launch of the program, it has created fifty-two jobs in the process, just to date.” Greenwood: “I’ve become part of something
greater, a community” Evans: “It’s essential to me that I have the
opportunity to provide some employment for some other mentor, something I want to pass
on.” Robinson: “There is a place as a for profit
business to facilitate relationships between individuals with disabilities, with businesses,
with Universities, to enhance education employment and entrepreneurship, and I’m proud to be
the leader in this venture.” President Philip: “Working together we have
gotten our SEED program off to a great start.” Castellana: “The leadership that’s here at
the University that’s changing our community.” Brigham: “We can help to strengthen our communities
economy and shape the future.” Wohl: “And this is just the beginning.” Greenwood: “I can’t say enough about it, it’s
good, it’s working.”

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