Jestem chora :( Colds at work :( Iwona Blecharczyk 2019/76

Hi, how are you doing? Lots of you asked me how I`m doing because there is no much of videos going on Recently I have fighting my creative crisis I have lots of materials recorded, but I struggle to create a video out of it As you can see I look tired, I`m really read We have been trying to load up from the morning until 3 or 4 pm all the time outdoor the weather was nice but still wind was strong etc and I`m sick! Who would thought that I will get sick? I woulnd have never imagine that! and I got sick only because by dry air and Ieven know when did I do it well to late know now I`m making sure to have good enviroment in the truck So I have this humidifier this one is prettier that the last one if you do remember this is what is happening here and it has flashing lights and i have nice in the truck I need to get well this autumn is so nice but dangerous! I never get sick and look at me now! now is red, no pink? I bought it at AliExpress if you were wondereing here is 0,5l it costed around 32zl on Allegro is cost twice the amount but Aliexpress send you within 3 weeks and Allegro does it at 1 day now I`m going to sleep it is Friday night and I`m waiting tonight and tomorrow and I go home. I had to do few things on the computer I did some shopping and this is how it goes Toaday we started at 2am so I go sleep Ijust had to pay bills because 10th is comming up I Just bought cover for my camera it has survived so much I fell out of the truck on Ice Raod and it works – but I have to manualy set the focus I purchased yellow – I thought that I will be more visible wright, here I have got something interesting My sister that with passion buys online recently send me link to letyshops it is a website were you register and log in standard procedure register by e-mail when you do it, you go to this website log in to your online shop thrue the link and you get cash back on your shopping! There is hundrets of shops here this is how it looks I only logged in about 2 weeks ago here are levels also the highest level is premium I had premium for a week then you started from the first level in Premium your cash back is higher by 30% I didn`t buy much so I have 3,60zł to cash back as you can see there is plenty of shops you can also instal letyshops plugin 11th of November there is internations sales day on Aliexpres so some of the sellers will rise the prices only to show bigger discount on 11th of November thanks to this plugin you will see what was original price few days or weeks earlier where is the plugin, here it is so it is easy, just log in, take coupon go to the shop this is how you doing Aliexpres is ok but the wait is long but I use it a lot, for example this thing Have I taken this out of box earlier I would not get sick! Ok I will not talk more about my state You know, when men have a running nose – he fights for life! I have been in this men world for so long I got soon I will have a anniversary! It has been 9 years since I went in my first trip no, it will be full 8 years, around 20th of November I could do something for this this is to curl the hair but I didn`t take it off today for some reason so the thing is that I fight for life and I don`t want to borred you Christmes is comming best way to buy gifts is by internet because in the mall halls is a circus! I think within a year you can save with letyshops few hundrets cashback go the bank account, then it cost nothing or you use PayPal – the charge is about 2% I`m so sick Looks at those lights, it is so nice I liked my previous air himifilier normal bowl with water it is keep changing the color but I saw on Insgagram this pretty with colors thing and I thought that I want one too because the colors changin it is like chromotherapy so I don`t wake up with dry nose and mouth in the winter time we do heat a lot humidity is very low in the truck so we drying up not only skin but also mucosa this pink is pretty so mucosa in the nose works as natural barrier agains different type of bacteria and other things so when our nose is too dry we loose the natural protection and it is easy for us drivers – as we drive throue countries – get sick so Drivers make sure to have proper humidity in your truck It is not that I recomend you this one, but use anything just like bowl with water Once day I woke up, my nose was so dry that I knew that within few days I will be sick it within 4 days I was sick so now I keep filling water to this bowl Ladies and Gentelmen – don`t make my mistake and I will go to sleep I drive at night maybe I will find some inspiration I go by train to home because I have few things to do I`m from Podkarpacie – the botton/south of the Poland now I`m in Świnoujście, on the south of Poland which is 1000km So round trip by train is best option for me so now I go sleep. I just wanted to let you know that I`m alive and well tomorrow when I take this band off I will have nice wavy hair and I started to drive around Poland I`m so happy! I don`t like that we have to travel to Świnoujście – which is farrest end to my house but I`m happy anyway so it is water tight See you soon I`m not big fan of pink and now is pink now is better – violet Goodbuy thank you for the attention

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  1. Jo jo mężczyzna jak ma katar walczy o życie IWONA Babo jedna nie wynoś się na piedestał za bardzo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Please take care of yourself Iwona. And yes tis the season for getting sick. Plenty of Vit. C please. Also lots of sleep. Lots of fluids to. Hope you get better OK. Sending lots of love and hugs to you ok.

  3. Jak już masz taki kosmiczny nawilżacz…
    To dokup olejek z Oregano do inhalacji , i picia bezpośrednio , w celu wzmocnienia organizmu

  4. Iwona jak każdy facet dzielnie walczy z chorobą.
    Jest śmiertelnie chora na katar.
    Dużo zdrówka ŻYCZĘ.

  5. Selam please call me 00905413972153 beauty sweet we must do kids sweety clever girl İstanbul i drive little truck 😌😌😌

  6. Can you link the humidifier? I get bad eye-lid rash from my truck heater drying the air in the cabin.. that dry air dryes my eyes out and then i get rash/itch on my eye lids.. thnx

  7. Iwona, choroba jest stanem przejściowym. Wszystko jest w ciągłym ruchu – całe życie, nawet bakterie i wirusy. Każdy chce żyć. Takie prawo natury. Musimy sobie z tym radzić. Dziękować za kolejne doświadczenia. Wyglądasz przecież dobrze. Pozdrawiam.

  8. Y now verstehen you spreche Deutsche für morgen ich habe nur den Dampf gesehen ist das Parfum für die Kabine oder inhaliert gereth you better explizit for my to morow

  9. I’m sorry you’re unwell dear I’m sure you’re working hard 😓 you’re tiered please take care of yourself and have a rest 😍

  10. Iwona, Very sorry to see you are suffering with the effects of dry air. Nice little humidifier you have! One thing, please clean orifice and nozzle with alcohol quite often as black mould can develop and make you so sick you wouldn't believe! It happened to me after surgery five years ago, and a very nice and compact humidifier to combat the dry air of winter. I was constantly coughing and had problems breathing. A friend of mine took the humidifier apart and she showed me the black mould in the nozzle! Cleaned it, made sure I regularly cleaned it and the breathing problems went away. Take care dear lady! Get well soon!

  11. Pozdrowienia kochanie!

    Czy wiesz, bo chorujesz?
    Ograniczasz czas na sen!
    Twój sukład odpornościowy jest osłabiony z powodu braku snu!
    Podczas gdy właściciele firmy stają się bogaci i mają czas, aby zadbać o sen i zdrowie! I Ty?
    Ty Nie czasu, aby zadbać o swoje zdrowie! I od ty?
    Tak bardzo cię kocham, moja Bogini!
    Nie żartuję!
    Gdybyś tylko ~ i trochę ze mną rozmawiał, wiedziałbyś przez co przechodzę!
    Wiedziałbym, dlaczego jeszcze nie przyjechałem do Polski!
    Przedsiębiorcy to oportuniści, ciesz się naszymi marzeniami!
    Skorzystaj z nas! Skorzystaj z nas! I ssą nas. Do ostatniego z nas!
    A potem wyrzucają nas jak śmieci! Ty i ty wiesz, że to prawda, kochanie!
    Bez względu na to, ile wysiłku spróbujemy!
    Dla przedsiębiorcy dla nigdy praca nie są dobrzythe być !
    Nie mówię ci, żebyś się poddał!
         Ale dla ciebie zadbaj o siebie
    Twoje ciało i zdrowie mają ograniczenia!
    Przestrzegaj tych limitów!
    Jak możesz podążać za marzeniami, Bez dbania o ciebie i swoje zdrowie?

  12. Oh Poor Queen Iwona ! I'm sad. But you are pretty young Queen. If you is sick, you can day off from your work. Good sleep !!!

  13. You are burned out. Don't Poles take vacations? Good doses of raw honey in warm tea will help. Raw honey isn't cheap but it's worth it as it gives you many micro nutrients that you immune system needs. That humidifier will probably just compound your problems, it's little more than a gimmick….. just use some saline nasal spray.

  14. Dear Iwona
    Change is guaranteed.
    Get some rest when you can.
    Check dis
    Kind Regards

  15. I feel so bad for you! You are always so happy and excited, and I hate seeing you not feeling well. As my doctor told me, lots of rest and fluids… I'm sure she meant water. I prefer scotch…😁

  16. Poor Baby. Get well soon. ♥ Visit a Dr.and get antibiotics for what you have. Later an Influenza vaccination, and when you are well again, get the Zoster vaccination for Shingles. There is also a vaccine for Pneumonia. Get Well Soon

  17. Iwonko, szklanka gorącego mleka ,koniecznie z czosnkiem i miodem postawi cię na nogi no i uśmiech 😁😰🧣 na twarzy oraz ciepły szalik i czapka oraz rękawiczki. Życzę zdrowia i dzięki za filmy 🥇

  18. Hej kochanie – przykro mi, że jesteś chory. Mam nadzieję, że wkrótce poczujesz się lepiej. Kocham cię …

  19. I've been worried about you. We've not heard from you in a long time. Being sick as you are is disgusting. It makes driving dangerous so please be careful. Plenty of liquid and tylenol. Vitamin C wouldn't hurt either. Now I'll be waiting to hear that you are better. Be safe!!!

  20. nie ma mozliwosci zachorowania przez zle powietrze jak ty to nazwalas 🙂 nie wazne czy jest suche mokre czy klima ci wieje w twarz… czlowiek choruje przez zarazki w powietrzu a nie temperature czy jego wilgoc

  21. Great to hear from you . Sorry your not feeling well….take care of yourself. Always looking forward to your next video….❤ Texas

  22. Choroba urodzie nie zaszkodziła,dbaj proszę o zdrowie bo ostatnio mało śmigieł dostarczałaś,przynajmniej z naszym udziałem:-))

  23. Its very glad to see you after long time back….so happy to know you again n any way how things going Miss Iwona n so again video n thank you so much…that was so great….have a nice day ahead wit ur frens..

  24. Thank you Iwona for the update, but sorry that you are not feeling the best. Still can give us the nice smile. Hope you are better soon.

  25. Iwonka podała byś linka na ten nawilżacz bo jest świetny.Kupił bym córce ale nie mogę go znaleść.Pozdrawiam i trzymaj się ciepło

  26. Iwonko, na przeziębienie stopy zanurzyć do miednicy z wrzątkiem, wytrzymać ból aż do potów, potem stopy wysuszyć, nałożyć ciepłe skarpetki i lulu. Na następny dzień jesteś jak nowa. To stary robociarski sposób, działa 100%. No i pić dużo Moje Maleństwo ❤️

  27. On hyvä, että hoidat terveyttäsi. On kurjaa olla työssä, kaukana kotoa, kun sairas. – Minä ajoin kaksikymmentä vuotta bussia, sitten terveys meni ja jouduin eläkkeelle. — It is good that you take care of your health. It's sad to be at work, away from home when you're sick. – I drove the bus for twenty years, then my health went down and I retired.

  28. Iwona, zainstaluj też sobie dobry ozonator do kabiny i włączaj go sobie na full co jakiś czas jak cię nie ma w aucie np. przed jazdą albo na pauzach.

  29. Proponuję bez ogrzewania i z uchylonym Oknem jeździć.

    Bez problemu przez lata.
    Pomimo to pozdrawiam z Drogi. ARTUR.

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