Jenny Slate’s Proposal Story Involves an Abandoned Castle and Mouthfuls of Sausage

-Congratulations on
your engagement. You just got engaged. [ Cheers and applause ] Double high five. I just met him
backstage, Ben. -Yeah.
-Very good-looking guy. -Yes.
-Tall — Tall drink of water. -Yeah. He’s a cutie —
cutie pie. -He’s a cutie pie.
-Yeah. -How did he —
How did he do it? -That’s private.
I want to go. -No, Jenny, no.
It’s a talk show, so, come on. -No. I don’t want to do it.
-[ Laughs ] Jenny.
-Well, okay. No, I really
want to do it. So, we were in France, which is
a very romantic country. -Stop right there. -Yeah, ’cause they invented
French kissing. That’s with tongue. They loved it. -Oh, my God. -Yeah, French kissing.
-Yeah. -So, we were in France.
-A very romantic place, yes. -Yeah, just
tonguing it down. -Oh, my, gosh.
-Sorry. -That’s not what I meant.
Not what I meant. -I’m making myself blush,
weirdly. This is really weird.
Okay. So, we were in France. And as it happens
when you’re in France, we came upon
an abandoned castle. This happened to me.
This is not a lie. -This only happens
to people like you. -Yeah, totally.
That’s right. So, yeah. So, we get to the castle, and
it’s like, “Oh, it’s locked.” But then, of course, we push
the gate, because we’re curious. And it’s like —
[ creaks ] — you know,
like a little bit. And it’s like,
“Well, you’re usually not supposed to do that.” You know, like in “Beauty and
the Beast,” or whatever, you shouldn’t. But so, we go in there, and there are these four old
French people having a picnic, which is very
dear and darling. And we were like, “Maybe we
should just sneak past them.” You know, because they’ll
kick us out or something. But then, I said,
“But what if they’re the people that unlocked it,
and they don’t know we’re here. They’ll lock us in.”
And then — you know. And Ben, who’s very rugged,
was like — points to a really high
castle wall, and was like, “Oh, well, could you
scale the wall?” [ Laughter ] Like, if we get locked in. And I was like,
“Well, I’m in a party dress and kitten heels. And I’m also me,
the person that you’ve known.” [ Laughter ] -“So, can I scale a wall?”
-“So, the answer is ‘no.'” -“No. I can’t scale a wall.”
-Can’t scale a wall. -So, you’re in
an abandoned castle. -An abandoned castle. We tell the old people.
We’re like, “Hi. We’re here. Can we have a picnic?” -They all turn around,
and they’re all Pennywise. -They’re like, “Eh.”
-“Ah!” -And they’re
holding balloons. [ Laughter ] -Yeah.
-What were they, like, “Eh.” -They were like, “Eh.” [ Laughter ] -That’s your French. [ Both imitating French ] And we were like —
[ Imitates French ] So, we started
to have a picnic. I had chosen many of the
groceries for the picnic, which means that it was just,
like, all salami. [ Laughter ] -Is that right?
-I love a sausage. -Me, too. [ Laughter ] Well, I mean, like… [ Cheers and applause ] Charcuterie. -Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah. Totally. -Different types of meat.
-Yeah, yeah. It’s just, like, a big, like,
delicious sausage. But anyway, so–
So, I’m eating the sausage. Okay.
And he starts to sort of — And this… [ Laughter ] Alright, alright.
And then– and then– -And then… ♪♪ Hey, stop, stop, stop, hey.
stop, stop, stop. -Guys, I’m in a sweater vest.
-Okay. Hello. Sorry about that. -So, I’m eating the sausage.
The sun is setting. He’s holding my hand. He’s saying, you know,
these beautiful things to me. -Mm.
-And all of a sudden,
I’m like — He’s like, “Jenny,
you mean so much to me.” -[ Gasps ]
-“I love you so much.” I’m like,
“He’s about to propose to me!” And you know, like,
I can feel it coming. I’m like, “I can’t believe
this is happening to me. It’s really
gonna happen.” I had a moment to kind of,
like, calm myself. I could have been, like the,
Audrey Hepburn of the situation, like, very demure.
-Yes. And so, he’s like,
“Will you be my wife?” -[ Gasps ]
-And of course, at that moment, when I could have been like,
“yes,” or whatever… [ Laughter ] …I have somehow nervously
stuffed, like, all of the sausage
into my mouth. [ Laughter ] And I’m like,
[ Muffled ] “Yes!” -Just sausage coming out of
your mouth? -Yeah. Just sausage, like,
dangling, like, you know how they’re, like,
connected by a string. -Ew! Oh, my God.
-Yeah. I’m like,
“I will be your wife!” -“Forever!” -“Now you said it,
you have to do it!” And then, it’s like– It’s like when Howard Dean
was like — [ Yells ] [ Laughter ] Oh, man.
-Oh, my gosh. Congratulations.
That’s a good memory. -Thank you very much.
-That’s a good memory. -Beautiful memory.
-Yeah. -Very, very long, long time
together, you guys. -Yeah. -I want to talk about
“Little Weirds.” -Yes.
-I love this. Can you explain, why is
the title “Little Weirds”? Well, in the book,
there are 48 small pieces, and some of them are, like,
sort of like essays. or some of them are just,
like, wishes. And I wrote them all,
and gave them to my editor, and she said, “I like this.
I think that this is a book. But I don’t know what it is.
And what is it?” And I said,
“Well, it’s just all of my, like, little weirds
that I have.” And so, Jean,
my editor said, “Well, that’s what we’re
going to call your book.” -“Little Weirds.”
-And so, that’s what it’s
called — “Little Weirds.” -And that’s how come up
with this, right?
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] Yeah. -It’s super funny, and
it’s very, very creative — like you are.
-Thank you. -I want to talk about your
special on Netflix right now. -Yes.
-“Stage Fright.” -Yeah.
-This is– I loved it because it’s not only
just standup, but it’s also — you have —
your family does interviews. -Mm-hmm. -And actually talks about you,
and stuff. Was it hard to your family to
talk about you? -You know, they all have,
like, a different mode. Like, my mom, reflecting on it,
I was like, “She’s like the
Sarah Huckabee Sanders of our family.” Like, she just won’t admit
that it happened. Like, even if someone was like, “So, Nancy, Jenny robbed a bank,
you know, and she took
all the money.” She’d be like, “That bank
was already on fire? You’re rude for saying
the bank was even there, and now, fires
are gonna be set, and it’s gonna be
your fault.” Like, she just would not — she, like, wouldn’t say
anything bad about me, whereas, my dad somehow dug in
super hard, really immediately, and was like,
“Jenny experiences despair.” And it was like, “Oh!”
o”Wow.” “Whoa. This is
a comedy special.” They also asked me for my
Netflix password on camera during the interview
for the Netflix bit. -That is such a
mom and dad thing to do. -Yeah. They were like, “Well,
how are we gonna watch it? Well, what’s your password?” I was like, “Maybe, let’s just
talk about it later.” -Let’s just lie, and say that
we already have accounts. -Yeah.
-We all have separate accounts,
mom and dad.

100 Replies to “Jenny Slate’s Proposal Story Involves an Abandoned Castle and Mouthfuls of Sausage”

  1. Once again, majority of the comments on this girl’s video is about her famous ex boyfriend – even if she is talking about her engagement here. 🤔

  2. whats up with guys calling other guys good looking and a tall drink of water?????? ewwwww jimmys getting gayer and gayer probably even more than james corden

  3. i can't stand this woman. She's a total player, she doesn't mean what she's saying. She's a really wrong person who only uses other people on her behalf and i don't get how someone wants to marry her.

  4. Wtf I love how E! News took this cute little comedically embellished anecdote and extrapolated it to "Headline: Jenny Slate Ruined Her Fiancé’s Proposal With a Mouthful of Sausage".


  5. This is awesome—just try watching this with headphones on and try, try, try not to laugh aloud, as in a Silent Library challenge.

  6. I think she's so pretty and fun, it's sad that some fans of Chris Evens were so curl to her,
    But hay. She's moved on and found love good for her…

  7. Whoever hasn’t watch her standup on Netflix needs to, it is funny and entertaining; this is coming from a guy and men are said not to like female comedians so thus she must’ve been funny if I say she is good right? Also she generally seems like a delightfully, nice person and I wish the best.

  8. Her Amelia Gordon character in Hello Ladies was so wonderfully annoying. Such a two-faced back-stabbing fake friend to the show's "Jessica' co-star.

  9. Her interview on the Unstyled podcast is one of the best conversations I've ever heard. She has some beautiful wisdom about self discovery and overcoming heartbreak. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoyed this!

  10. I love how a video for a woman’s engagement, STILL has the majority of comments talking about her ex-boyfriend. Even though he’s not mentioned once in the video. Classic. On another note:
    Good for Jenny Slate I’m so happy for her! She’s been my favorite comedian for a few years now and I’m so so glad to see that she’s this excited and happy with someone!

  11. I never understood why she's even around. She is one of the most annoying people ever. Her acting is barely subpar, she's not funny at all, and she won't stfu!!!! Nails on a chalkboard.😣😖🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

  12. So … she was eating sausage (but later spit it out) in an abandoned romantic castle … then he proposed to her. I feel like this whole skit was code for something else. She’s hilarious!

  13. i hate when jimmy cuts people off because he thinks they’re being inappropriate. like dude shut up. you’re a raging alcoholic and you allowed the WORST PERSON on planet earth, trump, onto your show. so you are not a beacon of not being inappropriate.

  14. For all those in the comments still going on about Chris Evans … they broke up publicly last year … Ben Shattuck is her fiance

  15. If vonna suprice gerlfriend travel franch SENK for help) & then ahaha propose) I would rush to make artificial breath French)

  16. Stop the random feminist bs, the comments here are yes about her ex, but because her Netflix special was all about her love life and her loneliness and dating strange guys AS WE DID NOT KNOW she dated captain America in the meanwhile so it was a let down to feel LIED TO, it felt all fake. And obviously I have been thinking about her and Chris because of that as many others

  17. Im so happy for jenny she s such an endearing person. Her netflix special ending joke really resonated with me, it sas funny but also sorta hopeful. I m really glad she s happy.

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