Is Practical Experience important do get a Cyber Security Job

Yes, that’s true. When ever you, as an employer, if you are hiring someone, and I give this example to many people because people relate to it. Let’s say you have to hire a driver for your car, what are you looking for? You
are not looking for a certification or how many marks he got in his driving school? Or
what kind of course he has done? What you are looking for is that he should be able
to safely drive to your destination. He should drive the car safely. Same way the employers
are looking for people who have knowledge, who can do the task which is given to them,
not just with certification. Of course, certification has its own credibility, but at the same time, experience is important and most of the people do not have experience. because – it’s kind of “chicken and egg” kind of thing, which came first? Because unless you get a job
you are not having an experience and unless you have an experience you will not get a
job. So what we do is the same thing. Again we are giving that example of driving, in
driving school, what they do is – they don’t just say that – OK! This is the theory. You
have learned. They sit with you, they let you drive the vehicle, they make sure that
you don’t do any mistake, you don’t make any accidents or anything. At the same time you
get comfortable driving, so when you know the driving, you have the practical experience.
Similarly, in our training, we have practical experience so that experience will definitely help. Because of your confidence. Yes, when somebody says, for example, some tools or some framework, you will not say that “Yes, I have seen some slide in my training or I
have learned this theory about this particular tool or particular topic which we are talking about. Your body language itself will say that YES I am confident. I have used this
tool I know how to work on it. I can work on it from the day one if you hire me and
that’s what employers are looking for.

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