IPPS-A Demo Series: CRM Member 360 Degree View

Welcome to the IPPS-A Demo Series. In
this demo, we will quickly review the Member 360 Degree View and how to open a Help Center case on behalf of a Soldier. From the HR Professional home page, click the Case Management tile. From here, click Member 360 Degree View. Use the search
field to locate the Soldier, then select the Soldier from the search results. The
Member 360 Degree view allows the HR Professional to see a summary of the
Soldier’s info, recent activities, Help Center cases, detailed information about
the Soldier’s job and position, benefits info, direct reports, and PARs. Now we are
going to quickly show how to open a Help Center case on behalf of a Soldier. Under
the Actions drop-down menu select add IPPS-A Help Center case, then Go.
Note that the reported by field automatically lists the Soldier but can
be updated if someone else reports the case. Fill in the Problem Summary and
Description fields, entering as much detail as possible. Enter the Case
Information Details. Business Unit defines the case as HR or IT. It defaults
to HR Help Center. Only Help Desk agents with the IT role can create IT cases
from the 360-Degree View. Case Visibility defines who may view the case and
defaults to Member Visible, meaning the Soldier can view it in Self Service. Case
Status defaults to Open – New because it is a new case. The Provider Group field
auto populates if the HR Professional belongs to only one provider group. You
can also assign the case directly to a member of the selected provider group
using the Assigned To field. Select the appropriate Category, Type, Detail, and
Priority fields from the drop-down menus. The Source specifies how the Soldier
contacted the HR Professional. When finished click Save. The case will now be
routed to the appropriate HR professional to solve. Click on the Notes
tab to view the newly created notification
or to add supporting documents to the case. The Soldier can now log in to IPPS-A Self Service to view the notification message. This concludes our demo of the Member 360 Degree View. Stay tuned for more demos of IPPS-A features by
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