Introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Product Insights Preview

Here’s a question How well do you know how people
are really using your products? You know, like which
capabilities are used most, and which are pretty much ignored? Well, when it comes to your product data that’s where Microsoft Dynamics 365
Product Insights Preview can really help It’s the smart way to get near
real-time, data-driven insights into how customers use your products— so you can develop, sell and
support like never before. For example, let’s say you make refrigerators. Product Insights Preview can
help you gather all the data around energy consumption, filter life,
water and ice usage, setting changes, faults, temperature tracking and so on— from every unit out there— then, combines that data with your
PLM, ERP, CRM and other systems to give better visibility into how
customers use your products and services Harnessing this crucial data can
help you plan better releases, tune default settings, be more proactive with customer service, decide what new
firmware updates are needed, and even help you envision new features. Not to mention, make the kind of refrigerators
people just love to love. Smart templates quickly turn messy data
into deep AI-powered insights, and you can easily make your own KPIs
and dashboards with them, too. It integrates seamlessly with a lot of
the Microsoft Business Apps you’re already using, as well. So… if you’re drowning
in product telemetry and ready to put near real-time
AI-powered insights to work for you, just go to and try Microsoft Dynamics 365
Product Insights Preview today. And unlock what’s next.

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