Intermec CK3 Factory Reset

Hi I’m Eddie with Lexicon Technologies
and today I’ll be showing how to restore factory default settings on the internet
CK3. First remove the main battery and locate the reset button inside the
battery compartment. Next take the stylus and press and hold the reset button for
three to five seconds then insert a fully-charged main battery and press and
hold the power button. A warning message will appear asking if you want to clean
boot the system and then it will erase all applications and settings. Press the
Scan button to confirm and the device will begin to boot. Next allow the unit around five minutes
to reboot and restore all factory default settings. During this process you
will see that it is installing files in the top part of the display. This is a great way to restore the
unit’s default settings if any applications or data have been
corrupted causing performance problems such as failure to connect to a wireless
network. To learn more about the CK3 check out our other videos or feel free
to reach out to us at

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