Institute of Engaged Scholarship – UH West Oahu

We need to address many pressing social
and ecological problems that we face in in modern society and so we see the
University of Hawaii West Oahu as playing in a critical role in addressing real-world problems through applied research and education. The Sustainable Community Food Systems program is really designed to be an engaged scholarship
program through conducting research to understand and begin solving real world
problems we’re training people to think across traditional disciplines to
understand real world problems and also understand what are the social economic and political obstacles to meaningful system transformation Important to the the role of the University of Hawaii West Oahu is to integrate indigenous
knowledge throughout the curriculum and the sustainable Community Food Systems
program takes that role very seriously and throughout the curriculum we
integrate indigenous knowledge to a range of courses that were now creating
and we use the the garden here on campus to show people some of the principles of
traditional Hawaiian society including malama aina. The origins of the
sustainable community food systems program is really community in its founding
so the program was founded in part through a collaboration between
the University of West Oahu and Ma‘o Organic Farms and Kamehameha Schools and we
continue to work in collaboration with one another to advance this program we
offer courses on a particular topic like Community Food Security and then we
integrate students into the research process another example of of community
gate scholarship is this semester for example I have one two
working at the Hawaii Kokua foundation that does education with youth in the
pub school system so we’ll be integrating some of our undergraduate
and graduate students into that process and developing a range of UH system
policies in order to elevate the food security status of some of our students
we’ve believe that we have a obligation to use our skills and our knowledge to
tackle real-world problems while training new generations of people
to do the same

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