Increased productivity & collaboration at Trianz with Microsoft Teams

>>Trianz is a global
professional services firm, centered around strategic and
full life cycle execution, leveraging cloud, analytics,
digitalization and security.>>Trianz has been growing at
a rapid pace in the recent years. This resulted in a steep rise in
marketing and branding campaigns. Our campaign managers, copywriters, creator designers from
different parts of the world had to coordinate and collaborate to
deliver the desired output.>>Enterprise collaboration is a key enabler for
the modern digital workplace at Trianz because it’s
the immense passion of our associates to connect
people to people, people to knowledge, knowledge
and technologies to people, which has resulted into successful implementation and
adoption of Microsoft Teams.>>As part of our enterprise
at charter to drive a digital workplace
powered by analytics, artificial intelligence,
and machine learning, we chose Microsoft O365 as
an enterprise platform. We decided on Yammer for social collaboration and Microsoft Teams for projects collaboration.>>Microsoft Teams has been weaved so very well with
the Office 365 products, which has resulted in emerging Microsoft Teams as
a collaboration solution itself. We also have a set of
24 collaborating champions, who actually drive
these initiatives on ground. Also, a fast-track program from Microsoft which
has helped us solve issues time to time and implement Microsoft Teams
successfully at clients.>>Microsoft Teams standard
with the best fit for us. We were able to collaborate
well and we’re also able to leverage the O365 ecosystem. However, transparency
automatically held in greater participation
by team members. The day we figured out
how to use stickers, it was absolute fun.>>More than 92 percent
of Trianz across of functions and geographies
are socially connected. More than 65 percent of the project, the team for today
across the organization, collaborate on Microsoft Teams and we plan to take that to
100 percent, very strong. Microsoft has played
a key role in helping us build the next generation
connected enterprise.

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