‘I’m Not Going to Tell Him’ Ep. 7 Official Clip | Work in Progress | SHOWTIME

[MUSIC PLAYING] Just tell him you saw it,
and then that’s it, right? It’s just not
that simple, though. I think you should just say,
Chris, I saw your birth name– It’s dead name. I didn’t mean to, but I did. And– oh, what is this? Honey wine. Oh. I thought white wine
always meant chardonnay. Anyway, you were saying. I was just, like, I know
I should tell him, right? But it’s just I’ve
waited so long. And I just feel
it’s way too late. And even though I didn’t
mean to see the name, it’s just that I still– [COUGHING]. Are you all right? That really is different. OK. Do you want some water or– No, I’m fine. Anyways, I was just
thinking if I could wait for the perfect time. I think I do. I need some water. Because was I waiting– Listen. This is what I would
tell my daughter. I think I would say, put
yourself in Chris’ shoes. If you were Chris, would
you want you to tell you? Would you want to know? That I know? Yeah. I mean, I would want
to know, because I want to know everything,
especially if it’s hurtful. But would Chris want
to know that I know? I think because he’s
so young, he’s having a better day not knowing. So I don’t think
he’d want to know. I’m not going to tell him. Thank you. That’s not what I thought
you were going to decide. OK. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. At what point will you deal with the mental anguish and depression of transgender people after the operations? The WHOLE truth or nothing.

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