Idam Porul Yaeval Official Trailer | Vijay Sethupathi, Vishnu Vishal

I am Pandi. I hail from Dindigul district. I do not have any expectations in life. After Ranga uncle came into my
life, it was completely changed. I am Aasathambi. I am a B.A. Tamil graduate. I am determined to be a successful
businessman in this Thiruparankundram area! You could have earned atleast
by putting up a petty shop! Oh! So she expects you to take up a job. Can’t I do anything in life myself? Even if you are jobless,
you are in love! You celebrate small successes,
When shall you show me life time happiness? You share experience in the art of love
When will you share the wisdom on life’s meaning? People who are below poverty line
come here from the north east. They murder for cheap price! No No… It’s not such a murder. This is because of business competition. Will your nephew always be jobless? Won’t he do any job? People who are jobless and
call themselves as guests… … are being caught by the cops! Blow away, oh breezy wind Speak your way through the journey Sing away those melodies And fill the sky with clouds Hey Araikapodi! Why do you stare? I am not staring. I am just looking. Hey! Money man!! Life is more important than wealth! When we are broke and a complete failure, The girl who supports us,
will be with us forever.

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  1. இது போல எத்தனை படம் இன்னும் ரீலிசாகாம உள்ளது??என்ன தான் பிரச்சினை..

  2. எப்பே ரிலீஸ் ஆச்சு இந்த படம்

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