I PAID $200 FOR A SHOPIFY STORE ON FIVERR | LOOK AT WHAT I GOT: Shopify Dropshipping 2020 Tutorial

(Shopify Store Experiment) In this video we’re gonna see what type of Shopify store we can get with $200 on it fiber. I got this question from one of our subscribers She said hey, I have 200 bucks and I want somebody to build a Shopify store for me So we’re gonna look at what options we have on fibre We’re gonna create our own shop and see if we can get a profitable through Facebook Ads in 2020. Hey, it’s Rafael Cintron here And by the end of this video, you’re gonna see what kind of Shopify store we can get on fiverr.com which is a marketplace for Services for different products what we can get for Shopify and if we can actually make money out of the store I’m going to show you different options we’re gonna see what’s out there and what are the possibilities if you don’t want to create your own Shopify store and you have around 200 300 bucks to create a store what you can actually get for that And also I want to remind you that in every single video we give out a free Shopify course from 0 all the way up to 10,000 per day if you want to win that free course, all you have to do is comment down below automate automate we teach people how to automate their Shopify business subscribe hit that notification bell and that like button and I’ll pick one winner from Every video and the last thing I’m happy to announce that the free 101 strategy call for my automated Drop shipping program my flagship program that has the top result of my students You can get a free one-on-one call at the end of the video I’m gonna say the details stay on till the end if you’re interested in that. Alright, so we are here on fiverr.com We have our account ready here Fiverr.com and you can basically see that I have a lot of searches here for Shopify stores for different things like shopping on my videos I always like to look for what are the options out there? Maybe somebody can do it better than will I already have on my team So let’s start by typing in on the top here Shopify store So let’s look at Shopify store here on the top name Basically, anybody can access fiber you can get a store done in about three days But let’s look at the options and what we can actually get for 200 bucks. So we have one here I’ll create a six-figure Shopify drop shipping store 75 bucks. That seems interesting. Let’s see what else you can get of this on your store free audit for existing stores This one is 200 bucks. So let’s check that out. And this one says Facebook Ads strategy for over 100k per month. So okay, so it’s not actually a store. It’s just a piece of that strategy Let’s click on standard here One product drop shipping store. So this one is actually a one product store for 190 bucks six days delivery I think we can do way better than that. Let’s check this one I’ll design your Shopify store free audit for existing stores Basic Shopify set up with product import marketing SEO sales channel set up and more 200 bucks Exactly three pages ten products. This doesn’t seem that bad. Let’s see what he has So he has this sits down here Lily da okay, so the stores look actually pretty good you get the initial design product sourcing product import sales channels built up and the guy looks like he knows what it’s doing has been a member for about two years at this point and You can get it for 200 bucks So let’s just see a couple more options and then if we can’t find anything better, we’ll go with this one so, let’s see we have our Studio, we’ll build a top five store website and social media marketing Okay. This one is actually fibers choice So fiber tells you which one they think Is gonna be the best one for you to pick so this one is actually fibers choice Let’s check them out and for 75 bucks This side your complete store on free theme so for 75 bucks sole designer complete store That’s really interesting seventy-five dollars only and standard. Let’s see designer complete store on premium theme Okay, seven pages 20 products design customization and our budget is two hundred dollars. So let’s actually go with this one Its fibers choice fiber highly recommends or highly rated services trusted for quality work and delivery Let’s see if they actually pull through on this one and the designs you’re super quick and easy seller very helpful communication was top-notch so Try it out 295 bucks. It’s not that much. Let’s see what we can get for that Let’s click on continue here. And then we have extra fast delivery for 25 bucks. We have additional page Plus one day we have five dollars here and plug-in installation. We don’t really need that and the service to be ten dollars So it’s 200 bucks, but plus the service fee. It’s gonna be four dollars extra We can actually order that and let’s see what kind of store we can get from only torn of books Let’s order it now and now I’m actually gonna put my payment method. I don’t want anybody knowing my credit card details So I’m just gonna pay for it and then click confirm and then we’re gonna go to the Thank You page Okay, so I just bought the store for 200 bucks or actually 195 Thank you for purchase as you can see right here submit requirements. So he’s asking for a hosting login So what I’m gonna do now is quickly create a Shopify store All I got to do is go to Shopify dot-com and I can quickly create a store here You can create it with me if you’re interested. So let’s go to start free trial So I’m just gonna use an email address that I have here Raphael Cintron travels dot-com then we’re gonna put a password or Raffle send our travels at gmail.com start with that and then we’re gonna put a password here. Let’s see Well, we come up with and then store name. Let’s just do two hundred two hundred Products just because it’s 200 bucks for the store. Join a product awesome. So let’s create our store and You can just go to Shopify that concrete a store sit tight. We’re creating your store here And let’s see if we can do this quickly and then send them the actual login so we’re gonna actually just send them the Full login of the store so he can create the story can do everything and then we’ll put in our payment methods We’ll put all the other information that’s important. Oh, you’re already selling let’s say I’m not selling products yet No, I’m just playing around. What is your current revenue? We can put zero euro I mean Spain right now. So they’re in another country is gonna show the currency in that country So I’m just gonna click skip here and then forward the address so you can get paid I’m just gonna cut real quick and add my address here. Okay, and now our shop is ready 200 products Stop my Shopify calm and we are in the admin section here. You can see getting started with Shopify building your business Add your first product and so on. Like I said, we paid joini bucks to build the entire store So we’re just gonna send them this thing here and I’m gonna put the hosting log in here and I’ll just put the actual Email address which is Ralph Ellison John travels at gmail.com and then the password in this case I’m gonna block it and Click the information provided is accurate and complete Any changes will require sellers approval blah blah and I’m gonna click start order and now the order has been Started your order is now in the works. You should receive your delivery by January 10 2020 right now. We are at January 6. So I’ll see you in a couple of days for the finish store Let’s say be has any other requirements or anything else? I’m obviously gonna send him some other details about the store and we’ll see what we can get after a couple of days and Welcome back after exactly one week. Our order is completed Check it out right here on fibre order was completed. She basically asked me a few questions Like what do you want the store to look like? I sent her a store that’s thrown about 30,000 a month that I wanted to look at like that store that I sent her then what products you want I kind of expected her to do a little bit of product research a little bit of niche research for the stores Well, but she didn’t do that. She’s asked me. Hey what products you want on the store? so I just sent her five Aliexpress links from that robotics that are already doing really well for us and I’m like Let’s do these five products. She’s like great and also, can you provide me logo? Can you provide me banners and so on? I forgot to answer I was traveling and working with my students so I completely forgot to answer but I got the store back Now and let’s check out what she has completed So we’re gonna go to 200 products down my Shopify dot-com which is the account that I have Specifically for this and let’s click on online store see what 200 bucks on Fiverr gets you So, let’s see. Alright, so first of all, let’s look at what we have here The banner is kind of off both banners are off. So she has a little slideshow here Nice move when you scroll through the page but the banner is just completely off and she just took a product image put like by now and Then this one is about the product and also the product image is off. So, okay First of all for 200 bucks. I mean the actual design of the website, isn’t that great? Let’s look at the product page here. The names aren’t completed. There’s some Chinese writing on the images. So cheese is basically imported I like Express picture or Aliexpress link into the shop And that’s in the prices off product description is like Aliexpress So this isn’t ready to get traffic at all. This is just I expressed important to Shopify which We’re joining dollars Okay I would have expected a little bit more popular looks sure she put that on the homepage and doesn’t look bad three of the products that I sent her and then on the bottom these links in Formation Turman condition. So there’s some grammatical errors there Okay, let’s let’s look at a product base. Let’s see What’s up with one of the product pages portable heat sealer plastic storage mean assuming machine So she didn’t change up the product name The price is also weird images are Chinese ships from isn’t set up well properly at all Color pink and white. Okay, that’s cool. And then this check out securely here. It just looks off when it’s in red here So I would have just put that in white and then the product description again, it’s from Aliexpress just imported into Shopify So I would have to get product descriptions written better images photoshopped images I would have to get videos for this a full on product description There’s also no review app on this. There’s no apps for social proof. There’s no countdown timers nothing So let’s look at the apps that she added onto the storm. Just check it out So she has a countdown timer here Oberto tractor, so we did see that it has a track your order page So that’s a great addition from her and then it has a truss hero by booster app So that’s just a hero. Sorry a truss badge and the store itself. I mean For 20 bucks. Ah the thing with the store is that You just did the setup so the person only did the setup of the store shouldn’t actually do any product descriptions and images any Collections as well. If I look at shop now, there’s only one collection and it’s a homepage only about those products There’s not really any niche research done. There’s not really any audience research anything done It’s just the actual setup of the store for $200 I would actually recommend a beginner if you’re a beginner you’re thinking about buying a store from Fiverr Just do it yourself to be honest or find somebody else What I would do is instead find somebody on the upwork and you can find somebody very easily upward calm and then type in Shopify or Shopify store and if you want the top top talent, which is the most expensive talent You’re gonna look at US Canada UK Australia if you want some of the cheapest talent You can click on filter and then look at Filipino people so locations Philippines and it shouldn’t be that Expensive for a whole Shopify store. These people are charging five per hour Five per hour 6 per hour 6 per hour 5 per hour 14 per hour 6 per hour So they’re not charging that much at all, and they can get you a store done for 200-300 dollars our professional store launcher does it for about $400 he has everything probably descriptions images logo all the banners already done for your collections done for you Everything really really well done and you have a full store after that So I’m I would say I’m disappointed to hundred dollars just to get that for any beginner I would actually not recommend doing it on fiber instead do it on up work or do it on a similar platform like up work? or just get somebody from a Facebook group to do it your store send you a portfolio of stores that they’ve created and then actually make the store for you if you want to ask in my own face of group link is down in the description for you to go and ask for somebody I can build you a store, but this is just Yeah : yeah, they’re all yeah. This is just it’s just setup. It’s just adding products to the shop So, unfortunately, I have to say I’m disappointed with that and if you’re interested in working directly with me and my team For example my store builder to build a store for you at a discounted rate We are offering one on one free strategy calls to work with me directly in my autumn dropshipping program It is a mentorship program. So we help you really really intensely in your business to get you results like Emma in the past She’s done 20,000 per month with 4,000 in profit in just a couple of months Absolutely crushing it in our program If you want to be like that Make sure to click that second link down in the description set up a free call I am taking calls myself. So it’s not only with my team You can definitely talk to me directly and we’ll see if are a good fit to work together Look at that second link in the description schedule strategy call and if you want to learn how my student Elba the exact step-by-step Case study process, uh, she went from zero all the way up to 20,000 per month four thousand in profit Check out the video right here. There’s gonna be a video that’s popping up right here in this little square click that right now subscribe hit that notification bell and that like button get your new strategy call with a second link in the Description and I will see you on the next video

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  2. The store look awful from a design perspective, but I get it sometimes you get what you pay for on fivver. Thanks for the great vid and being transparent.

  3. The same thing happened to me I paid somebody on fiverr 200 to do one for me anything was good in the store .I had to design it myself

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  7. God that's so ugly i remember the first time i got a store made for 150$ i roasted him to hard for like a hour he gave me a refund directly, fucking scammers.

  8. I'm a web developer for 12 years now and when I see the prices (the low ones) I just get crazy. This website I r really think that uses the booster theme (I may be wrong I don't use shopify) and it's just awful, but for 200$ it's just right. A beatiful website should be 600$+ (for one product stores) and 1500$+ for a general one. If anyone wants something of a high professional level then they should pay the right amount for that. Just my thought.

    P. S. One of my friends did a general store with 60 products for 65.000$ keep in mind that the company had everything ready from the product's name to the email marketing that he used

  9. I wish i could send you my bank details that how hard i wanted this store .
    Please can you gift me .
    Still struggling for a penny to just buy 29$ but still can't .
    Please please … Can you gift me .. Even you can keep the earning profit ..
    please just gift me i cant see your money waste as 200$ .. i will try to give you back by running your store.

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    Youcan.shop created by Moroccan company

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