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  1. "Bikini Bottom" I got that the first time i saw spongebob. It took a revalation to get the potential reference to Bikini Atoll H-Bomb Tests.

  2. Mark, Bikini Bottom can also be used in reference to the infamous coral reefs which were the sites of nuclear testing. Bikini Bottom is associated with Bikini Atoll, the coral reefs of the Marshall Islands, which were the site of 23 nuclear tests between 1946 and 1958. This correlates to the famous Reddit theory that Spongebob takes place in a nuclear wasteland underwater and that Spongebob and his friends are the result of nuclear mutations.

  3. It sounds kinda like they slowly realized Mark was right about grenades, but didn't actively acknowledge it because they already committed to laughing at him 😛

  4. I am a private as know a PVT grenades explodes if the main pin is off the safety pin is protecting the main pin the pin went it takes off it has a 5 second timer before it activates the flint making all of the gun powder explode its not the thing but its the projectile that kills you

  5. I realize that when Mark is playing a hard game he'll describe what he's doing, and what he's doing wrong and what he needs to do

  6. Wade: the bikini bottom is worse
    Mark: bikini bottom…. wait. Bikini bottom… BIKINI BOTTOM. GUYS, BIKINI BOTTOM.

    Me: someone tell him about the Krusty Krab, Chum Bucket, and Spongebob being a tampon.

  7. I really hope Amy can hear him screaming at 2 of his best friends through the walls. I hope she chuckles to herself before putting headphones on.

  8. 1:11 Mark I love how you come to this realization of spongebobs hometown name when your starring at a grown ass man wearing revealing slutty bikini bottoms with amazing polka dots.

  9. Mark ur right to activate.a grenade the safety pin has to be removed then remove the hammer and throw then a spring falls which activates a 5 sec fuse then the gunpowder explodes shooting the bumps on the grenade everywhere.

  10. mark is 100% right as long as the spoon is still on the grenade the fuse wont start, a grenade has three safeties, the swipe pin, the pull pin and the spoon. you need to swipe the swipe pin off the spoon freeing the spoon to be able to come off when you throw it, pull the pin which holds the spoon onto the head of the grenade, and than when you throw the grenade to spoon flies off and starts the fuse.

  11. If you hold the handle of the grenade and pull the pin it’s compressed and can’t go anywhere so the hammer (or spoon or whatever you call it) can’t start the sequence, also if you hold the handle without the pin in you can put the pin back in the grenade. The pin is there for safety because it’s there to hold the hammer ( or spoon ) down so it doesn’t explode when you don’t want it to explode. In other words, Mark is right, the pin doesn’t start the sequence of the grenade, the hammer (or again spoon) does.

  12. The pin is the “safety” lock. Pull the pin and then throw the grenade to begin the process of explosion.

  13. Removing the pin of a grenade is not what triggers the explosive. The safety pin is what holds the spoon (the handle-looking thing) in place. As long as something is physically holding the spoon in place, the grenade won't explode. In fact, the safety pin can be put back into the grenade to secure it once more. Once the spoon is released, that sets off the detonation. Mark was the only person here who knew this. It was absolutely maddening hearing Bob and Wade's usually contagious laughter when Mark shook the pin free. Their absolute lack of understanding of what exactly was going on was just plain infuriating. Not helping the fact was Mark's growing frustration preventing him from coherently speaking on the subject. It's all hilarious in a cosmic sort of way, but so. God. Damn. Painful. To. Watch.

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