I Dare You To Work On Yourself For 6 Months (Motivational Speech)

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  1. I'll be back in 6 months with a clear purpose in life, a better student, daughter and individual.

    My time start now…… October 17,2019

  2. challenge accepted > 6 months
    finish: 7/1/2020

    đỗ đại học Toán 9; Lí 9; Anh 10.
    I want a happy life.

  3. October 18th today….my D day is is 17th May…till then I swear to give up YouTube and to talk to people on phone uselessly…I swear to make no more excuse…I swear to transform….and I dare to do it…I'll be back right after my results

  4. Friday October 18th, 2019 10:45 Pm
    I’ve been telling myself I will start getting back in shape (I’m in my junior year and will be joining the military, I’m not out of shape just not where I should be) I’m starting today I hope someone comments and sees where I’m at let’s do it

  5. I m trying to get an important exam to go on Police.
    Challenge started 19.10.2019
    Challenge end date 19.07.2021

    I will edit it on 1.7.2019 to say if i got the exam.

  6. Challenge accepted…be back this time next year as a millionaire!!!! Mark My Words!!!
    With God all is POSSIBLE!!

  7. I left my job because i didn't like it. But i haven't done anything to be proud off afterwards. Time to grind now guys.
    Beginning – 20october 2019
    End – 20april 2020.
    Who's up with me? 🤜

  8. 20 October 2019.
    I am done. I don't want to live my life in such way.
    I want to change myself. Change the way I look. I want to change my bad habits and replace them with good ones.
    I am going to get all the things I always wanted. I am going to be the best version of myself.
    Today is day which I will remember for my entire life.

  9. I watch this video once every 2 weeks, anytime I loose motivation or feel down, I come here and it all changes.

    Started working on my self on July 3, and just in 3 months I’ve made some big changes In my life, and I’m looking foreword to seeing where I will be In 3 more months.

    I will be back.

  10. Watching YouTube is keeping me from my dream. I'm done; I dare you to stop right when you see this and go make somthing of your life.

  11. I’m starting today, no more drugs I’m so tried of using them as an excuse I’m freaking done. No more negative people putting thoughts in my head I’m DONE.

  12. I surrender. Challenge accepted
    Starting NOW
    Ending INFINITE

    Come on, I can do this. Not just for me, but for my daughter too. And future kiddos💪

  13. 24/10: Change myself:
    1: Positive energy: forget sadness and negative thoughts.
    2: Study Korean well
    3: Good in English
    4: Good at Tourism information
    5: Find passion for myself
    6: Eat clean
    7: Spend more time for family, friends.

  14. I dare myself to work on myself and work harder, be determined and try to crack JEE and to earn a better life for myself.
    i will and I can. (24/10/2019)

  15. I needed this. Im happy i found those videos..and i will work on myself. Fight for myself and my dreams. Thank you for those videos. And for the motivation. And goodluck to all the people who read this. U can do it. And lets do it. Lets get to ur dreams. And make it to the top.

  16. I'm done with this.
    It's time! Today is the day, I'm failing math and physics and chemistry, I'm fat and without self esteem, I'm sick of this mediocre life, I'll be back in 6 months, just wait for me …

  17. In the next 6 months I'll:

    1.get rid of social anxiety
    2. Make money
    3.get all As in school
    4.get the body I want
    5.get at least few thousand followers on my cats instagram
    6.learn italian
    7. Glow up mentally
    8.glow up in my looks
    9.stop procrastination
    10.get strong
    11. Do more of what I love.
    12. Stop being scared of everything
    13.start drawing
    14.start writing my book
    15. Read more books and maybe rewiev them
    16 be happy

  18. challenge accepted.
    I will do anything to become successful, I will work day and night and I will pass my test of succes

  19. Been working on myself for the last 9 months and it’s the best decision I have ever made. I grew so much as a person and now have my eyes focused on my goals. I‘ll surely make my dreams come true! I won’t stop working on myself, there is still so much more to learn about myself and the world in general. 2019 is certainly the year everything shifted to the better!

  20. Never!!! lose focus work hard, and "Never" give up on your dreams, even when nobody else believes they can come true but yourself Real life tools you need No Matter!!! what you do in life to stay focused on your path. Thankful people maintain positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them.

  21. It’s a trap. Cause if you really work on yourself for 6 months, it’ll become a habit. An obsession to keep going. Greatness is upon those who take on this dare. Whatever your goals may be, fucking go for it

  22. I start doing this, NOW
    Start: Friday, 1st November 2019
    End: Friday, 1st May 2020

    I can do this, i know i can!
    And i will!
    And i hope you will do it too 🙂
    Good Luck to everyone reading this

  23. I took a look in the mirror and I wasn't satisfied with the person I saw. So here I am
    Thursday Nov 7, 2019

    Thursday May 7, 2020
    LET'S GET IT!!!👏💯🔥🙋 (See ya soon)

  24. Actually, the coming 6 months are very crucial for me. If I fail in the exams, I'm gonna fail myself, I'm gonna fail my parents. This is the only time I CAN something- the last chance. I hope that I can come back to this comment to be proud of myself after 6 months. All the best Yogita.

  25. To The person who’s reading this, I’m proud of you. I’m proud of you for not giving up. I’m proud of you for not trying to get better. I’m proud of you for searching for ways to improve situation. I’m proud of you for smiling eventhough at times you wonder if it’s all worth it in the end. I’m proud of you for every positive thing that you do, no matter how small you think it is Most of all, I’m proud of you for the person that you are becoming.

    You matter in this world, never forget that.

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