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Hello, I’m Nicholas Thompson. I’m the Editor of WIRED and this is Tech In 60. It is the week of fears about the coronavirus. I don’t know if they are peak fears. I don’t know if they are early fears. But in any case, it is a week where people are starting to work from home, quite a bit. My colleague Brian Barrett, one of the most efficient employees at WIRED, lives in Alabama and has written a great guide to working at home. His advice: Number one: Get dressed. If you try to do your work in your pajamas,
you will be sleepy. You need to, in certain ways, operate like
you’re going into the office. Number two: Have a set space. Have a place where you really do your work. Part of the reasons we’re more efficient generally
in offices is we come in, we have the mindset of, OK, now I’m going to work. Number three: Communicate constantly with
your colleagues on Slack or whatever software you use for interoffice communication. One of the things Brian does is he’s constantly
jumping into different Slack conversations, in part because he’s missing out on some of
the watercooler conversations that happen in our offices. So, he’s very, very good at that. Rule number four: Do not have the television on. If you have a distraction, if you allow yourself
to get sucked into CNN or allow yourself to get sucked into Netflix. If you allow yourself to get sucked into all the stuff, it’s easy to get sucked into in your home, but you would never get sucked into in your office, you will not be productive. You have to work in your home office like
you would in your work office. And this last bit of advice: make sure you
go outside every now and then. Work from a coffee shop every couple of days. At least take a walk because you don’t want
to be stuck in your home office all the time. So, we will see how coronavirus spreads. We’ll see whether I’m doing this next week
from the office or from my home.

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  1. Value is convoluted
    No rules
    Only intelligence
    You will always preach the flintstones lol
    Not one job that cant be automated out

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