How to Publish to Instagram Business Accounts Using Hootsuite

Posting to Instagram in
the Hootsuite Dashboard is different than publishing
to your other social networks. There are two methods for sending
an Instagram post, based on the type of Instagram account you’re using. Direct Publishing is used for
business profiles, while personal Instagram profiles use Hootsuite’s
Mobile Notification workflow. In this video, we’ll look at publishing images and videos
directly to your Instagram Business account. If you haven’t already converted
your personal Instagram account to a Business account, do so by
going to the profile tab, tapping settings, then switch to business profile. Now, add your Instagram Business
account to Hootsuite OR re-authorize your existing account for
the direct publishing workflow. To do this, simply click your profile picture,
then select manage social networks. Select your Instagram business profile,
then Connect with Instagram. Follow the prompts to authorize your account. This involves logging in to your Instagram
account, as well as Facebook. Please note, all Instagram Business Accounts are
required to be connected to a Facebook Business Page. So, you’ll need to login to Facebook
using the credentials of an administrator of that page. Now you’re ready to publish
individual images and videos to Instagram the same way
you would for any other network. Click “New Post” and find your
Instagram profile in the picker. Business profiles display an icon
if direct publishing is successfully enabled. Add your copy, along with hashtags,
then add your image or video. If you’re a Hootsuite Enterprise user,
you can also select an image from your Content Library. You can also resize your image
using Hootsuite’s image editor. If you’re uploading videos, keep
in mind Instagram’s 60 second limit. When you’re done, check the post preview to ensure
everything appears exactly how you want it. Now either publish it,
or schedule it for a later date.

19 Replies to “How to Publish to Instagram Business Accounts Using Hootsuite”

  1. i keep getting an error message in Hootesuite whenever I link an Instagram Business profile to it. i cant finish the direct publishing set up. what could be causing the problem?

  2. Has anyone been able to connect Hootsuite to Instagram Business? I keep receiving an error code as well. I'm logged into Instagram and Facebook Business Page.

  3. Maybe you explained this and it got lost in translation. I am using Hootsuite I can easily schedule automatic posts to my own Instagram biz page. I however cannot set up the automatic posting for my client's Instagram biz page. I am an admin on his FB biz page, I have access to his Insta biz account. When I try to set up the direct publishing (I use my FB page where I am the admin on his Page) I keep getting the message that Hootsuite is unable to find my client's info on my page…. ????

  4. How do I boost an Instagram post, or get the link to a schedule post to share with an agency so they can boost it themselves?

  5. Does hootsuite have a 9-grid preview option? I like to see my account design before uploading.

  6. They're leaving out a small but very important detail of the process in this video and that is that you're not able to add thumbnails to your Instagram video uploads. The content I post depend on that hence why now I won't be able to use the service. I find out about this after I had spent 25min starting an account + connecting all my social media accounts. If thumbnails are important to you aswell don't waste your time as I just did.

  7. It doesn't work. My profile already is a professional one, but at the moment I want to activate it appears the message to "Enable Direct Publishing"

  8. I am facing enable direct publishing issue, and unable to resolve it, my Instagram is business account and connected to Hootsuite, but error not resolving

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