How to Outwork Everyone on Earth (By Never Working Ever)

Uncle C, back in the office, and in today’s
video, I’m going to be explaining to each and every single one of you how you can outwork
us, essentially every single man on earth. But you can do this by never working at all. Now this sounds contradicting you might be
thinking you’re probably losing your mind. You might also be thinking that everything
that I’m saying is absolutely crazy. Well, the truth is that it’s not crazy. The truth is that there’s very set in stone
ways that a man can go about his work in order to make sure that he’s performing to optimal
levels, but also to make sure that it never feels
like he’s working a day in his life. Now the thing is, is
that in order to outwork every single man, you have to get the mind right fellows Now
before we begin, registration for my men’s attraction masterclass is now open. What this means is this means that version
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been absolutely killing it with women, meaning no pullbacks, no her going cold on you being
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I have a free presentation that you can register for below. And from there, I’m going to take you through
a full series training as to how I can help you specifically you’re going to want to check
that out if you cannot get the mind right, this is all doomed to fail from the get go. Now, what I separated this into is I separated
this into two categories in life on
this side we have pleasure. And on this side we have joy. Now pleasure and joy are two extremely different
things. Joy is going to be a long term sustainable
fulfillment, something that makes you extremely happy. Pleasure is something that is feel good in
the moment. Now the thing is, is that today in culture,
most people are not actually able to distinguish the differences between joy and pleasure,
pleasure, enjoy it. So what do they do? They’re trapped in old ways. They’re trapped in old habits, how you outwork
every single man on earth to ensure that you’re happy, satisfied and fulfilled and not feeling
like this work you’re doing in this work you’re putting in is a dead end. Let me explain. You see, this is over here. When it comes to pleasure. This is going to be the 99 percenters. The 99 percenters are going to be engaging
in anything possible that they can to get a quick thrill. This is going to be a quick spike
of dopamine. And when they get this dope, I mean, this
pleasure release in the brain that says, Yes, keep doing that. That feels good. They’re hooked. They’re hooked into the trap. Now, what does this person do
constantly when he is in the state of pleasure? Well, this man typically will chase things
like free time. When I say free time, he tells him In his
head that he feels good when he has downtime, he feels good when he has time to sit and
do nothing, or this man oftentimes tells himself that he deserves this free time. Because he’s worked so hard to get it. There may be some truth to this. But if you let me explain throughout the rest
of this video, this is the exact thing that is keeping him stuck. The next thing is going to be balanced. And this goes hand in hand with free time. You see, when most people come to any sort
of big challenge in life, it could be getting fit, it could be getting that stellar job,
it could be making your first six or seven figures in your business, whatever the case
may be. There’s one thing and one thing only that
keeps everybody stuck from never actually obtaining the state of excellence that they
need to get in. Maybe maybe even for you. It’s with women. Maybe you want to finally get to that next
level with women to where you can actually navigate the dating field and you can actually
obtain a companion that’s amazing and suits your life best. What happens is people people stop looking
people stop searching oftentimes right before they could have got it. And what keeps them stuck is this word right
here that says balance. This is the word that goes hand in hand with
free time. And this is the word that everybody in their
mother will tell you you need, your mom will tell you you need balance. Your brothers and sisters will tell you you
need balance. Your co workers will tell you you need balance. Any psychologist or therapist is probably
going to tell you need that you need balance. And this is the one thing that is going to
keep you stuck. The reason for that is because you’re searching
for the next hit of pleasure. If this doesn’t make sense yet, let me keep
explaining the next thing is going to be booze. Now if you look at what the 99 percenters
do, what they do is they they bust ass Monday through Friday on that nine to five grind,
only to take the next two days Friday, Saturday or Saturday, Sunday to drink their life away. What are they doing? They’re telling themselves that that two days
that they have, that two days a week is worth more, is worth severely more than the other
five. You see, the mindset that they have is that
they’re slaving away those five days, these two days are needed. What this leads to down here is this leads
to escapism. Because
they deep down feel as if their quality of life
is not what it should be. They feel as if their quality of life is so
low that they need to actually indulge in booze to take that away. This is going to come from anything you’re
going to have a lot of people say, Well, I deserve to party I have some free time. They’re going to say I need balance in my
life. They’re also going to say things like, well,
I’m single. So this is my excuse, now I should be able
to drink. Do you understand that this is a huge hindrance. If you look at any sort of relation with a
woman, if you look at a man that’s pursuing a woman at any time, if you look at a guy
who desires or companion, oftentimes he cannot talk he cannot communicate until he’s in talks
about candid why is that it’s because ever since he was 16 years old and went to his
first house party in high school, there has been a strong correlation between his sexual
energy and only getting that true release when he’s intoxicated. This is leading to more hookup culture. This is leading to weaker men. This is leading to men that need a stimulus
of an outside substance or else they don’t feel at their best. Now, the thing is, is that the 99 percenters
these are going to tell you these people are all going to tell you this is all part of
the cultural norm. Like this is what you’re supposed to do. This is how you are supposed to live. This person oftentimes lives for cheat meals. Every single overweight person that I worked
with when I was really specializing in my fitness career. They would tell me that they need cheat meals,
because they need balance. And they need cheat meals because after they
worked very hard at the gym, or they worked very hard and being very strict on their diet
for five days. Now. They need that balance in their leisure in
their free time and they need their cheat meals to fall off of it. You see, if you haven’t noticed by now, people
have a very hard issue with sticking to a set in stone pattern. Okay, people have issues with sticking things
out. People have issues with procrastination and
pushing off the big tasks too, later to a later date. Now, this cheat meals what’s funny is that
every single person that would tell me that they needed this was all overweight. Because that was the big shiny object they
were focused on from the get go. You see, instead of actually focusing in on
the workouts focusing in on the correct macros and the correct structure. They were just focused on when’s the next
time I can get my cheat meal. They’re also focused on when’s the next time
I get to just drink booze and get drunk at the house party. They’re also telling themselves when is my
next day off? Is Martin Luther King Day call me and it’s
Presidents Day coming is Mother’s Day coming is Christmas coming? Is Thanksgiving coming? When do I get to sit home? When do I get to sit on my ass and do nothing
Okay, that’s what the 99 percenters do. They like to tell themselves that they work
real hard. So now what they should do is they should
sit on their ass and do absolutely nothing. And they tell themselves that this is going
to be pleasurable. They tell themselves, they’re going to get
fulfillment out of this. The next thing is going to be porn and sex. This is only going to come from hookup culture,
this is going to come because this person this 99%, or puts an extremely high value
on sex and when’s the next time they can get it? There’s also a level of scarcity in the 99%. The 99 percenters are scared that they’re
going to run out of everything. They’re scared, they’re going to run out of
money. They’re scared, they’re going to run out of
potential women, potential partners who attract and because of that, everything that they
do is going to be sex focus, pleasure and indulgence focus. They go out to a bar they think when’s the
next time I get to get a new person in the streets? Oh, my God, I haven’t got laid in six days
one, that one? What’s wrong with me? What am I gonna actually have sex again? This is what they all think. And then they think that they’re not worthy
of anything in life, if they haven’t had sex. In a while you get men that oftentimes they
put pressure to sleep with 30 women a year, 50 women a year 100 women a year because they
tell themselves if I don’t do that I’m a loser. If I do that, if I don’t do that I’m enough. What they’re looking for is they’re looking
for the next dopamine spike to hit pleasure. Now, what you must understand about this 99%
is that they will work forever. Let this sink in for a second. Because they chase pleasure. They have to work. They have to work Monday through Friday, they
have to slave away at what they don’t enjoy doing. To get all of this level of escapism, they
have to actually work because they’re playing for pleasure. You see, if you weren’t playing for pleasure,
you would never work ever. Because if you weren’t playing for pleasure,
you would start to understand that that joy comes through the work but the work has to
actually mean something you see this man they or even this woman. When you chase this, you will work until the
day you Die, you will work for the next paycheck, you will work for the next time you get to
have sex, you will work for the next time you get to have balance in that free time
to eat a plate of nachos and drink 12 beers just to get away for that Saturday,
you will work forever. Now you see if you play on the other side. This side is when it comes to sacrifice. What you’re going to realize when I break
down the difference between pleasure and joy, and you’re going to realize that you actually
don’t work a day ever. You don’t work a day in your life ever. Nothing is ever joy. And here’s why. Well, this person over here that’s chasing
pleasure is a 99% or this person chasing long term joy and satisfaction is going to be a
one percenter, okay. These are the people that actually understand
that there’s more to life than what everybody else is doing. These are the people that understand There’s
more than meets the eye. These are the people that realize if they’re
spiritually connected, they’re probably here for a reason. So hear me out. While this person chases pleasure, this person
chases purpose. Okay, purpose is extremely different from
free time when you have a true purpose in life. And just me fellows, you’re only going to
find this when you do enough things. You’re only going to find this when you try
enough things from eight for when I was 18 years old. I graduated from high school that summer I
got my real estate license and became a real estate agent. I told myself I’m going to be the best real
estate agent ever. It wasn’t for me, I didn’t like it. So I went through all that headache. I passed the ANP I started selling residential
homes fresh out of high school. Okay, I became a real estate agent at 18 wasn’t
for me, I didn’t like it. Next thing is I became a fitness coach. And throughout that time, I told myself I
was going to go to college for Business School. What happened was I didn’t I dropped out of
business school because that I did not like it. I did not enjoy it. That was not my purpose was not for me. I pursued fitness coaching full time. From there that started to unlock better business
skills, the more people I trained through fitness, the more men’s lives I changed through
fitness, I realized everybody was just doing this oftentimes because they were having issues
with women and they wanted that next step and self improvement. What happened to that was I became what I
am now. And God only knows what will happen in a few
years of what I’ll transform into next. The thing is, is that when you chase purpose,
you understand that this might take a little bit of time
to find you understand that you’re playing this work
ethic game, you’re playing this game, for the long term satisfaction of getting joy,
you got to realize that you’re playing a 1% game. Not many people are going to understand what
you’re trying to do. And that’s okay. The next thing is that when these people need
balance, you’re going to start to understand that there’s no time to waste. The reason
for that is because these people over here working eight hours a day trying to find balance. You gotta realize from the time they clock
into work to the time they go to bed at or excuse me, to the time that their shift is
over. They’re hating it. Their grind They’re slaving. And because of that,
they need this balance to balance that out. You see,
when you’re on your purpose, there’s no time to waste. I literally will wake up some nights or some
some days and I will blink my eyes and it will be midnight and I go Where the hell did
that day just go? How did another hour pass how, like I can’t
even get enough time in the day. I oftentimes feel as if there’s not enough
hours to do everything that I want. And I’ll make laundry list of stuff I’m going
to do for that whole day to work. And guess what, I will get through a third
or two thirds of it. And I’ll be like, wow, these like your time
is limited. When you realize there’s no time to waste
you realize that your purpose has a clock. And that clock is called the gravestone. If you have certain goals that you want to
accomplish, you have to realize one thing and one thing only the only thing that you’re
racing against is death. You can always get more money. You can’t get more time. Time is going to be your biggest driving factor
wake up earlier. Go to sleep. They’re get more done throughout the day. Make sure that you’re a man on a mission. The next thing is, well, these people transition
into booze and from escapism. Over here, the one percenters, they want a
razor sharp mind when you’re playing for purpose. You want a razor sharp mind, let me tell you
fellas, something, if you’re trying to build a business, you cannot do that home over. You cannot do that stone. I’m gonna say that one more time. You can’t do that stone. All of you out there that smoke that drink
that party that tell yourselves I want to be that CEO. I want to be that go getter? How the hell do you expect to think clearly
at your full potential if you’re constantly intoxicated? because let me tell you something. When you actually want the business, you’re
no longer competing against the 99 percenters. You’re competing against the guys like me,
he will do absolutely anything to get it. That’s what you don’t understand. Because there’s certain people out there that
want to completely dominate and that’s what you’re up against. That’s what they can’t teach you in a school
textbook. That’s what they can’t teach you out there. You got to realize this to 1%. Mind if these people are over here boozing,
and that’s their escapism to get sex or anything? Well, you got to realize is that a 1% mind? You want to be so crystal, crystal clear,
sharp. This improves everything in their life, how
fluently you talk how well you can speak to women, how good you can communicate how amazing
you can be when you have to negotiate a deal. I mean, anything comes with a razor sharp
mind. And guess what if you want to be razor sharp
between the ears, if you want to be able to flirt or build chemistry with a woman or anything,
do you know how much easier it is to do it with a clear head to do it without all of
these hang ups and insecurities of needing booze. It’s a cheat code. Not only will this help you in your business
life, this is going to help you with people in relations. This is going to help you get out of being
stuck. The next thing is going to be cheat meals. Well that person needs all of these unhealthy
food to tell themselves that they need balance and it’s okay to be overweight. This person over here just eats for fuel. You don’t think of things is needing cheat
meals what you think of as you think is your nutrition to propel you forward to keep that
mind razor sharp. Now well these people over here chase the
porn and sex, the one percenters are going to chase quality humans, and how well the
interactions can go. And if sex happens, great, because chances
are that chemistry is going to be five times greater than any alcohol or pot or bar or
party or club type rave. It’s a different level of carrying yourself
and the last one is, well, this man over here works forever. Well, the 99 percenters will work forever. This this one percenter over here never works
a day in his life. He never worked a day in his life due to the
fact that he’s chasing joy. Because guess what, when all of these positivity
is gone, when your business is on point, when your mind is razor sharp, when you start to
attract the loved one when you start to be able to flirt and get out of your own skin
and get out of your own head and now all of a sudden you can live inside the body. Guess what, everything is for joy. You’re on your purpose that 12 hour workday
flew by because you were loving every minute of it. This is what you need to play the game for
what’s going to come with this a sacrifice. The beginning is tough. You might not get your first client you might
not get your first prospect you not might not make your first 50 grand until you’re
234 years in. But guess what, this has a compound effect. This snowballs into a bigger beast, the more
you stick it out. It’s going to snowball into a bigger beast
with your charisma with how well you can think with how clear you are with everything in
life. So this is the difference. This is exactly how you outwork every single
person on earth without ever working a day in your life. It comes down to sacrifice and chasing the
whole mission for joy and not pleasure. If you liked this video, I want you to give
it a thumbs up. I got choked up, be sure to like and subscribe
to the channel and we will see you in the next one.

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