How to Make Money with Tensorflow

Don’t have a Boss, be the Boss! with Ai Hello world, it’s Siraj. And I’m gonna show you how you can build a profitable business on your own using TensorFlow Google’s widely popular machine learning framework A couple years ago, deep learning started to out perform all others machine learning models when given massive amount of data and google saw that it could use these deep neural networks to improve it services, from gmail to photos, to search. They built a framework called TensorFlow out of a need to let researches and developers work together on AI models. BEST ANIME CROSS OVER EVER and have them scale to billions of people Originally it was made for internal use only but them open sourced it so now anyone can use it we can build a really simple TensorFlow model pretty easily. There are lot of examples online for, say, classification for example all of this comes out to just under a hundred lines of code the pipeline generally follows the pattern of preprocess your data set, build the model then train the model in a training loop ultimately saving the trained model file to your local disk as a binary file. But when our model is fully trained, we want to serve it to our users on a server. That way they can access it from the web and that’s where the TensorFlow Serving Library comes in. Serving implements a server that runs ML models and provides remote access to them. We can do common tasks like prediction and classification of any provided data.

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  2. Hey, Thank you so much for all the Machine Learning videos you make. You are truely a source of inspiration and knowledge for many of us.
    Side note: I have recently started Machine Learning Vlogs on my channel. Basically I was inspired by you for ML. And I thought it would be a great if I could share my journey of becoming a ML expert so that other fellow people get an overview of how much hardwork it actually takes.

    PS: It would be a great help if you could help me share my videos with more people. It would just give me more motivation to work harder i Guess.

    PSS: I didnt comment just to ask you to help me out. I just want to thank you for everything. Keep making more videos, Keep teaching us and keep motivating us.😊

  3. Awesome!
    I've learned a lot from your videos.
    I have a question… How can I apply for example in python the theory that some papers continue?
    That is, for example, how do you advise to understand the papers and then program them?

    Thanks a lot. I love your videos.

  4. Hey Siraj, can you please make a video on how to get started with TensorFlow using AMD GPUs…. I cannot wrap my head around ROCm, it’s too complicated….

  5. Takes notes. Makes billions. Haha. Anyway, love the videos. I like your idea for climate change effect prediction. Having worked in emergency management, I think there are some amazing potential applications in this field, and the climate change prediction idea could allow for better mitigation. Every dollar spent on mitigation saves four in response. A good investment!

  6. To getting a job in big companies like Google, microsoft, facebook etc. as a data scientist, how much knowledge should I have ?

  7. I make Road Accidents data collection and analysis system for NGO who is working for government

  8. Don't you think we are complicating every thing? So far we have managed to create technology that creates more problems than it solves. Finally AI would say "human beings are a disease".

  9. Siraj..The AI Guy can you please a video on preparing tensorflow image dataset Tfrecord file please…please …i want it this week ..i'm tired of searching on sites ,none of them helped me.

  10. Educación en español! Tu contenido es increíble gracias de México! (your content is incredible thanks)

  11. The problem here is that you can hardly sell this. Who will pay you money and also put his farm at risk with no clear evidence it will work? This is good idea for startup bullshit selling points though.

  12. Life promoting CO2 is good for plants. Historically speaking, we are coming out of an all time low in CO2. Which is a good thing. Unless you hate plants and don't want a green Earth. But there is money to be made in junk science and carbon tax.

  13. Hi Raj,
    Currently working with a fire/smoke detection project. Please help me out how to collect easily the images used for training the models. Downloading the images from google not feeling good approach.

  14. Be careful with this “here’s TensorFlow, go start your own startup” attitude. Deep Learning applications in different domains have pretty much nothing in common with one another. If you are serious about solving a business problem with deep learning, be humble to spend years learning domain-specific knowledge and even domain-specific DL architectures (e.g. UNet in medical imaging).

  15. Do you have the code for a chat bot that learns to answer questions based on a corpus of information or information on the web? Would you recommend using Dialog Flow for the chat bot? I want to build a chat bot and host it on

  16. so you didnt really talk about tenserflow, talked about global issues and didnt mention how to make actual money

  17. Is Web Development required to learn Machine Learning? I have knowledge of only Python and want to make an impact while I am in high school. Any advice?

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  19. Listen him while he breaths 😂😂😂 auh hai Haaa siraj now you know why Google translate sounds so unreal because it doesn't breath

  20. One thing about A.I. is that you are going to need a lot and a lot of data. Majority of the startups are in a disadvantage here.

  21. No way this is incredible. I wonder out of the 200,00 developers who already watched this video, I wonder how many people are already profiting financially. i mean who after watching this video is already making money.

  22. Siraj if you spend more time on teaching AI technologies, you would get more traffic instead of just doing some propaganda.
    I myself would NOT look anymore for your videos because I really know it's just propaganda without any real benefits.
    It's really great to discuss your ideas flow with us, but people don't care about your "DAYDREAMS", we want to solve real-world problems.
    Like your stock market video, you daydream about using AI in the stock market, but you really know nothing about the nature of the stock market data, nor how to tweak it into an AI problem !! Just brute force problem put the data into an AI model and let it find a solution !!!!! that's is a funny thing, because AI isn't magic, and stop teaching people it's a magic box, it's a way of finding a solution for problems that you really know its solution !!!
    Stop corrupting science and present real science and real solutions…

    Best of luck

  23. How to Make Money with Tensorflow? Make a superficial youtube video talking about How to Make Money with Tensorflow!
    Seriously, this is useless info

  24. The ironic thing about all this is if you use AI to compute climate data it will tell you there is nothing wrong with the climate and that its behaving as it always has done. Problem solved. Thanks AI.

  25. Learning Q&A patterns, I don't buy that in most cases such as those you talked about. It seems to me that Qs are far too vastly untamable (large large space) but maybe I'm wrong? Especially regarding fields like calculus in which kids might have trouble grasping some concepts, then the bot would have to guide the kid's Qs, in a very human like fashion. Do AIs have flair ?

  26. Lol. You were making complete sense until you jumped the shark with the scare mongering climate loon bandwagon stuff. Hint: Check and double check all of your assumptions about the narrative of "climate change". Otherwise, your channel absolutely rocks.

  27. Considering that NASA shows that global temperatures have not increased in two decades, and the models did not predict this,, I think you can spare us all the climate change hyperbole.

  28. You should rename this video; "How tensorflow creates opportunities for startups". This is not directly making money with TF. Without the team and the startup there would be no money.

  29. The solar energy heats first and then the CO2 goes up! It isn't man made.

  30. I'm learning ml and tf to implement it into my energy management application (ema) for industry

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