How To Grow An Event Planning Business – 3 Video Ideas For Building Authority

one of the biggest hurdles that can
really hold you up from creating video content is coming up with video ideas so
I created a series of videos where I provide you three video ideas for
certain industries to get to start it today I wanted to share three video
ideas you as an event planner can create today to really start building your
video content for your event planning business hey guys welcome back to another episode
of Just the tips with Trena where I hope online entrepreneurs figure out a video content
strategy that works for them and how to help it grow their business if you
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said today I’m going to provide event planners three videos that they could
create for their business and get started with video content today so the
first video idea I have for event planners is to do a video on the three
biggest mistakes of planning an event so you’ve probably been in the business for
a while and you see these mistakes happen a lot so just provide like three mistakes that
you see happen a lot to really help people understand that these things can
can can come up and this is how you can avoid them this will also help build your authority
and if the potential client is thinking about they could never fix these
mistakes on their own they’re gonna remember you and that help that you gave
them and potentially hire you second video idea I
have for you which can be really hard when planning events I know when I was
planning my wedding I had no idea where to start so maybe do a video on tips for
signing contracts or dealing with vendors this can be a really tricky
subject and if people are new to it they don’t really know what they should be
looking for what they should be asking for and if you are able to give them any
tips or advice on dealing with vendors and contract is really going to help you
build our route build your relationship with them and really build their trust
with you because you’re helping them in a area that they have no idea about and
finally maybe a video on how to choose a theme for your event I know this can be a tricky one with
weddings you have so many ideas in your head you don’t really know which way
you’re going to go and even with corporate events you have to think about
what our team is going to go well with the brand you’re working with the people
in the brand so maybe providing some tips and advice on how to choose the
right theme for your event again this is going to really help to start building
your authority building your trust and when it comes time for a potential
client to hire you they’re gonna remember you they’re gonna
remember the tips that you gave and realize how helpful you were and want to
hire you right on the spot if you’re ready to start creating video content
for your event planning business or for any business that you have make sure you
go ahead and download my free workbook right here is the ultimate guide to
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content in there to really teach you how you can create videos like this for your
business I wouldn’t go down in the comments below
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business i want to know I want to get some feedback from you if you like this
series of videos if you think it’s helpful for me to give you some ideas to
really spark that brain thinking to get to going to look at that could be the
hardest part is coming up with ideas if you have other event planner friends
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as always guys thank you so much for watching I

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