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Hello Guys Are you one of the many who want to become an ethical hacker then keep watching this video? Ethical hacking is the process of assessing the security posture of a system to know the weakness and Vulnerabilities in the system in a lawful manner With booming internet across the country people are using apps social media digital Payments do to which data security is a concern and ethical hacker are in demand. Ethical hacker will use step-by-step Methodologies such as writing codes and reverse engineering to find out the threat in a particular system or networks, which a Malicious attacker may find and cause data loss or financial loss to the individual or an organization But IT companies and MNC don’t require an ordinary ethical hacker They want certified ethical hacker and to become a certified ethical hacker You have to pass an exam that consists of 125 questions of MC to type in 4 hours The cutoff score ranges from 60 to 85 percent and that depends on the difficulty of the example so if you are an IT professional site administrator auditor or a student pursuing graduation how want to become certified ethical hacker Then you can join SSDN Technologies ethical hacker will learn about we issued that him but the management process information Security and penetration testing 2nd different type of footprints and related tools and countermeasure He will also learn about Session hijacking techniques Dos/DDos attack techniques tools and countermeasures He will learn about firewalls IDs and honeypot evasion techniques. You will also learn about cloud computing Concept and threat attack and countermeasures as an ethical hacker. You will get employed in financial institutions ID companies consultancies government organizations, forensic laboratories security agencies telecom and defense organizations as in computer network defense analyst network security analyst C&D auditor forensic analyst security analyst and consultancy penetration tester So guys just googles ethical hacking course at SSDN technologies and become a certified ethical hacker You can contact us on call nine nine nine. Nine triple one six eight six whatsapp at nine nine nine nine Five zero nine nine seven zero if you like this video share it with your friends and subscribe to our YouTube channel To get more videos like this also follow us on Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn and all the links are available in the description

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  1. Hacker mean only operate Linux …ex two wheeler driver can only two wheeler bike ..but not make two ..but two wheeler main owner is two wheeler make..two wheeler maker all types of two wheeler bikes..same ethicker onle Linux and Linux tool operater ..main hacker scrpit writer…screapt writer any security shields break…

  2. Kindly contact Lotthery on whatsapp via+2348147051868. He is a professional hacker in area of turning of surveillance Camera, Spying and mobile and social media what sap;instagram facebook tracking; and any other hacking options.He once helped me, a trial will convince you.

  3. Hello Sir, i saw this video and learnt a lot from this. I want to be an certified ethical hacker but i don't know how to become so can you please tell me what are the pre-requirnments to become a ethical hacker.

  4. Dear Sir What are the requirement and what type of knowledge a person have to join or learn and be a cybersecurity expert.

  5. sir, I want to become an ethical hacker . I am facing a difficulty now its time to me to chose my subject in matric
    Please sir guide me , I am not having a person to guide.

  6. I am soo good at hacking that i hacked into your mind mr viewer and i say that i read some stuff about wanting to become a hacker due to bullies and wanting revenge, but instead you realised this will not be helpful to you, so you changed your mind and now you will try your best to become an ethical hacker. Am i right?

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