How Often Do You Tell Your Story? – Success Factory

How often do I tell my story… You know, I don’t always tell my story, and… It depends on who I am talking to. I tell my story in person and during trainings and schools. Sometimes it’s private, sometimes it’s public. Usually, I do it, when I see that the person’s eyes are empty. When I talk to a person, and the question actually is, why do I tell me story? Now how often, but why do I tell my story, what for? When I look at the person I’m talking to, I see whether they are interested or not. They are either interested in what I’m saying or not. If they aren’t interested, it means there’s no connection between you. Your thoughts are not united. How do you connect with another person, how do you unite? Through your story. Your story, my story helps me to reach the person I’m talking to. When they listen to my story, they realize that I wasn’t born in a happy country or a happy family. I had the same problems. When I talk to a person and tell them my story, they realize I am like them. And they see themselves in my place, and they see themselves in 5-10 years. When a leader tells their story, it helps new people to see themselves in 5-10 years. It helps you unify your goals. It gives people the power to act. It gives them confidence that if they don’t give up, if they pass the same stages as you, they will reach what they want. It’s a way to find a connection with a new person, and show them that there’s nothing special. It’s simple, when you do something, you succeed. This is a very good question. Leaders always use this to give confidence to new people. To motivate them to act.

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