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Greetings and welcome to Awakening With Brahma Kumaris. Sister Shivani, welcome to Living Values. Thank you so much. Om Shanti. A story says – there are people who are so engrossed in their professional life That they neglect their family, health, spiritual life and social responsibilities. If asked why they do this? They reply that they were doing it for their family. Without water, a ship cannot move. The ship needs water. But if the water gets into the ship The ship will face problems. What was once a means of living for the ship Will now become a means of destruction. Similarly we live in a time when earning is a necessity. But let not the earning enter our heart. For, what was once a means of living Will become a means of destruction. Take a moment and ask yourself – Has water entered my ship? Beautiful. Just look at the last line If we just take this line back home with us today Has water entered my ship? The moment we discuss such things, the immediate thought Which comes to mind or our immediate reaction will be Without money how can we lead a life? We need to earn money. Only because of money that we survive. Without money where is education, where is comfort? How will we give whatever children want? Our children’s friends have so much money, so they expect us to have. You know the mind will give so many reasons. Which means the balance that is required We need to create it. Which is fine, we will create it. But for that Whatever path I need to take Even to choose that path I need to first tell myself that the purpose of my life Values of my life and the way I wish to live my life At the end of the day I want to earn happiness. But what we have said about purpose of life And the way I want to live my life We said – At the end of the day I want to earn money and fame. Our purpose had got changed. Apart from money and fame, there is another word – Competition. Someone else built 3 houses, bought 4 cars They have signed up to act in 3 more movies. If I have earned a certain amount, and you have earned thrice that amount Then my position and fame are gone, isn’t it? I need to earn more and more and more. This is a never ending journey. The line said – the means of living which was water for the ship Only check if the water enters into the ship. And then it said money which is the means of Living Please check if the money has entered into your hearts. Which means we need to reflect. Money is absolutely essential. Position is essential. Recognition is needed. We want to achieve and it is very important. But we need one more thing on top of it. And that is happiness. We just need to correct that list. Why on top of it? At the end, all we want is happiness. That’s all. But the line you mentioned now is – we want all these things so that in the end we will be happy. And result is happiness is what you mentioned. But that is not the truth. Happiness is not the end result. Happiness is the way to achieve these four things That’s where the mistake is coming. Let us look at the journey – I need to earn money. For that I have to be away from home, I should do that. If I need to stay away from family I need to do it, because I have to earn. If I need to work for 16 hours a day instead of 12, I need to do it. It’s okay if I don’t go home on time. I need to earn more money. When I left home in the morning the kids were asleep. When I returned home in the night the kids were again sleep. It is okay, I need to earn. In the process of earning money few other people went ahead of me. So I started using the wrong ways which they followed. Because I need to earn. So this became my way of thinking. Right? Now on this journey I created stress, anxiety. Like you mentioned, I created competition and hence jealousy also. I am guilty that I am not able to spend time with my children. So somewhere in my subconscious there is guilt. With all this going on I started earning. But alongside I created these things too. Stress, fear, irritation, anxiety Since I overworked, I didn’t sleep well very often. I didn’t have enough time to have a leisure meal. And where was the time to exercise? The happiness I would get by spending time with kids – now I have no time for that. So I achieved a lot but what all did I create simultaneously? Achieved on one side but on the other side what did I create? Stress, fear, anxiety, guilt, anger. Where did happiness go? You said it’s the end result. End result – I thought I am doing all this for happiness. I achieved and simultaneously I created all these. So these creations became the end result. Where is happiness? This is the truth. And most important – This is not even the end result. It is during the journey also. And whatever we create during the journey will be at the end result also. So that list was actually not wrong at all. The list was right that I need to get to opposition. It was right. But along the way what should I have created? Because whatever is getting created along the way That is my feeling, my emotion, my quality of life That will be my way of living. So during the journey also that remains. And the end result will also will be the same. Now what happens is – if I start earning in this way for 10 years And in those 10 years I saw that I achieved this and I achieve that But till now I haven’t experienced happiness and contentment. At that moment what did I tell myself? That it means I need to achieve much more. It’s very important to understand until when we will keep running this race to achieve more. Until the soul feels full or complete A soul which feels full and happy with what they have Happy with who they are Happy with they are living life They also achieve but they don’t run this way. Someone who runs along with contentment. Someone who is happy and then runs He will run with others on that race But for him going ahead of others or adopting wrong means and only running – this will not be his purpose of life. Many people feel that if we make happiness your peace as our priority Then in this ‘Race’ as the world calls it, what if we slow down? We might be left behind. We may not achieve enough. This paradox goes on in the mind. This is the reason we once again drop the compass of values And just like others are running, we also start running. It’s a never ending process. We will keep running and we will build a palace perhaps Maybe every family member will have two cars parked outside. But we will not experience happiness. We can reach that stage and we won’t know what to do after that. We have achieved so much. People ask – I have everything but what more should I do to experience happiness? Because you did not carry happiness along the way of achieving. Because we thought if we do everything, then happiness will come as an end result. If someone is struggling, working hard, and working day and night How can he remain happy while doing so? While doing everything there is only one criteria to be kept right on top is That I should do it while being happy. That should be first and that should be very clear. If I come across a path in life where I will get progress but not happiness Government of India had offered me a very huge post. It was at a ministerial level. I could not send happiness in that post. So I refused. I would have certainly progressed – would have got status and a government vehicle I requested politely stating that I am an artist I will not be able to handle this profile. Thank you very much for the offer. Beautiful. Suppose we stand at the junction of the road And there are two options now – a very attractive offer has come It is an offer which anyone in the country will be ready to accept. It’s not a small offer, it is a big offer. When you refuse that offer, the world is going to look at you and wonder why. Many people will perceive that your decision is wrong. At the time of taking the decision what did you prioritise? That if you take this route then you will get name and fame But as you said, it is a headache to manage. It means that by taking that path, my values of honesty, peace and happiness Will get compromised. It was a possibility. Although there was a possibility that my team was very honest. You might have checked about what is involved in that role. I had heard a few things. But even otherwise For example this TV show where we discuss so many things, this gives me happiness and contentment. Let’s take this example. So on what basis did you choose? That on one side there was progress, a big position and status. And on the other side there was no position, income or status symbol. But you mentioned you feel good and experience satisfaction here. When you had these two paths in front of you It did not take much time to make a decision You didn’t need more time because your priority was clear. Between these two we are not saying about right or wrong Someone will choose that path Because of which he will gain a few things and lose a few things. He might perhaps lose honesty but gain position. He might lose happiness but gains what he believes as respect and appreciation from the world. He might lose family time which would give him happiness. He might even have to live in a different city. It was a very important point for me. I said – When I have work hard and earned money and I’m at this age. When will I enjoy what I have earned? And when will I spend time with my grandchildren? Instead I will be spending my 24 hours looking at files at office. Finished. This is priority. It is not necessary that if I take up this assignment and work at this age, then when will I enjoy. But when will I enjoy the earnings which I have earned? But this can be a decision taken at any point of time. Now it also doesn’t mean negative. We should not take a wrong message from here. It doesn’t mean that every time we let go of this path and say I don’t need to go towards progress or achievement. It may be progress for you but not progress for me. Which means progress in terms of outer achievements But it was not progress for the soul Only because in order to get the outer achievements I would have to compromise on my I values. Even if I would not have to compromise on values I would have to spend a lot of time on the job, because I am sincere. But we need to work isn’t it? We can take the path where we can be laid back. You are in that phase of life but everyone else is at a different phase of life. Suppose I am at the age of 25, 30 or 40 I am not at the age of 65 of 70. I had the advantage that I did not need the money. It’s not about need for money. But I had enough money. No but ‘enough money’ doesn’t have one common definition, isn’t it? When will you say I have enough money and I don’t need more? Very few people will be able to say in their life that I have enough and I don’t need more. I have the fact that I have enough to live my life. I have enough to lead this life – we are not even able to tell this line today. Because we feel that no matter how much we have We can earn even more. How many people are able to say that they have enough money and they don’t need more? How many people? Pause. That is about the water getting into the ship. When will we be able to say I don’t need more? Our happiness and contentment will get decided on this basis. You said it very easily that you don’t need more. It is coming very casually it to you. I had said this even ten years back. This is what it is. This can happen at this stage of life where it is easy to say – I don’t need more money. What about you wear at the age of 25, 30 or 40 and we still need to earn money? We need to earn a lot for ourselves and for our family Even then during that phase, even before we take a decision We need to check this criteria – In order to earn more and more, am I simultaneously losing something important? People say ‘Work is worship’ and keep working There is no problem in working more. It is not that we should stop working. There is no need to stop working at any age. We can keep working till the last day. Social service is also work. We can do it. Whether to work or not to work is not the decision. Important is the way we work The kind of work we do And how we do the work. Where happiness is our number one priority We are not talking about till what age to work, when to stop, slow down, when to enjoy. We are not talking about that. Important is that while doing everything, we should not compromise on our value of happiness How much to work is something we need to decide. But throughout the day, along with working I need to pay attention to the state of mind while I am working. I am working but while working Whatever I have achieved so far I am very contented about it. But I am working more. It is fine. I am working with happiness. I am not working for happiness. That has to be my way of thinking. I am working with happiness, not for happiness. Which means I remain happy first and then I work happily. Because whatever I have right now I am very happy with it. And remaining happy, I will progress further. And because I am happy and now I am progressing I will not have a problem seeing other people going ahead of me. Because the soul is already feeling very nice. Seeing other people do well will only make the soul happier. But if I am depleted inside Seeing other people go ahead of me troubles me a lot. And very often we resort to the wrong means. Apart from working throughout the day When I spend quality time with my family It is not quantity but quality of time Quality means – how is my state of mind when I am with them? Should not be that I go home when they are asleep or they are not at home. If I only start taking care of these small things Throughout the day in my ways of living My hand should not be like this, wanting something. Hand here means the intention. That I want more, I want more, I want more… If you practice this even for just one single day But instead of having our hand like this throughout the day To have a hand this way (giving mode) The line here is very beautiful – take a moment and ask yourself Whether water has entered my ship. Water has not entered my ship means Money has not penetrated to such an extent in my life, that I will drown along with it. Because if water penetrates into my life to such an extent Which means when money becomes my number one priority in life and become the part of my system Then I cannot see anything else. Very important point. I just will want to acquire more of it. Because of that greed, today many people are not letting their old aged parents stay with them We say – I cannot afford. I cannot keep so many people in my family. We are making a lot of decisions and lot of sacrifices But sacrifices and compromise on what? On my happiness. Happiness was in living with them (aged parents). Happiness wasn’t serving them and earning their blessings. But we said – No. With my income I can only take care of three or four people which will include my wife and children. How can I take care of parents? If they are staying with me, since it is my responsibility towards them. Throughout the day mind is at the frequency of thoughts like – I am spending so much on them. So my savings are reducing day by day. That feeling that I am lacking always and so I need more and more. Instead of feeling that I have so much and I need to share it with others. I had a beautiful line somewhere – Whenever you buy a pair of shoes, buy two. Below that there was a very nice line One for yourself and the other to give to somebody else. Right. One pair for myself and the other to give to someone else. For the pair which we bought for myself – we are standing like this (wanting). There is no happiness in it. But the pair you bought for giving – happiness lies in giving. Happiness lies in sharing. Giving does not come easily, people cry with the very thought of giving. Why are we having a problem in giving? We need to understand this also clearly. Because in the subconscious mind there is a thought – I have less. I want much more. So where do I have to give to somebody else? Is this true? I need more for me and my family. I need more for myself and my children. Out of this, how can I give to extended family, charity, Friends, people around who may need money Where do I have more money to spend on them? This is not only for money. But applies to money energy, time. I feel I have less for myself only. When I saw my mother do certain things I would get very angry We had a very huge garden. I am sharing this because we are talking about values. The Tandoor was placed there, on which she would prepare Rotis for us. There are many people employed at home to help with different things. My mother would feed them also Rotis with whole lot of butter smeared on them. I would feel how is my mother able to give them so much better. Giving was among her values. There is no question of whether we have less or more. There was no question. It is not about how much you have. So it’s about the heart to give. Somebody can have less and still give.? Why is there a difference between their heart and our heart? What I want to understand. In those times the programming of the soul was That we have enough. How much ever we have, we need to share with others. This was our value system. And we were living our life through that value system. And if we actually calculated, we had lesser at that time as compared to how much we have today. In comparison to today’s times, materialistically we had far lesser those days. We had only one radio and one fridge. But spiritually and emotionally we were very rich. Materialistically we had very less But we always had the intention of caring and giving. So we had a lot of happiness. Now it has become the opposite. Materialistically we have more now. But we don’t have the intention of giving. Our intention is to get and get more. Our intention is to get more. Our wealth is increasing. But spiritually and emotionally we are becoming poorer. That is a beautiful line. It is not about earlier generation versus now. Even today we will find many generous people Even if those generous people don’t have much But whatever they have, they feel they can share it with everyone. They say – Let me share it with my family, with my friends and with everyone. We meet such people today too. Who have very less time yet they say – I need to serve people in whatever time I have. I need to do something for the society. I have so much I need to donate something in charity. We certainly find such people today. And then there are some people who have a lot. But throughout the day what is their frequency? How to get more? How to earn more? How to cheat this person and more? What lie to tell here and earn much more? How to do something else (even if it is unethical) so that I earn a little extra? Their intention is always to get and get more. Anyone whose thought is – I want more and more. I have less right now. They will always live their life with the formula – I am lacking. I need more. I am a needy person. And anyone who is happy and contented They will always live their life with the programming – I have more than I need. I need to share it with everyone. Even if we look at the thought – I have less. If right from my thought I am lacking, how poor am I? Exactly. I am lacking. Somebody can have only 100 Rupees and be happy. If I think I am lacking, then mentally, emotionally and spiritually I am lacking. And then my belief is also that – that I am poor. Just take 2 thoughts. We don’t need to get into deeper programming. If you feel in your life – I have quite a lot. How will you feel? Whereas if you feel in your life – I need more. I don’t have enough. How can you be happy? It is only about our perspective of looking at life. Someone can have very little materialistically and yet say – I am very happy. He will always be happy. Someone else has so much already and yet says – let me get from here, let me get from there. That person is very poor. I read a beautiful story the other day. A very wealthy women entered saree shop and said Show me the least expensive saree. I need to give it to my servant at my daughter’s wedding. The next scene is Servant goes to that saree shop and says – show me the most expensive saree. It is to give to my employer’s daughter at her wedding. It’s so beautiful. So who was richer? We use the term “Who had a larger heart?” It means who was richer in their value system? We really need to stop and think. It is never about how much money we have. It is never dependent on the amount. This line which says – Pause and check if water has entered my ship. Today we need to pause and check – Have money, achievements and position become the number one priority of our life? They shouldn’t be. Have they penetrated so much into my ways of living? They shouldn’t be. Have these become the criteria for taking decisions of my life? They shouldn’t be. Very important. If it is true then water has gone into my ship. And it doesn’t matter, we can correct it. And the baseline you said is that wild I am working, I need to be happy. If I think – After reaching my goals and after building a home I will be happy That is not possible at all to be happy at the end. Whatever you create while working, that itself is the result after you finish that work. The homework for today is that throughout the day Reaffirm – I am a happy soul. If we just say it and not feel it? I am a happy soul means, happiness should be my first priority throughout the day. It is a Mantra that I need to keep repeating – happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness… Today we need to recite this Mantra. I should not do anything which will make me unhappy. Everything I need to do everything today only after being happy. Otherwise I will not even do it. Today I need to be happy every single moment. This is my compass. This is my mantra. And I should not stop the mantra even for a second today. Happiness is my mantra for 24 hours. Today I need to remain happy the entire day. Then see how it feels. Thank you, Sister. I am already happy. I am feeling the happiness. Thank you. Om Shanti. Thank you.

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