How I’m Dealing With Bad Dental Work

Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching I’m your host the report of the week and thank you for checking out this video No, I know getting into it. I mean right away. I imagine you would have a lot of questions You know, you might see the title. You might be you know, you might be wondering why yeah, what’s what’s going on? What’s happening is this? Permanent, you know, what did Taco Bell just did you have one too many I mean what’s going on here? I know some of you, you know commented free I mean for years that oh, you know you chew weird you a little odd Maybe you kind of eat on one side of your mouth or it Looks like you’re gonna regurgitate the food out as you’re eating it or you know I’ll get all these comments about how I how I chew and Admittedly, it’s true yes, I I have been chewing very Strangely for the last again I would say several years, but there’s a reason behind it and just in a couple days now hopefully things are gonna get fixed for the better, but it’s just it’s really The whole the whole reason behind it is just it’s it’s nerve-racking, you know Here’s the story. I mean number one If you couldn’t if you couldn’t time getting some very major dental work done in just a couple days I’m not really looking forward to it because I just have really bad dental anxiety, and I just you know It’s gonna need recovery time. That’s that’s what it comes down to but to give you the backstory, so I mean, let’s go back a couple years to around I would say 2015 2016 right? I mean obviously, you know you brush your teeth you try to take care of them admittedly I had a few lapses on my part. I was drinking tons of energy drinks and obviously, you know those sugary drinks you could drink them in moderation, but but take care of your teeth and Obviously, I got a couple cavities. I mean we all get cavities right they happen you go to the dentist they give you a filling and Everything’s a-ok bright, you know cavity It’s it’s not a big deal. Usually, right? I think everyone’s pretty much gone in gotten a filling and yeah, you know, you’ve let it rest for a day Maybe not not even and then everything’s good as long as take care of it. It’s fine, right? usually the problem was that I I’m and I kind of I want to I want to kick myself over this but I just didn’t know at the time That’s the problem here. Sometimes you put You put too much faith in some individuals because they look the part right? They might have a nice office. They can talk the talk They look the part and you think as a result, this is a competent qualified Individual who’s who’s is going to do a good job? And I really hadn’t gone to too many dentists before then. I you know, I just went to this one same dentist I I don’t know I had faith in them. I thought that they would they would just do what they’re supposed to do Anyway, you know twenty sixteen or so I had Some of my molars, you know in the back was especially on this side the lower lower molars there One of them had a cavity in it those definitive you knows It wasn’t the the smallest tab But he wasn’t the largest but it was noticeable and there were a couple other little you know issues, but it was all minor So I go in there for a you know an evaluation to just see all right, maybe they could fix it get it taken care of and Needless to say the work that they did was It was dreadful. It really bothers me and it It gives me anxiety just thinking about it it was it was terrible Were they I mean the first thing that they did was probably complete malpractice, honestly Especially with this tooth first, they drilled and drilled and drilled then they put in a temporary filling And then they sent me on my way Only to call me back in a couple weeks later To you know, and I thought okay. Well, I don’t know why they put the temporary filling in to begin with but you know Maybe it’s it’s no big deal. Maybe they just got to check it out or something. I died again. I didn’t know and then I go in and this is again 2016 go in they take the temporary filling out and They grind and they grind and they grind and they grind and they drill down on this tooth More and more and more now I thought when they put that temporary filling in I Thought they already kind of cleared away the decay it cleared away the cavity So I was thinking why are they they drilling so much on this tooth? And I remember there was a clock on the wall in there, and I remember looking at it I was in the chair for about two hours And they were just messing around with this tooth more and more and more I couldn’t I couldn’t understand what they were doing just for a cavity and they didn’t put that much novocaine in either It it hurt. I mean it hurt bad and finally By the time it was done Again, I I was a little numb by the time this procedure was done You know I was I got up I got out of the chair and I kind of moved my tongue over to where the tooth was just to kind of because I could still feel a bit Did I just see I you know, what? Did they do? What’s what’s going on? And I was mortified because when I went into the dentist’s office again, there was maybe about 95 90 percent of the tooth still there and little piece had broken off before but it wasn’t that bad And by the time I was done with that procedure about 60% of the tooth was left Somewhere along the way I don’t know if they broke something off or what but I mean a huge amount of that tooth was just it was gone and In this giant gaping, you know space that they left they put this giant blob of the metal amalgam filling in there and They sent me on my way. He said, alright, you’re good to go They didn’t even mention that you know, yeah, you’re missing a lot of your tooth now No, doesn’t matter you’re good to go. So Even then I was just really I mean I was bothered by that because it just it didn’t feel right I mean again, I was supposed to go in for a filling and now like almost half the tooth it’s gone It just didn’t I don’t know. It didn’t make sense to me, but I figure it again This is where the issue came. I put the trust in and I thought all right. Maybe it’s just Maybe it’s for the best. I didn’t know what they had to do. So that’s what I went with and They did a few other procedures – that only caused issues say there’s one one of my front Canine teeth. I think it was up there. They put a filling in the back. But then for some reason they put some of the Filling material on the roof of my mouth and was hanging down like I was at a stalactite I Couldn’t even close my mouth properly. I literally had to chomp it off like snap it off that that was bad, too And then the filling just popped out There was a second filling they put in that popped out also and then a molar on the back here had a cavity where a piece of it had chipped off They just ground that corner down and didn’t even fill it and they just let it decay like crazy Anyway that all happened from this one dentist in 2016 Over the years. I mean, it just gave me a lot of anxiety was such a bad experience I didn’t want to go back to the dentist anymore. I had this aversion to them I didn’t want to go and I thought maybe this is just the way that it is. Maybe it’ll be okay and I’ll get used to it and it’ll get better Well, it didn’t Over the years. I’ve just been trying to avoid this tooth. Try not to chew on it It’s just again it felt so weird, you know try to avoid chewing on it try to avoid eating on it I was trying to eat on this side, but then as the cavity and this tooth started getting worse I didn’t really know what the dose I tried to rotate from one side to the next and that’s why I’ve been chewing so weird cuz I’ve got really bad issues with my molars on this side and this side and This is no winning So finally around Christmas of 2019 Another big piece of this molar back here broke off and that’s when I said alright I know this is getting really bad I’m just gonna have to I’m gonna go to a different dentist and I’m gonna see what can be done So I went to a good dentist here in Florida. They took some x-rays and it was It was even worse than I thought. I don’t know if I could get the picture up, but if you want I’ll try to get it up here for you. That’s the state of this tooth if I can’t get it up for some reason There’s may be I’d say less than half the tooth remaining They drilled it down to the the nerve of the tooth It’s broken off past the gum line. There was this huge blob of amalgam in there that was loose I mean it could have came out at any given time and They said look you can try to get a root canal we can try to reconstruct the tooth We can try to get a crown on it. We don’t know if this is possible We’re just you I would recommend getting the tooth removed because it’s probably unsalvageable So that’s what I’m gonna do the tooth on this side is also Too far gone. The decay is is too bad that has to get removed to my wisdom teeth might have to get pulled to some mean I’m looking at getting at least probably two teeth removed, maybe four and I mean, I’m gonna try to get some implants or something going forward You know, I don’t even have any insurance. So that’s another issue but I’m gonna try to get something done with this and it’s just such a shame, you know, they even admitted they said you know the last work that you got done in 2016 was it was dreadful it was disastrous it destroyed your teeth and it’s a such a shame because You know, I realize now had I gone to another dentist? they probably just would have filled those teeth got it taken care of and I never would have even had to Worry about this at all But you know, I didn’t know I didn’t know any better that’s the issue and as a result, I’m gonna lose to two good molars and It’s it’s not gonna be any fun. So as a result, I’m gonna be going to the oral surgeon Very soon get a consultation set up and then we’ll get them extracted as a result though Of course, you know I need to give the teeth. I need to give my mouth a break afterwards I need to let it recover let it heal and as a result, I just I can’t go back into just reviewing things right away If I do that it’s gonna really damage what’s healing but it’s gonna lead to dry socket. It’s gonna be Absolute hell on earth misery as well as a result I just have to give it some time to recover once I get the teeth extracted, but in the meantime Again, I’m not going to be able to do the reviews. Like I usually do but the channels not going to die That doesn’t mean that just cuz I got a few teeth pulled. I’m not gonna film anything. Of course, I am and What I hope to do is I’m gonna try to do some different content I know a lot of people like the reviews I’m gonna try to do some random videos, maybe some non-food related content Which I hope you could give a chance. I hope you can check it out I’m gonna still try to do my podcast and otherwise You know in the first couple days I’m really going to be limited but to that I might try to review some smoothies or some drinks or something You know before I really start getting onto the full crunchy fried solid foods, etc So well if you have any recommendations for any like types of smoothies You want to see me review any drinks? You want to see me review any maybe like soft foods? You want to see me try out leave a comment. Let me know I’d love to see your suggestions and I’d really be interested in seeing what you have to say So feel free to leave a comment there. I’ll keep you guys posted though as to how things go again I’m yeah, it’s really nerve-racking I’m just upset at myself that it even got to this point, but I just I didn’t know what I was getting myself into and 2016 is just really Malpractice bad work and and I just have to kind of pick up the pieces and the salvage Whatever I can but I’ll keep you guys posted hopefully fingers crossed everything will go on right and In the meantime. Yeah, we’ll just do some good random random talk random videos, maybe some funny stuff and done Yeah, some drink smoothie reviews. So I hope you can check that out again I’ll keep you guys posted also on me a social media Twitter Instagram at Iamreviewbrah And I just stay tuned there and also just check out the podcast radio show at vorwpodcast on YouTube So I’ll take a good Good luck sip of some blue chalice liquid aka water to conclude the video and don’t like I said many a time I’ll keep you posted Please for God’s sake take care of your teeth brush floss rinse. So just doesn’t get to the point like mine Did then also go to a competent dentist look up the reviews and that just be careful. It’s all that I have Thank you and do take care

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  1. I wanted to make this video as an update because I won't be able to do food reviews like I usually do for a while. I'll still continue to make content while I recover either way!

  2. I heard some people- at the Senior Center by me, I think- saying recent dental school graduates are no good at being dentists. It sticks in my mind.
    Actually, an Uber Driver I just had told me the dentist drilled too much on his tooth (for filling) so he had to get a "Root Canal."

  3. Everything will be fine once they bring out that HUGE needle and stick you at the base of your gums in that perfect spot that shoots excruciating pain through your whole body like you've been struck by lightning.

  4. The only person that looks 15 and 45 at the same time with the voice of a 1980's math teacher that claims to be 28 but is actually 39 and is busy dealing with his recent divorce.

  5. Reviewbrah Iv been in same situation. Dentist I was going to told me one of my teeth was ruined and it was best to have it removed. I went ahead and let her remove it.
    Went back to the same dentist office about 2 or 3 years later and that dentist had left and a new guy was working in her place. Went for a consultation where he got out my old x rays and he couldn't believe the prior dentist had removed the tooth. "There was nothing wrong with that tooth, it could have been saved" I could see he was incredibly angry that she had taken the easy way out instead of saving the tooth as I was only in my early 20s at the time.

  6. Hey men, go to a dentist school or university for great prices, or if you have someone near the border, there are some great dentist in MΓ©xico, specially in Mexicali and Tijuana, they can help you for much less money.

  7. THIS IS THE MOST RELATABLE VIDEO IVE EVER WATCHED. had a new dentist with an expensive office. my guard was down. a couple minor cavities and my mouth has never felt the same. i literally lay awake at night stressing about the irreparable damage they did to my teeth. the dental anxiety is real

  8. Get a Phillips Diamond Clean, faithfully replace the heads every 3 months, faithfully use it 2x a day for a total of 4 minutes a day. Floss at least once a day. Actually, you almost could skip brushing, so long as you floss! I don't advise that though. I saw my hygienist earlier this week, she works hard to find crap in my mouth. BTW- I've accumulated about 8 caps in half a century and need another one. It's not detrimental at this point, I even blew it off when they recommended it 6 months ago. I'm just waiting a couple more months so I'm not stuck with a temporary that could potentially fall off while on vacation.

  9. Getting teeth removed can be quite scary at first. However there is almost no pain during the procedure and only a little bit of pain after the freezing wears off. I would get a second(or third) opinion to make sure that removing some of the teeth is necessary. You would be surprised what little of a tooth can be salvaged. I have had 8 teeth removed and at least 6 fillings done. Your teeth that had the fillings will most likely be sensitive for life.

  10. The chinese recently discovered a way to regrow enamel. It's going to be a few years before it becomes a standard thing done by dentists, but eventually all the drilling and crowning and implants and whatnot will be done a lot less in favor of just regenerating teeth.

  11. Something I wonder sometimes: Why are human teeth as fragile as they are? I just tend to think evolution should have dealt us a better hand there.

  12. I hope everything works out! Maybe start a go fund me or something to bring in a little extra to cover the procedure and future implants.

  13. It's best if you just avoid getting cavities and other dental problems. And you do that by avoiding sugary drinks and foods and by brushing and flossing your teeth thoroughly every day, especially before going to bed. That way you won't need to go to the dentist as often and put your dental health and well-being in their hands. Even if the dentist you go to is a good one, they can only do so much.

    Besides, when you have the ocasional soft drink or sweet you appreciate it more than when you drink or eat it regularly. At least that's how it works for me.

  14. Feel better soon. Recuperate. Take as long as you need to feel better. We'll be here when you're ready to come back!

  15. I work at a dentist currently and it pains me to hear what you went through. My boss is probably one of the best and most professional dentists I know and if he saw your X-ray he would probably faint, but he most definitely would help you and your situation. I’m sorry you had to go through that and I hope everything improves soon enough.

  16. I live in China, you can get good dental work done here for cheap. A root canal is less that $200, implants are under $400

  17. ALFONSO is correct, tooth #30 in the x-ray could be easily salvaged with a root canal and a crown. When teeth are crowned they are shaved down significantly to begin with, the amount of loss on that tooth is not going to get in the way of a crown. Now, if you are against root canals (and there is some decent research to suggest that they can be harmful to overall health) then the current plan makes sense. Also, the mouth heals pretty quickly. Most folks are fine within 1-2 weeks of extraction and literally hours after a root canal and crown placement. I am also a bit dental phobic, and given the amount of work you are having done, I would suggest going to someone that can bring in an anesthesiologist to put you to sleep. Especially if they are pulling wisdom teeth, it is best if you are not awake for the experience.

  18. Why is YouTube recommending me some kid in a suit telling me about his dentistry. Why does it have so many views?!

  19. ugh…. i cant even imagine what you went through πŸ™ ive had dental surgeries before and have had major anxiety about it ever since. your fans are here for you!

  20. Temporary fillings. Same thing happened to me here in Michigan. They also root canaled all my front teeth even though most has no pain or visible decay. Then they never capped the root cannaled teeth and now horrible, horrible decay is eating at my dead root cannaled teeth.

  21. can you show the rest of the xray pictures for the rest of your teeth? Cuz something seems off with this story. Also I know malpractice happens but since when do you allow a dentist to do work in your mouth without knowing what they are doing? So I mean it's not totally malpractice rather than it also being partially your fault. I'm sorry if it sounds harsh but they probably told you what they were gonna do. I never heard of a dentist doing work without the patient knowing.

  22. About to get 10 teeth pulled within the next month. Not looking forward to it. Will have partial dentures at 26 it sucks. Hopefully one day i can afford a permanent solution but the price is UNREAL

  23. You will be back in the game in now time. I have had two implants done the past few years and you are good to go. Let go of the dental anxiety trust your new dentist and you will be back in the food review game.

  24. This for sure sounds dodge. I've had less time getting rootcanals. Also they usually inform you what's going on. This is bizarre. Look up reviews for dentists online. I settled for nothing less than dozens of reviews with a 4.5 rating.

  25. That sucks! I know exactly how u feel ive had way too much unessisary stuff done to my teeth and its caused more trouble than what it should its sad to think there are denti out there who will mess peoples teeth up and do unessisary procedures just to rack up the bill smh. And to think being able to chew food is the first process of digestion.

  26. Needing dental work at 16 isn't that normal or common. I threw back energy drinks until my mid 30s with poor hygiene and didn't need any major dental work until age 30. And that was just a wisdom tooth extraction.

  27. Hey man, just know you aren’t the only one having dental issues at the moment. Been going through similar stuff my self and makes me feel better knowing someone out theres dealing with dental anxiety also. Take care man.

  28. Good luck with the dental work. Might I suggest you start reviewing some healthier diet options. Energy drinks and fast food will eventually catch up to you.

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