How Does Wireless Charging Work?

Wireless charging seems so great, I plug this
thingy in and then set this other thingy on it… BAM power! But how the heck does electricity
get from the wall into my phone? Hello everyone! Trace here for DNews, thanks
for stopping by! You’re probably watching this show via a device that has a battery.
Laptops, mobile phones, toothbrushes, though… not this new watch everyone’s talking about
for some reason… All these things need charging and for the moment we’re still using cords
and plugs for this… Inductive charging isn’t new, it’s been used since the early 1990s
in electric toothbrushes, and for surgically implanted devices like artificial hearts.
You’ve even heard of this in pop culture! In the late 1800s, Tesla was allegedly able
to power light bulbs with no wires, and claimed to be able to transmit power from one location
to another with no wires… To make it work relies on simple physics.
If you ever wrapped a coil of wire around a nail and attached a battery, then you know
the electricity in the battery runs through the wire creating an electromagnetic field,
or flux. Do it at home, it’s fun and you can use it to pick up paperclips or whatever. With that same principle, a coil of wire…
magnet… battery… you can make it go the other way too. Spin a magnet in the coil and
you’ll GENERATE electricity by taking that magnetic flux and moving it through that coil
to create electricity. The battery creates a stable electromagnet
because it’s direct current, it’s going one way. The power from your walls is alternating
current, changes direction 60 times a second — or cycles at 60 hertz — so the electrons
are moving back and forth — remember that because that’s the key to the charging. Wireless inductive charging gets its name
from that magnetic field interaction, called induction. Inside of the charging pad, and
the inductive charging device are tiny coils of wire. The pad, being plugged into the wall,
is fully powered — and the power is cycling. When the other coils come within a short distance
their flux will interact with the flux in the device, move the electrons around and
charge the battery. Chances are, the number of cycles per second
isn’t going to be 60 hertz, but like, 5 or 10, so it doesn’t mess up other things in
your house. Your WiFi network cycles at 2.4 gigahertz or 2.4 billion cycles per second,
so it’s DEFINITELY not going to mess THAT up, but with all the radio waves flying around,
you can’t be too careful. If it’s that easy, you’d think it would be
everywhere, but the problem is efficiency. You waste a lot of power filling up two coils
and letting them talk to each other. It’s SO much better to just plug right in. The future of wireless charging is unclear.
It seems like a great idea, but it’s still going to be a short-distance system for a
while. In 2006, MIT found if you match the frequencies of the devices, you can make the
power go a few METERS — so if you were in your living room, and a charger was there
— your phone would charge right in your pocket… They’re working on marketing the technology
now, but it’s still not everywhere… Mr. Tesla, we’re getting there, man. Speaking of awesome innovations – how about
ones that make flying a little less suckier? That happens to be the focus of discussion
on THIS episode of Anyhoo, hosted by my friend Catie Wayne. Check it out! Back to wireless charging – what would you
want to power wirelessly? I’d love to beam power to my TV! Then I could put it anywhere!
Down with cables! Leave your comments down below, Please subscribe and thanks for watching!

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  1. I would like to wirelessly cool my pizza and Dr. Pepper so I can just leave them there over night and not have to put them in the refrigerator. Then they'll be ready for me in the morning.  I can just begin eating and drinking without having to go to the refrigerator and open the door.

  2. 3 years later, I believe the future of wireless charging is set in stone. Thanks Apple, you are all it took to make it stick.

  3. You know that exoskeleton that the millitary was working on but was cancel because it needed to be powered by a huge wire so why not power it with the wireless charging

  4. You know what I want

    I want to just plug in a block to a wall outlit and it would charge my phone with no wire

  5. The plug converts the walls AC power into DC power so no the electricity in the pad is not cycling at 60 times per second. Nice try though.

  6. I think this is yet another hasty and bad idea. We are going to irradiate the hell out of ourselves and there will be no escape

  7. You can use microwave radiation to power lightbulbs wirlessly but you will get radiation and cancer, thats why if you put a light bulb in the microwave, it will turn on

  8. Dude… I can make tesla coil at home. Tesla wasn't "allegedly" able, he WAS able. BTW 60 Hz is the home network frequency in the USA. Not everywhere. (my point is, don't think it HAS to be 60 Hz. it just Is. In the USA.)

  9. I’m new to any terms so i advise this video to be specific (Diagrams, Picture or some more direct explanations) but good Job 👍

  10. ‼️🔴 The Truth about Wireless Charging is that it was designed to Kill People and their Phones , just like WiFi is to your body ‼️
    🔴 Think about it for a while and you'll know it's true

    When you use Wifi, your body is slowly de-sensitized, till the point where you Can No Longer feel the Destructive Effects on your body

    Then your body can be easily decimated, by exposure to other types of radiation, without you ever knowing about it

    It's just too Bad for the people who adopt a convenient feature without using their brain

    How do you tell if what I mentioned is true ?

    Ask the person who is trying to sell you the Wireless Charger , what the charger's efficient is when charging your phone or tablet or any other device

    The most common answer would be " I don't know " , because Answering that question poses A Huge Liability that they are not willing to bear
    The real answer , is very low, And that's the Main Disadvantage of Wireless Charging:: You'll end up paying Extra Actual Money to charge your phone.
    But that's good news for your Power Company though, because you've been Suckered into wasting your Money in your next power bill. 1 person using Wireless Charging may not even make the Power Generation Companies a lot of money, but just imagine 10 Million people or more using Wireless Charging,

    Are you seeing the Big Picture now ?? Are we indirectly poisoning our atmosphere ??

    Second question , how much are you paying for your Wireless Charger ?

    30 – 50 dollars

    Personally I won't even want one if it's given to me Free ,

    3rd question, how hot does your phone get when you use a Wireless Charger ?

    Every degree increase in your phone while charging, Will shorten its service life ;
    Change your battery anyone ??

  11. The day that you find out that the world is being built around you by things that you created, and the inventor (you) is simultaneously thrown out the window.

  12. I called wireless charging when it's able to charge my phone in my pocket or ✋. it's not wireless bcz you place the phone on deck which is connected to electricity through wire.

  13. Phone line splitter exactly how you do put foil on every wires put copper around foil then put black tape put copper on top then connect phone line splitterwireless

  14. I recently purchased a JW wireless charger. However it isn’t working on my iPhone 6s. Do I need a sleeve or something else for this to work?

  15. My problem is the fact that if you have fragile electronics in your house, it could short or send too much electricity to that device. Nichola Tesla shut off the lights of an entire city doing this. That means that there could be electronic dangers. I don't want to be a party pooper, but if they didn't find a way to block the signals without major electric insulation this project would end up like the Wardenclyffe Tower all over again.

  16. Nicely done but, for a Discovery sponsored video the inclusion of "Acid Trip" did not make this a family rating nor met what I expect from the the Discovery brand.

  17. Can someone possibly answer my question please
    If the charger port on an iPhone does not work no more does the Qi wireless charger kit work in it?

  18. What if there were roads that jammed phones? Like turned off internet and service temporarily. But doesnt shut off phone calls and location?

  19. What if one day A sattalite is built with Massive solar power palels and sent to orbet as close as possible to the sun sending back wireless power to supply the entire Earth? maybe with other sattalites in between to bounce the signel. just saying sky's the limit.

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