How Countries Around The World Are Working To Flatten The Curve | NBC News NOW

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    Japanese shows how Nanjing China on fighting with the virus. Compared to China, all Americans look like unarmed so​ldier. No mask, no glove, no ventilator, etc.

  2. The death toll now is 19757 – and this may get higher and higher – so the number will change drastically –

  3. US is the worst in containing the spread. The outbreak is still escalating but Trump wants businesses to reopen by Easter?

  4. Singapore and Taiwan are not good examples, the virus was contained in the begining and there were no large break out, which is different from US's situation.'

  5. In my opinion, Japan is just beginning, and if Taiwan and Singapore are unblocked, the infection will spread greatly. Taiwan and Singapore cannot stand the second wave. They haven't had a true corona virus yet.

  6. China, Cuba and Rusia are in Italy right now helping saving lives, i'm confused aren't they supposed to be the bad guys? and where is the US mighty leadership?

  7. South Korea : Agressive testing
    contact tracing
    locate and quarantine those infected asap.
    America. : don't want WHO test kits we'll wait a mnth and make our own
    Contact tracing, wat dat?
    1/2 self quarantine please,
    other half let's pack parks, beaches, mardi gras, it's like common flu

    Lockdown and testing – done poorly
    Mask and other PPE – 10% of what's needed?

  8. Wait, wait. . . Japan is flattening the curve by blocking travelers from China & Korea – two safest countries right now, while letting-in travelers from Europe? And not testing their citizens enough? Is this a joke?

  9. i think UK cases are definitely higher than reported ones as pretty much everyone with travel history to UK are testing positive in India. I do hope every countries can overcome this crisis with great ease.

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