How a Glock Works

How a Glock Works As the trigger is pulled, the trigger bar pulls the firing pin back. The Connector guides the trigger bar downward, releasing the firing pin and allowing it to strike the bullet primer. The expanding gases from the powder charge, propel the bullet out of the barrel. The recoil forces the slide back unlocking the barrel as it tilts downward and allows the extractor to remove the spent cartridge from the chamber. As the cartridge case is fully extracted, it comes into contact with the ejector and is forcefully ejected from the firearm. As the Slide moves forward, the bottom rail of the slide strips a new cartridge from the magazine and pushes it up the ramp of the barrel and into the chamber. The cycle is now complete, and the Glock is ready to fire the next round. As the slide moves back, the hook on the connector is forced inward. This allows the trigger bar to move upward. As the slide returns forward, the trigger bar is then able retain the firing pin. Releasing the trigger, allows the connector to move back into place, again enabling the downward movement of the trigger bar. The Glock contains three safeties. The first is the Trigger Safety. The trigger cannot be pulled back unless the safety is engaged, allowing it to move past the frame. The second is the Firing Pin Safety. The firing pin cannot move past the safety unless the trigger bar has pushed it up, allowing the firing pin to move past this safety. The final is the Drop Safety. The trigger bar is held in place by the housing. The firing pin cannot move forward, unless the trigger bar has moved back and cleared the ramp of this housing. The inside of the barrel contains polygonal rifling. This rifling causes the bullet to spin, providing stabilization throughout its flight and increases accuracy. Cartridges are fed into the firearm via a spring inside the magazine. When the final cartridge has been ejected, the magazine follower forces the slide lock lever up and locks the slide back when the magazine is empty. How a Glock Works Modeling, Texturing, Animation: Matt Rittman Voiceover: Andy Taylor Music: Landscape (Killer Tracks) Created with Cinema 4D, Corona Renderer, After Effects, Substance Painter, and RizomUV

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  1. What!?!? A Glock is like any other semi auto pistol or rifle, they all work the same. To me the best pistol out there with a thumb safety and a trigger safety is the Taurus line of pistols.

  2. Es la mejor animación que he visto sobre el funcionamiento de una pistola glock…..son geniales, yo tengo una glock 25 calibre .380….es una chulada la mejor arma del mundo…..saludos desdé el norte de mexico.

  3. Por que não pega uma Bíblia e fala de Deus para as pessoas que é melhor do que falar de uma desgraça dessa.

  4. i dont get the idea behind the safety mechanism which is situated in the trigger. when a child pulls that trigger it will still fire, so not so safe after all

  5. Hi man,can you made a video how double action works on guns but not revolvers only guns with magazines i cant find any video on entire internet to see how double action works ty

  6. Did you guys did the entire modeling? if you did it, how did you find the 2d plans to do every single piece! I want to learn how to do this too!

  7. So there's only one manual safety on the Glock? (the double trigger?). There seemed to be some other buttons/sliders on it — are they for disassembly?

  8. Basically there are no safeties . They are always ready to pull the trigger and fire once a round has been chambered. Yes they are safe from firing if dropped but that is a different kind of safety . These are the best firearms for quick response . That's why cops favor them. Once this pistol is loaded it should always be in a holster on your side. Never leave it where someone can pick it up. When it's in the holster the trigger is safe from being touched. The holster is the main safety for a Glock.

  9. Man, I dig your renders… I still remember the AK-47 thinking WOW this is awesome… it stayed with me for years. Then I was on 4D Cafe and you replied to a Corona post… and I was like that's the GUY who did the AK animation! Had to come here and check your other stuff out… you're an inspiration. Great stuff. Peace.

  10. Awesome video. Have watched it many many times. I own this gun 3rd gen. Great video excellent explanation very detailed. 👍

  11. グロックはストライカーの動きを見るとダブルアクションなのに、トリガーはバネの力で後ろ向きに引っ張られているから、ストライカーのスプリングと相殺して、一般的なダブルアクションほどトリガープルは重くはない。指をかけていない状態ではトリガーは前に出てトリガーストロークは大きいが、戻しは短くて済むので次弾発射のためのトリガーの往復は短く、速射するのに不利にはならない。ダブルアクションのようなそうでないような不思議な仕組み。にもかかわらず部品数はそう多くなくシンプル。よくこんな仕組み思いついたね。

  12. If all 3 safeties work simultaneously then there is 1 safety which is simply pulling the trigger which is not really a safety function …

  13. I need help. Went shooting on sunday with my glock 22, I noticed that on the last round, the slide didnt lock back. It came back down like if there was another round to be fired. But there wasn't! I went to a hot and nothing. At first I thought it was the ammo that was bad with a bad primer. But when I went to check the magazine was empty with the slide fully back to its original place. Any ideas?

  14. Great video, kudos for your work on it. Do you have more of this or plan to do so? I'd love to see in this editing style about bolt action rifles, assault rifles, PDWs… Gewehr 98, AK47, P90.

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