How A 20-Year-Old Used ‘Jugaad’ To Become An Entrepreneur | Saurabh Bhatnagar | Josh Talks

Every single door in our locality, every single door in Dehradun I have knocked the door Just to sell that Rs 200 card The central area in Gurgaon for business I have covered that entire area walking And I used to feel proud On the street I was distributing pamphlets One of my school time friends saw me and said “I can help you get a job” I replied, saying “No friend, I know what I’m doing” And the biggest decision that I took was shifting to the internet If you’re working right now and you feel ‘I can’t do this’ Just think of the day why you started, and say ‘Yes I can do it’ Just believe in your vision, because ultimately that is what will take you along So it was like, some boys have come in and they want to say something Let’s talk to them, and then get rid of them at the earliest What used to happen is, when we used to go there Take a look at the lentils being cooked, will you really breakthrough my customers? I ll tell you! We were unable to realize what the problem was Okay, come have a seat Now, you have to come up with jugaad sometimes in that we had to pay visits a lot of times, there were so many meetings The central area in Gurgaon for business Either we could have the food, or we could take an auto, since we didn’t have that kind of a budget It had been such a long time It was Rs 500-1000 a month It’s okay for 1-3 months, but when it becomes 4 years that if you’re doing something One of my school time friends saw me
and said “I can help you get a job” I replied, saying “No friend, I know what I’m doing” to pay off loans and debt because the money was all getting used to pay off debts this last amount is left this last amount is left, what should we do, should we give this too some profits came in it has to be done no, it’s not happening no, we have to do it it’s just 4 hours so after an year, you have an advantage of 1460 hours all the garbage you will say no right? you have so much to do if you are no investing in yopurself when sale is on your time is your biggest investment what happens, if you spend your time on small things because of which your momentum breaks give him 20 – 30 Rupees extra if I get a notification on facebook the more you on useless things people

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  1. "We All Human are Average Result of 10 People whom we meet Daily" (Parents, Friends, etc)
    So, If you want to be Successful Choose Dynamic friends, & If our parent have less knowledge then Daily listen experience of Successful Motivational Speaker, Relatives or Neighbors " – ( This Sentence has written in many books )
    ( You can find Dynamic/ Visionary people in Motivational seminar, in Social worker, in Library, in Job, in family, etc )

  2. I don't know what to say… I am totally speechless 💓💓 You nailed it bhaiya. You guys are my inspiration 💞 Thank you so much for providing such an inspirational and emotional content. 😀💓

  3. I watched it prev it again watched it prev it ..

    my god

    4 years of no income and hustling again and again …

    that shows you are true entrepreneur

  4. He is so real and there is so much logic in what he said. Amazing.Josh talk: I really appreciate these entrepreneur videos.Please upload more.

  5. Wow, Massive Hit . I loved the speech, and I'm thankful to Saurabh for so inspiring lines which are really going to make difference to my upcoming life.

  6. This life & time will never come back so my first advice is don’t spend like a beggar. Few people are workaholic and they feel like fb notification will waste your precious time, i disagree to it. Entertainment is must in life, we don’t want 1cr in a week, we want life to go smoothly as it is…

  7. Bhai. U speech was motivating but at every second I was thinking that Now u will talk abt what ur peoduct is all about and U nvr spoke untill last minute.

  8. Bhai Puri story suna di ye to Bata deta business Kya h tera….and there is no audience in front of u. Right and the clapping is also fake

  9. He spoke straight from heart. Something that will stay in my mind for a long time. Very clean, simple and relevant. Kudos!

  10. Your words depicted the amount of efforts you have put in!! Great going Saurabh!! Thanx Josh Talks for again an impressive talk!!!!!

  11. One day i want & i wish to stand on this red circle and express my jugadu and success business journey on josh talks…about this man great great motivation

  12. Usually we see how much X person has earned or how successful that person has become. But most of the time it is unknown what people have gone through to achieved that height. Thank you for sharing your learning. It has motivated me.

  13. I always appreciate the entrepreneurs 'cos I know how much difficult is to keep urself away from the flow. Only an entrepreneur can understand the hustling and sacrifices of another entrepreneur. I'm also an entrepreneur so I know about it…

  14. Proud of you Bhai. I say your internet profit changed my lifestyle and started new curriour in my life.i am always with you.

  15. Gud going Saurabh …. you’re truly an inspiration – your tenacity, hustle and determination is truly admirable.. thanks for sharing

  16. Initially I thought of skipping the video, but as he said like, the momentum took off at some point and I was attached. Very inspiring indeed.

  17. Dear sir how to sweet speak I love your way of talking as well your best experience towards your goal.Awesome 🤗♥♥♥♥💯🙏

  18. I think Your struggle is your strength.. after so many setbacks, you didn't give up..! It took a huge courage to do so!
    🙌 Respect for you 💯, huge respect!

  19. people will say he didn't disclose his business vo slye kyoki kisi businessmsn ne kahah dhandha parde m hi hona chaeye

  20. If everyone starts to spend like a beggar demand for goods and services will be lost and whole economy will slow down.. wrong message bro.

  21. Hi Saurabh would love to have top 10 books recommendation from you and also love to read book written by you…stay blessed 😊

  22. Yes what is his business might be confidential. But I like an learned a lot from his speech

  23. INDIA main 30 Year Se Pehle to Gharwale Serious Nhi Lete Log kya Ghanta Serious Lenge 😂😂 I can Understand Bhai ko Problam Jab Usne Bola K 20 Saal k the Hum Bus 👍😂

  24. Bhai aap apni life k baare me bata rahe ho k aapne ye kiya wo kiya yahan gaye wahan gaye par business kaise kiya detail me bata hi nahi rahe ho..Kaunsa software buy kiya kaise becha …1 week me 1 crore kaise aa gaye….Bhai viewers ko ye sab jaanna hai..

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