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What’s happening?Is this a joke? Rolling! Hey I’m Megan Mitchell and I’m here in
the Thrive Market Test Kitchen, and today I’m going to show you how to make
homemade Oat Milk. I don’t know if you’ve seen my nut milk recipe where I made
almond and cashew milk nut milk, but a lot of you guys wanted to know how to
make oat milk so I’m gonna show you and it’s so easy, and it’s so simple, and it’s
way cheaper than what you find at the store. But before I get started be sure
to like, comment, and subscribe. Let me know if you’ve made any or either of my
nut milks, and if you’ve made my oat milk ice cream – let me know because that kind of inspired this whole thing. So I’m using Thrive Market organic rolled oats, and
they are gluten free, and I’m using two cups. Unlike almonds, you have to soak
overnight; cashews you soak overnight, this is a quick soak. Two cups into a
bowl, cover with cold filtered water. The other thing about oat milk, it’s a
little fickle because it can get kind of slimy. So a quick soak in cold water,
we’re gonna rinse it. We just gotta make sure it’s fully covered. Beautiful. So let
this soak 20 minutes, rinse and drain it in a fine mesh strainer. Which I have one
behind me, until the water runs clear and you don’t want to soak this too long
because it can get mushy and you get slimy. Add to a high-power food processor. Nope this is a blender. Cover with cold water – I’ll be back. Eight cups of cold water, once again you want it cold prevents it becoming gummy, and at this point you can add any sort
of flavorings you want, or you don’t have to at all. I’m going to add a pinch of
salt but you could add maple syrup, date syrup, coconut sugar, honey, but you don’t
have to! But I’m going to and you could add cacao powder, turmeric, matcha. I’m
gonna add a little cinnamon, but you can keep completely plain – you don’t have to
add any flavor to it. That’s great, I mean how expensive is oat milk at the store? It’s like seven, eight dollars – do you guys know? It’s not
cheap. Five dollars? It’s like seventy five
dollars, I’m not made of money. So this is way cheaper, oats are not expensive – oats and water. That’s all it is. Alright, let’s blend this up. Don’t blend it for
too long, thirty seconds maybe. You’re not looking
for it to break down too much, the more it breaks down the more chance it has to
become a little gummy and slimmy. So you just wanna blend it real quick, that’s it. So just a quick blitz, leave it in large chunks. It does not need to be completely
pulverized. Clean bowl. My handy dandy nut bag. Nut milk bag – my nut milk bag, man I always say that. Or you could do a strainer lined with cheesecloth. I’ve
also seen people put it through pantyhose, I’d rather just use a nut bag.
hmm you know what it smells like cinnamon toast crunch. I’m not kidding,
my childhood. And then just drain it. Many of you asked for this when you saw the
nut milk recipe. You have nut allergies or I don’t know, you just don’t like nuts. Oat milks a great non-dairy alternative. This will keep about a week in your fridge
and you can put it into jars or glasses. I’m gonna pour mine
back into the pitcher, that way it’s easier to add to whatever I’m having. If
you don’t add cinnamon or maple, it’ll be more of a beige white color; but since
I added that, it honestly looks like cereal milk after you had cinnamon toast crunch. I’m . kind of into it, okay can I do this?O h nope, go, go fast, go fast, go fast. Another great way to enjoy out milk
would be in your coffee. That’s how easy it is to make homemade oat milk, I hope
you try it, I hope you make it. Let me know if you do, and thanks for watching.
Happy Cooking! How many cups? Where am I? Someone had coffee this morning! What else? Am i done?

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