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Hey, Srinivasan, why are you so sad? What Happened? I wish i could get loan to build house on my plot as beautiful as yours Why don’t you apply at HomeFirst for home construction loan as they come with lot of benefits Home loan processes are complex and time consuming Cheer up, with HomeFirst it is easy and paperless, they sanction loan within just 48 hours how do i know if i am eligible Your eligibility depends on various factors Such as your current family income, credit history and existing financial obligations infact you can check your eligibility using their home loan eligibility calculator at homefirstindia.com Anna you know i own grocery shop and i don’t have many document proofs, my dream house will never come true. It is impossible Nothing is impossible Mr. Srinivasan HomeFirst has a unique way of evaluating credit worthiness beyond documents Anna why didn’t you tell me about this earlier. I am going to apply for HomeFirst home construction loan right away. I can already see my dream house coming to life At HomeFirst we will take you home. To know more call us at 8880649911 8880649911 or visit www.homefirstindia.com

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