HoloLens Radiology Trial

I’m delighted to work with the Digital
Learning Hub team at Imperial College to provide hololens augmented reality
simulation training for the first time actually in the world in this particular
field in this particular setting as far as we know. Today we have invited junior
trainees to have simulation course and the core IR or interventional radiology
skills. They are practicing guiding biopsy needles and reneges into target lesions. The simulation they are working on is constructed from real patient CT
and they are using real needles and ablation devices. The hololens simulation
provides us not only with a correct imaging placement but also with the
tactile feedback all done within this augmented reality. It’s very fascinating. The field of interventional radiology is expanding not only in terms of the
number of procedures but also in the complexity of the procedures. This sort
of digital learning technology will help them to provide the services at much
higher technical ability and safety. It is very interesting to watch the
trainees and the trainers today. Everybody is so excited and so engaged
in it which I think it shows another dimension of it that you are training
people in a very friendly and attractive atmosphere.

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