HIGHLY-RATED KOREAN Hair Tools! Do they work?!

– Hello my lovlies. Today I am testing out
some very highly rated cheap Korean hair tools. I literally don’t remember what I ordered. All right so I got three items. The first one is this
Peel-off Hair Pad, two pieces, this is basically instead of a headband you use this instead and it
doesn’t give you creases. This was super cheap, I don’t
remember how much it was but I remember it was very cheap. Then I got this Waterfall Braid supporter which is very, very
interesting, good thing they have instructions in the back because this is all in Korean. And then we have this Side AMI Supporter which basically kinda
looks like a rope twist, kind of not really,
kind of but not really. But it looked really cool
also, pictures in the back, illustrations of how to use it. I thought this was really cool. Let’s try them out. All right, let’s see, I’m gonna
take a bigger section here. There was no really any instructions. What? That was kinda like magic! Do you guys see that? That was actually quite good! I’m gonna see if I can take
this section right here. Whoa. It’s not as great on bigger sections, nope, not great at all, but it’s very soft once you take it out. You can just kind of move the hair back, Whoa, that was actually quite nice. Just kind of tuck the hair back here, tuck it behind the ear. Okay, I’m down for that! That’s very straight forward, especially if you’re tryin’ to fix up the makeup or something. That’s actually quite
nice, I like that it kinda just gets the hair out of your face, you can wash your face really
nicely, or like I said, if you don’t want any creases in your hair from clips or a headband, this is actually a really good idea. And it is very soft
and gentle in the hair. Also brushes the hair out. Okay, I’m down with that! I’m definitely gonna keep this here if I don’t want creasing or anything, right here in my makeup table. All right, let’s move on to, let’s get the Waterfall
thing out of the way. This one actually looks
somewhat complicated. I’m just kinda thinking
it would be a lot easier and faster just to learn how
to braid a waterfall braid than this ’cause waterfall
braids are not that intense. If you guys want a tutorial,
I already have several, and I will link ’em for you
down here in the comments. All right, so like I
said, they do come with a lot of instructions and
their illustrated instructions which is really good and they
number for you as well, so. – [Andrey] How many numbers you got there?
– That’s kinda cool. – There is a total of seven. – [Andrey] Seven steps? – Seven, well ’cause
seven sections of hair, that’s how they did it. All right, let’s section the hair off. I think she had it in the center parted, it looks like it was in the
center, but she has a fringe, so I’m gonna leave some of that hair out, but then basically the crown of the hair, that’s basically what got sectioned off. Let’s get a little clip. All right, step two,
what we do is, you take this little piece and I’m gonna grab a hair right here. A good section just
because I wanna make sure it’s actually going to
hold in that little thing. It’s a lot harder to to it on yourself. And then let’s clip it in. Okay, it seems like it’s clipped in. And then I’m gonna do the
same thing in the back, grab a section of hair and clip it in. All right, is that kind of even? Looks kinda even? So next step two is they basically
took a good thick section and they left a really
smaller section for the fringe just kinda hanging down,
but they basically took this entire section. and what they did was they took a little hair tie and, did they? Yes, and they took a little hair tie and they tied the end of this
to basically, I don’t know, keep that section in
place at the very bottom, then you take it out afterwards. Let me get my little clear elastics. I’m just gonna tie this
together at the bottom so I don’t lose the section, and then you basically take this section and you bring it through that first loop. I can’t really see what I’m doing so I’m just kinda feeling around. All right, I think I did it? Did I do it? It looks like I did it, you guys. All right, tie off the second section? Which one is the second section? I’m assuming this right here. They just took a section from underneath, literally, and they basically took that. They also tied this off. And I’m just tying the
ends so you kind of know which sections you’re grabbing. Now you go back up to the section that you have away from everything, and you’re gonna take a section
from it from right here, and that’s gonna be section number three. Like I said, this is a lot of work. And then bring this all back up. So we have section number three. We put this right here in
between section two and one, and then we bring section two
over section three and one, and we put it through the second loop. – [Andrey] Might as well
learn how to do this! – Hold on, where is the
second loop you guys? Babe, can you find me the second loop? – [Andrey] No, you have
to do this by yourself. – Okay, I literally don’t
know where the second loop is. So we have one, so I believe this is it. Is my hair gonna reach that far? Okay, I think I got it. Okay, we got that. So now we’re goin’ section
number four which is up here. All right, so section
number four goes down over section number two,
and then I’m gonna take section number one that I did, and I’m gonna bring that
over section number four, and put that into loop number three. – [Andrey] Can you repeat that? I’m so confused. (laughing) – Listen, sir! – [Andrey] I’m stressin’ out. (laughs) – You guys, I’m literally sweating. I’m literally sweating. All right, step number nine. We’re gonna take out section
number five from here, and then we’re gonna
take section number two and put it in loop four? Are we in loop four already? – [Andrey] I think so. – All right, I’m gonna put– – [Andrey] Looks like
there’s only one left. – Put this down, where
is section number two? (Andrey laughing) It’s this one right here. I found it, okay, so section number six, you basically put it down
and then you twist number one and number two section
together underneath it to basically hold it off, and
you tied section number one and number two under section number six. Are you guys still with me? – [Andrey] No, I’m not! (laughing) – Their instructions
are actually quite good, their illustrations are pretty
bomb, that’s all I gotta say. All right, we have section number six. We put this down, and then like I said, we have to put it in
between section one and two, and then basically tie
section one and two together over section number six. See I remember this now, I’m good. I’m gonna take the second one out. I actually wanna see what it looks like with the hair down, just out of curiosity. But basically how you finish
it is you repeat the steps on the right side, and
then step number seven, section number seven,
that’s the middle section that connects it all together. Okay that was fun. But let me just put this to the side. This is a good look. All right, let’s see that
it look like from the side. Does it actually look
like a waterfall braid? – It does.
– It does? – Yeah.
– I can’t see anything because it starts off
towards the back of my head behind the ear, I can
only see this right here. But honestly, is it
holding on pretty well? It’s pretty good. The one thing I’m kind of
tryin’ to move the hair around a little bit, just to hide this actual waterfall braid supporter,
and that’s the whole thing is, I don’t want it to be shown, and I feel like you can
see it through the hair. And then the one thing they actually did to kind of hide the back
pieces, the bulky pieces, they put a little hair bow, a little bow right in the center, which is cute, I think it’s really nice. But this definitely took a
lot longer than I expected, that I anticipated. I’m just tryin’ to think,
should I finish the other side. I’m gonna cheat and have
Andrey do it for me. – [Andrey] There we go. – Okay. – [Andrey] Do you like this? Okay. I guess all my engineering
skills, it’s okay. Just look. – All right so this is the finished look. You can obviously put a
cute little hair accessory in the back like they
say but didn’t provide. I can’t really see it, I’m just feeling what I have on the back of my head. Andrey said it looks okayish, but this is what we have
for the first attempt. I think this is fun if you’re
doing each others hair, but then you have extra
hair pieces in your head that you have to worry about not showing. But yes, it’s a lot easier just to learn how to braid the hair, and
it looks a lot prettier, and then you can add extra pieces into it. I do like that they use section
one and two as a section just to loop into the
loops, so I liked that part. I think this is a really cool thing, it’s very cheap Is it needed? No, it’s not. But is it cool? Yeah, it’s a pretty
cool thing, pretty cool little additive piece to your collection if that’s what you’re looking for. All right, let’s take it out now. Hopefully I don’t rip any hair out. All right, so hopefully this
third one is a lot easier and faster because a rope twist
is very easy to accomplish without any kind of tools So I’m just gonna open this up. And again it comes with
the same instructions and very similar type of a tool, where you have at the very
top, you have this little clip where you put the hair through, and then you basically loop the hair through these little loops. I’m only gonna do one ’cause I wanna do a nice little deeper part. So right above the ear, right here, just gonna grab a section of hair and put this through at
the top so it holds on. Probably should’ve grabbed
a bigger section of hair. Okay, section one. All right, so you go around the tool, and then again into this
little thing right here. No, that doesn’t make sense. Let’s try this again. Let’s take the first
section, says to go around, and then into the loop just like that. So then you take a second section and just continue doing this. Basically go around, and then you loop it into the next loop. Then you take section number three. All right, last one, okay. And then they basically took booby pin and we just pinned it underneath. All right, that completes the look. The one thing I do wanna say, it’s a lot faster and easier
just to take two sections and start creating your
twist by adding extra hair into the twist, that’s
literally what a twist is. I get it, I think this is,
again, a really good concept, but it’s way too finicky,
and you have to have that little hair piece,
hair tool in your hair while you’re wearing this
hairstyle, which obviously. But then again you have to worry about exposing the hair tool. But overall I think it’s
pretty cool, like I said, it kinda shows you the
concept of what they’re doing, but Do you need these in your life? No, you don’t. There’s a lot of great tutorials online but I do like that they’re trying to think outside the box and really
show you the step by step of how to get this look,
and then you can practice on your own hair of how to do it. So, I think it did a pretty good job honestly. I mean, I did a pretty good job, honestly. What do you think, babe? – [Andrey] Looks good! – Looks great, I don’t know
what you’re talkin’ about. – [Andrey] Great, sorry great! – All right, that completes this video. I think I’m done sweating for now. Let me know if there
are any other hair tools that actually look like they would work and benefit hairstyles or
makeup, skincare, whatever it is. But for now, thank you for watching, spending time with me
and my Korean hair tools, and I’ll see you in
the next one very soon. Bye! [blows kiss]

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