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  1. Once you're finished watching you can watch our trip from
    Norm's point of view HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WITSMySIFKo

  2. I like that Chris is so unconventional and original that he doesn't give a damn about timing and water threat. He is like a wizard. He arrives when he means to.:)

  3. When they said "The outdoor museum which get to your body attractive Sanriku area." I really felt that 🙏😭

  4. Why most of the travel Vlogs on YouTube have 80% of uninteresting, boring, pointless chatter in them ?! This video is no exception. It sucks.

  5. 4:38 Ryusendo Cave is gorgeous – would highly recommend. It's kind of a slog to get there (I took the bus from Morioka when I visited), but it's just a beautiful spot and the underwater lakes are absolutely stunning. Just be prepared with warm clothes – the cave is cold all year around.

    Also, if you're ever in Okinawa, Ryusendo's little brother, Gyokusendo Cave, is absolutely stunning. One of the most otherworldly places I've ever been to.

  6. This was probably the best Japan vlog I've everrrr seen. You convinced me. When I'm going to Japan is going to be this area 150%. I wanna do EVERYTHING from swimming at that beautifullll beach to running away from the waves to the cave. Loved it!!!!!! I watched all your videos really but this one has its own charm??? something was different. looks like the perfect trip for me!!

  7. Day 2 was amazing! Just as you have always said, Northern Japan is so beautiful especially the beautiful beaches of Jodogahama. Norm is such a sweetheart, I think you two have such great chemistry. You should get Norm to go for a swim with you next summer! Great drone shots!

  8. So, just a question, why didn't you all just take off your shoes when sprinting over? :'D I mean, hold em in your hands, your feet will dry xD

  9. My husband and I are planning to go to Japan next November for our honeymoon. If we were to hire a car, would the navigation allow us to change the settings to English in order to easily understand navigation for our drive?

  10. Ahh this video was awesome. Im planning my 2020 trip atm. Iwate and Aomori is part of the 1st leg to Sapporo. so many places to explore!!!!

  11. こんにちは洞窟や岩場の場面はとても楽しそうで洞窟はどうなっていたのかな。ですが、かなり危険ですかね?岩場では何人も波に攫われて戻ってこられないということを聞きますし、特に岩手でもよく聞きますよね。岩場の先はどうなっていたのか気になるところですが、危ないんだろうなぁ。

  12. She said "gosh, how old am I now?" And I'm sure Chris's Spidey senses were tingling with the opportunity to tell someone to use famous birthdays that way he could point out he is probably higher on the list than them

  13. I love this road trip video, so beautiful, tasty and funny! 🙂 thanks for sharing! 🙂 wish I could go 🙂

    Could you do a video in awaji island? Would be great to get your perspective on it and a glimpse of the real countryside around the giant Hello Kitty.

  14. Yeeees, horse lady is back. Horse-pawaaaaa. <3 love how my favorite youtubers in Japan all get together 😀

  15. What a beautiful place! Also, good video- great music, drone shots, neat stuff all around. Why is this area unknown outside of Japan? A hell of a lot nicer than Tokyo…

  16. No swimming 🙁 but i was hoping to see some beautiful mountian vistas…i guess the landscape was pretty but still 🙁

  17. Seeing this I wonder how Chris still hasn't died on a traffic accident. Perhpas it's because he is now used to only cross the road when the green light is on.

  18. This video was in my recs and having just been in northern Japan a week ago I decided to check it out. You were in the same alley in Hachinohe I had dinner at the other night! Did you go to the market at Tatehana Wharf while you were there?

  19. Is Chris making videos for this road trip too? And he's just gonna upload them about 3 months after you and Norm finish?

  20. Thanks for all the gorgeous scenery, Sharla. It helps me ignore the fact that the snow started yesterday here on the Canadian prairies. Thus starts my 6-month depression. Time to get the SAD light fired up. I recognized that lady too! She’s so cute.

  21. Is there a reason why you guys don't use Google Maps, are the maps in your cars more advanced than Google Maps? I find car console maps are so inferior!

  22. Really awesome trip! I hope I manage to move to Japan myself next year and eventually do a similar trip. Would love to walk around there as photographer!

  23. I really enjoy your adventures, especially seeing all the places I've been to over my years in Japan. If you're ever interested in kayaking or scuba diving up in the Aomori Prefecture I'd be happy to get you and your friends on some new adventures. I'm an instructor and guide in Rokunohe/Misawa. You haven't lived until you've cracked ice in a kayak on Lake Towada during a snowstorm in February!

  24. Hi Sharla! I just wanted you to know that I've been watching you for years now, since my hs days and now I'm abt to graduate college, and I just turned 23 last Oct 16th. Cant believe it's been that long. I'm so glad I found your channel. I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work.

  25. The places are sooooo amazing! But I would not swim there. The beaches are made by stones. Where is the sand? I think I've never seen a beach like this in Brazil. It is so different 😁

  26. This video is beautiful and very funny! You made it to the cave; such a perfect timing and I really laughed a lot! Thanks for showing us the wonders of Northern Japan.

  27. Wow your road trip has been amazing so far! I aspire to have a trip like this in north japan someday. And I will do my best to plan it close to the leaves changing. I live in Florida where we dont get to experience that sadly. Loving the group vibes too

  28. I went to Miyagi, Iwate and Aomori on a high school trip more than ten years ago. Tbh when we heard it's Tohoku we wondered like what are there? but I really enjoyed the trip with my schoolmates and the foods were absolutely delicious! It's my precious memory!

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