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At Wells Fargo, you’ll find a wide range
of credit possibilities to help you reach your business goals, from cards and lines
of credit, to long-term financing, secured or unsecured. Businesses are as unique as the people who
run them, but if they have one thing in common, it’s that they rely on cash flow. This baker was signing new accounts, adding
staff, upgrading facilities — all faster than his revenue could keep up. Another’s landscaping company was growing
fast until winter came along. This retailer needed to stock up on every
size and color from the factory in big quantities to get the best price. And this consultant? She just needed to pay the tax bill sooner
than her clients were paying her. What did they do to manage their cash flow
fluctuations? They received cash with a small business line
of credit from Wells Fargo. Qualified applicants may be able to access
up to $100,000 in cash through a Wells Fargo business line of credit. Plus, with a line of credit, you pay interest
only on the amount you use. For covering gaps in cash flow, that’s more
cost effective than a credit card and more flexible than a loan. It’s revolving credit, so you can use it
when you want to and keep it handy when you don’t. What can you do with extra funds? That’s up to you, because it’s good for
just about any business purpose. For some business owners, that means capturing
business opportunities or covering gaps in cash flow. Wells Fargo offers both secured and unsecured
lines of credit. An unsecured line of credit does not require
any collateral. Wells Fargo has two types of unsecured lines
of credit products: a Wells Fargo Small Business Advantage® line of credit is great for new
and young businesses, typically zero to two years in business. And our Business Line® line of credit works
well for established businesses, typically two or more years in business. If you want revolving credit at a lower interest
rate, or have experienced past credit challenges, a secure line of credit may be a good option. You’ll need a Wells Fargo savings account
or CD as collateral, but you’ll still get all the flexibility and convenience of a line,
without touching the money you’re saving for the future, at a potentially better interest
rate than other forms of credit. Whatever your needs might be, a business line
of credit is convenient and flexible. Getting cash is as easy as writing a check,
making a quick transfer to your checking account, or swiping your MasterCard access card. Unlike some credit cards, there’s no fee
for cash advances on checks, phone, or online transfers. And you can even use your unsecured line as
overdraft protection for your Wells Fargo checking account. In addition to convenience and security, you
can now earn rewards for making purchases with your BusinessLine or Wells Fargo Small
Business Advantage MasterCard access card. It’s just one more way Wells Fargo is providing
value to small business customers. So whether you’re a well-established company
looking to grow, or a brand-new business just starting out, a line of credit can give you
fast, convenient access to the cash you may need, sooner or later. Because if you’re like most business owners,
it’s not a question of if you can use some extra cash, it’s just a matter of when. To establish a business line of credit, make
an appointment with your Wells Fargo banker or call us at 800-416-8658. At Wells Fargo, you’ll find we’re committed
to small business, with a wide range of credit options, and a wealth of guidance and information
to help you succeed. For more information, visit [Music]

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