Helix: An Innovative Marketing Intelligence Platform for Automotive Dealers

Automotive marketing and automation is here. Meet HELIX: An innovative marketing intelligence platform
that was designed to take a dealership’s communications and marketing to a whole new
level. Helix brings together all elements of your
marketing in a single, easy-to-use platform, connecting and leveraging your data to help
create campaigns that improve customer retention, increases new customer acquisition, optimizes
your budget for maximum ROI, ALL automatically by the touch of a button! Through Helix and its data driven campaigns,
you can track the customer journey in real-time across all channels of marketing, score each
customer’s propensity to buy or service at your dealership, and use that information
to create effective, personalized marketing campaigns that drive results. Helix is data revolutionized, and that data
is the driving force behind everything it does. Allow Helix to go to work for you and watch
the impact in your sales and customer retention increase! Drive Helix today and drive results tomorrow. Take a test drive of the technology at DriveHelix.com.

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