Health Insurance for the Self Employed in Texas

As we celebrated the 235th anniversary of
our nation’s birth this month, it is worthwhile to reflect on just what made our nation great.
I think that one of the main catalysts was one of hope. Hope of what we could accomplish.
Hope for what our children could become. Hope that we could build a better tomorrow through
hard work and determination, that our efforts are not an exercise in futility, but would
produce result that we will reap the benefits from. The American dream is the promise of possibilities.
That you can achieve whatever you determine and work towards. This is a precious and powerful
thing. This is a fairly unique characteristic of the U.S. culture and economy. There are
not restrictions from culture, society, or government that limit opportunities to a select
few. It is open to all. The dream of owning their own business is
one held by many Americans; however, one of the main hindrances beyond the economy and
finances is the challenge of finding health insurance for the self-employed. Large corporations
have the advantage of bargaining power. Even mid-sized businesses find it easier to bargain
for favorable benefits in health insurance policies. However, the sole proprietor and
micro business owner is often left out in the cold when searching for coverage .It may be more challenging, but there are
still health insurance options available for the self-employed business owner. Trade and Professional Organizations
One of the most frequently visited sources of insurance for the self-employed is through
trade or professional organizations. Many organizations have negotiated insurance coverage
for their members, which members then have the option of purchasing. Texas Health Insurance Agent
One other common method of purchasing individual health insurance coverage is through an insurance
agent. While many may visit insurance web sites to get a quote online, a health insurance
agent will be able to guide you through the options available and help you choose a plan
that will be fit your needs. Health Insurance Cost Deductions for the Self
Employed If you are self-employed and are not eligible
for health insurance through an employer, either for yourself or a spouse, you may be
eligible to deduct the cost of health insurance premiums (medical and qualified long term
care insurance) as an adjustment to gross income Health Insurance for Small Businesses
In 2009, the Texas legislature passed a bill to create “Healthy Texas,” an initiative to
broaden the pool of insurance policies available to small businesses and to in turn, provide
more coverage to individuals and families in Texas. The policies under this initiative are available
to businesses that have between 2 and 50 employees, the employer pays at least 50% of the premium,
and at least 60% of the employees will opt in to the coverage. The plans in the Healthy
Texas network may also be eligible for a small group tax subsidy. (Contact a qualified tax
professional to determine the qualifications for your specific situation.) You can find out more information program
and determine the eligibility of your business by visiting the Healthy Texas web site or
a Texas health insurance agent . While finding Texas self employed health insurance
is challenging, it is not impossible. A knowledgeable health insurance agent can help guide you
to the best program for you.

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