Grace VanderWaal And Kelly Make Cinnamon Roll Pancakes From The Cheesecake Factory

– How do you feel about brunch Grace? – Ooh! – [Kelly] I feel good about it too. – Yeah. – Well we are in luck because
the Chief Culinary Officer of The Cheesecake Factory,
Donald Moore is here! (applause and cheers) – Okay, that menu we all know and love, but it offers so much
variety and is a big menu, and it’s all made from
scratch, which I love. So today chef Donald’s showing
us how to make one of their most popular brunch dishes. All right so what are we making? – So we’re going to do a
cinnamon roll pancakes, which is offered Saturday- – I love my job! – Saturday and Sunday.
(laughter) So we took the best of two things, pancakes and cinnamon rolls. Imagine on the holidays you have people staying at your house or out of town, and they can wake up and smell some cinnamon roll pancakes. – [Kelly] And you come
over and you make them. – Doable, doable for sure.
(laughter) So we’re gonna jump right
in if you don’t mind. – [Kelly] Okay cool. – Great.
– [Grace] Jumping right in. – So we have here, we make the swirl. – Yes.
– Which is a little bit of brown sugar, – Okay. – butter, and cinnamon
and then heavy cream. And don’t just buy any
brown sugar or heavy cream, buy the good stuff. And then we cook that down
and just fold it until all the sugar dissolves,
and that’s the ooey-gooey, really good smelly part that goes – [Donald] into the pancakes
– [Kelly] Mmm, mmhmm. – Whew! – And then we need to make our wet batter. Do you mind helping me? – Yes, lets do it!
– And then Grace, you’re set up to do the exact
same thing that we’re doing. – Have you ever made pancakes?
– I’m good. I’ve really love the boxed thing. – [Kelly] Me too! – That, I can perfect. – [Kelly] I can nail it. – I like the box too, but hopefully I’ll teach
you a couple tricks today – Okay. – that will make your pancakes
elevate just a little bit. – So what do we do, we just start mixing? – You can start mixing
your eggs a little bit. – Okay. – And then I’ll help here. You’re gonna fold in the flour. In the flour is baking soda
and a little bit of salt. And in the wet mix, is eggs and vanilla. And look for good vanilla, like Madagascar,
– [Kelly] Madagascar, yeah. or Tahitian vanilla’s really good. – Look I’m getting crazy,
it’s going everywhere! – I’ll help you, where we’ll fold in- – Whoo yeah its getting a little dry! – [Donald] We’ll fold
in a little buttermilk. – [Kelly] Okay, buttermilk. – [Donald] And the key to pancake batter- – You guys are going really fast. – [Donald] This is the number one tip to really good pancakes,
is to not over mix it. If you have a tough or dry pancake, you over mixed.
(laughter) So you wanna mix ’em all
in, and have a few lumps. Not where they’re clumpy,
but where you can see a few of the lumps. – [Kelly] Okay. – [Donald] One big ladle in the middle. – [Kelly] Okay one big ladle. – [Donald] And you can
use the bottom of a ladle to sort of spread it around. – [Kelly] Okay. – [Donald] And pancakes
really be any shape if the batter’s right. You can spread it around
a little bit more. Beautiful.
– [Kelly] All right, wooh! – [Donald] So then this is the tricky part, and we’ll
see who does better here. – Oh I thought you said turkey part. You said tricky.
(laughter) I was like wait what? – So you’re gonna take the
swirl and your going to start on the inside.
– Okay. And you’re gonna work
around to the outside. Be careful not to get
the swirl on the edge of the grill. So you let these cook for
about two and a half minutes. The key with pancakes
is you want them to be light and fluffy. – [Kelly] (laughs) I love you! – [Donald] I would say
that’s the most artistic cinnamon roll pancake I’ve ever seen. – Yes, I like it yes!
– I should’ve looked at yours before. – No.
– Truly. – So this looks beautiful and
that looks beautiful as well. So after about two and a half minutes, and it starts to bubble, you would flip it.
– Yeah. – [Donald] You get these beautiful, caramelized bits.
– [Kelly] Its so cool! – [Grace] That’s so cool.
– [Donald] You can smell it. – [Kelly] Wow!
– [Donald] It will light up your house with great aroma. So then the finished product,
(clapping) – I want this recipe. I want to try it for Christmas. – Me too. – Yes! – is a little bit of cinnamon glaze. And I’ll let you both do this. – [Kelly] A little bit? – I’m sorry, vanilla glaze. – Where are you from? (laughter)
– And then you go like that, so see how you can do it. – Yeah, I’ll show you where I’m from. (laughter)
(applause) Woooh! Aaaah! Yes!
(cheers and applause) Oh, watch this action. Whoop, whoop! – All right looking good.
– [Kelly] There you go. – [Donald] So let’s try ’em.
– [Grace] Is it time? Is it time? – I wanna try it. I don’t wanna be rude. – Oooh! – [Donald] Nailed it! Grace flipped hers beautiful. – [Kelly] Oh I didn’t
flip it, wait hold on. (laughter) Wait, I can flip it! I don’t know if it’s ready. Oh snap!
(jingle bells) – [Grace] Yes!
– [Kelly] Yes! (jingle bells)
(cheers and applause) – It’s Ambush Christmas! – [Grace] Let’s try it! – Ambush Christmas continues!
(cheers and applause) – [Grace] Whoo! Oh gosh! Don’t let him fall! – The tree almost went down! The tree almost went down! We want everyone in our audience to try these amazing
cinnamon roll pancakes, so you’re all going home with a $100 Cheesecake Factory gift card! (cheers and applause) – The Cheesecake Factory is also sweetening the deal. For every $25 gift card
you buy on their site or in their restaurants from Black Friday until Cyber Monday, you’ll get two Slice of Joy Cards redeemable for a slice of cheesecake after the first of the year. It’s so awesome!
– [Grace] Whoo! (cheers and applause) – I think this is burning! Wait for it, is it burning? Oh I messed it up!

100 Replies to “Grace VanderWaal And Kelly Make Cinnamon Roll Pancakes From The Cheesecake Factory”

  1. Grace is so amazing she should be invited on more talk shows. I can see grace in the future having her own talk show. Keep rocking Grace

  2. I always make cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning but this year I might make these instead. People who've eaten them – do they still need syrup or is the vanilla glaze enough?

  3. Absolutely love that Grace is getting some attention as a person, not just a singer or agt winner. Thank you Kelly Clarkson! This was really enjoyable!

  4. Yes, she is just plain amazing in every way. I didn't realize she spent so much time on the show that day. Just saw bits and pieces. She is so cute and so funny on the show…a natural

  5. Cheesecake factory sucks only good thing they have is cheesecake, I doubt they make these from scratch most likely froze and reheated

  6. The recipe is a fun variation of the traditional pancake recipe. For a second, though, I was slightly worried that the fun-factor would be diminished when the chef challenges with, "…let's see who does better…" This comment could have unfavorably manipulated the social dynamic. Happily, the fun and warm-hearted and enthusiastic vibe prevailed.

  7. 3:26 I like how Grace poses with her spatula after flipping the pancake! Like a fashion model walking down the runway.


  9. Grace is always so warm and genuine and unfiltered – yet never says anything wrong or mean. So spontaneous, so it shows that's who she really is. We've seen this many interviews.

  10. Grace was an Awesome guest!!
    I laughed when the chef basically interrupted Kelly cause she don't take a breath. I do enjoy watching every day

  11. i still dont understand why the chef is on one side and not the middle. are we forgetting that grace is 15 and probably isnt that good of a cook yet? she seemed a bit lost the whole time.

  12. I am frustrated again, I see so often great things are made from scratch but try buying scratch, I have looked and looked and I do not see anyone selling it, I really want some, no need some I have so many things I want to make, so if anyone knows of a supplier let me know, I even tried E Bay.

  13. This is not a show, Grace was a guest, but why they (Especially Kelly as the host) didn't put any attention to her? I'm sad saw her poses but nobody gives a fck!!

  14. at the end of the video…
    Kelly: i will not stop talking until you subscribe to my YouTube channel. that's right, now i can talk a lot. seriously, not gonna stop. still here! not going anywhere. i see you. don't walk away from this!!
    *Persassy approves* 👍👍

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