Gomantak Times Publishes Article About ISH News

This is Alok Kejriwal – sign name. He is the Founder & CEO of ISH News and the Owner, Chairman & M.D of AAPL Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Mr Kejriwal was in Margao, Goa along with his team Team members such as Vicky Shah, Aqil Chinoy, Monisha Shah, and Harish Bhatia along with Mr Kejriwal were in Goa. They were there to attend the International Deaf Summit 2020. He was interviewed by the Gomantak Times along with his Interpreter Ms. Monisha Shah. This interview was then published on 6th January 2020. Let me tell you what the article said. When Mr Kejriwal’s mother was pregnant she suffered from Rubella, which is why he was born Deaf. He was born in Assam. Growing up he faced many difficulties understanding things. This is why he moved to Mumbai for studies. He is a well-known personality among Deaf individuals living in India as well as abroad. He is the CEO of India Signing Hands Pvt. Ltd. It is a company that runs ISH News, a News channel specially for the Deaf. They have received more than 14 million views in one year. Mr Kejriwal was very upset that there is not a single News Channel that provides accessibility to the Deaf. There is only ISH News and nobody else. He was planning to start ISH in 2017 and started working on it and finally launched ISH News in 22nd November 2018. The reason was that he loved to watch News daily and read the newspapers. But the problem was he could not understand it clearly. His wife helped him understand the content. Mr Kejriwal realised that there are many Deaf individuals just like him. This is why he decided to set-up ISH News so everyone could watch and benefit. ISH News spreads videos with Voice-Over, Captions and Sign Language. It is very useful as it will be shared by Deaf children and their parents will benefit a lot. ISH News is available on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and also on other social media platforms. As per the 2011 census, there are 1.8 crore Deaf people in our country. However when Census authorities visit houses to perform a count, Deaf individuals are kept away. This means there are a lot more Deaf people. Out of the total population in India, 1% is Deaf. There are also other people with disabilities. 90% of the people working at ISH are Deaf. They are all professionals in the field of editing, signing, graphics, etc. Mr Kejriwal dreams of expanding ISH News and hiring more Deaf individuals. he wants to show the world that deaf individuals have beautiful skills and expertise. After the first anniversary of ISH News, we registered 1.4 crore views. Out of these 1.4 crore views, 90% are from India and 10% are from abroad. The interviewer asked Mr Kejriwal to share about the problems he faced life. He said, he faced no problems starting ISH News because he had experience working with AAPL Solutions Pvt. Ltd for the last 30 years. Because of his experience, everything was very easy. AAPL Solutions export foil papers, powders, eye drop bottles, etc to 55 countries. He hired professional at ISH News by contacting various Deaf associations. His team’s aim is of getting 30 million views. Mr Kejriwal wanted to set up ISH News because, there are so many entertainment programmes for the hearing. For example the Kapil Sharma comedy show and others. However the Deaf do not understand anything because they are not given accessibility. ISH News has entertainment content but from now on their aim is to create 50% News and 50% entertainment content. Mr Kejriwal has requested the public to support ISH News so that accessibility can be provided and the Deaf can benefit. And even the disabled can benefit. Strong laws must be created that make it compulsory to provide accessibility. Mr Kejriwal wants all TV News channels to follow these laws and provide accessibility to the disabled. Mr Kejriwal made a final statement which said, I do not mind being called Deaf. However I do not want to be called Deaf Mute, Dumb, Hard of Hearing, Hearing impaired, etc. I only want to be called Deaf.

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