Glass Hall is open for business

– [President Clif Smart] It’s my pleasure
to be with you today, to celebrate a great milestone
in our university’s life. – [David Glass] This business school has gone from a modest beginning to world-class. You won’t find anything
any better than this anywhere and it’s a credit to the people who have made it happen. The students who will get educated here have an unbelievable opportunity. – [Brandon MCCoy] This renovation and addition will impact student
success for years to come. It will be a landmark building that students like us come back to when we come to campus and remember everything that
happened in this building. – [Robert Gourley] I’m just very
proud of this organization, I’ve been proud to be with it. We got our money’s worth then, we’re getting our money’s worth now. Thank you all for being here. (applause)

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