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there and I want to welcome you to another video here process 609 credit
repair program just good you know we’re gonna add some great some some other
great things to this channel we’re going to start to get into not just credit but
talk about buildings well first of all to because I really believe that both of
these go together you know as your Craig is better it’s gonna give you access
some more income capital these are things you’ll be saving money on things
like interest right so we’re gonna start combining and slowly integrating some
some wealth concepts in here so be on the lookout for that it may be you may
even there are be some links in the description area already of some other
videos that we have up okay because wealth is important and we’re gonna be
teaching you how to build wealth what it is you know what it really is okay so
but today we’ll talk about removing negative edges from your credit report
okay now when I talk about negative items
alright there’s some items that are easily there are easier to remove the
ups okay so let’s talk about the easy remove I can be easily removed all right
collection accounts collections these are the easiest to remove yr collection
accounts easiest to remove oh this is your credit for by the way well that’s
because you that you don’t have a relationship with the collection ASIS
alright here’s what happens collection agency was either hired by your original
creditor or the original creditor charged off your account and then there
was a collection H that came from all picked it up either bother what-have-you
and now they look it’s a collector all right let me tell you something about
collections and those easy to get out is charge-offs
alright a little bit more challenging but these have come off too because this
is a what’s account is in charge on it’s a closed account alright that company
closed account was me is no longer accident reporting okay so collections
in Charles up the reason these akiza’s removed is because the charlton is a
closed account collection you don’t have a relationship with the collection
company now how do collection accounts
show up on your credit report whoa and they will pay they pay the credit rating
agencies to add that to your credit report if you didn’t if you did know
it’s already credit reporting agencies are for-profit companies all right so
that collection account shows on there it was payee to be put on there
all right because usually I have any sign documents with a collection company
themselves another thing about collection accounts
is that after a while that company tax has already been paid back for that
charge off I sense I went wrong some of it goes the collections some
insignificant makes it to collection once that account is in collections our
right wars charged off what happens is taxes comes in all right taxes comes in
all right and pays that off so whatever they charge all whatever collection is
tax comes in and pays box so really the double tip so never pay a
collection account all righty just some of the easiest ones
to get up another easy to get off medical bills all right medical bills are easy to get
off that’s another one that’s paid to be added to your credit report no probably
wonder why why would they want to mess your credit up right because they’re mad
because you didn’t pay your bills all right and I get it I get it yeah you
didn’t pay you can have the money for you didn’t pay up a steal probably won’t
do that it’s horrible whoa this is one easy space that should
get up get it some hustle it work more challenge you start well these students
almost all right student loans are the credit rating agencies bread and butter
this is the only account that can see some goes on and on and on even after
taking another 10 years where it counts too soon oh but this is the only count
that continues on why it is a credit reporting agencies bread and butter they
make the most money from student loans all right and because the whole go over
in the beginning when you were 18 is to get you into 10 is it get you tracked
because now once you once you have dead you
interest okay and once you start on inches you are owned by whoever the
financial people are out there okay now Stewart laws can be removed and then
they can remove and at the Riv about 85% but student almost take a long time to
remove you’re gonna have a dispute you’re gonna dispute nine plus months
all right I’m gonna let you know right now you got to dispute nine plus much
doubt disputing student loans over your credit report will not stop the
collection efforts of the student loan people whoever they are okay all it does
it makes your credit report look better all right so your debt to income ratio
so if you’re looking to get a car or a house and like all your decorations too
high what have you are you looking to get a business card or what have you
well you know screw those removed all will help your debt to income ratio okay
now but it won’t stop the collection efforts so be prepared they’re still
gonna collect on you because because of the amount now something you can do all
right if you’re brave enough you can take the student loan people quarter and
prove that you owe them all right you take it to court
prove that you owe them here’s what could happen they can show up make a
show up and you still owe another you have is they cannot show up all right
they don’t show up you win this adjustment in your favor and you know oh
because they just showed this is representation that’s something you
could do as well to try that that’s extreme cases and I’ve known people who
have done this I have those myself first thing you don’t okay but it’s something
you can do let’s talk about those public records okay now these can be removed s
go to takes a little bit longer all right because it’s a court decision but
here’s the thing about a public record the public record was not added to your
credit report by the courts there’s no relationship between the courts and the
credit reporting agency the gap between them is a third party
Vint something like LexisNexis okay now do your relationship with that third
party no did you get that third party can sit to report on your behalf
no okay so he’s something you do you can write a letter to the court wherever you
got your your bankruptcy done your tax lien whatever you child support
doesn’t matter write a letter and ask them hey how are you reporting to credit
for days all right how you doing this you know what shirt was your messy well
you know of Correspondence and what they would they when they can do it or will
do nothing right not all course do this you meant to send a couple letters this
is another back stain that they have no way that they don’t connect with the
credit for AC all right do you have a copy of a letter from a client of ours I
don’t have a copy of a letter that a client got sent back
yeah I had the company letter but from the court said hey we don’t correspond
with them at all okay and you can say well hey it’s the court that showed up
on my credit report not the third party and you could work to get that screwed
up okay so just want to kind of go over this with you
all right yes here’s the baby I don’t want you to be afraid of the credit for
the agencies all right they you have the control you have the law on your side
you have the FCRA on the side all right and you keep just moving until you get
what you want do not be afraid do not be afraid okay
of your credit now do let’s know we have a great program we put together call the
process 609 credit repair program all right there’s a link in the in the
description area you can go click on it go learn more we have some great free
training we give it away free letters so you can get your process started even
you even if you don’t decide to become a customer customer models or purchase
with us doesn’t matter our goal here is to help you alright so
go right now click on the button alright you need
your credit fix right yeah you watch this video you wanna do staying here
with me almost 9 minutes alright to watch this video that means that you
need you’re looking for help you you you want some changes in your life
alright don’t wait don’t wait any long okay I don’t have the money
yes you do have the money because I guarantee you and there was some concert
or something on Sanders you can’t wait to buy you would go get it alright use
that money you have disposable income use it to get yourself together
usually get your credit now your the credit score is high sixes low seventh
mid seventh they can do she want you but now you have to have a new pack you got
to kind of cut all the BS out the way and get your stuff together
alright so multiply their process six with our credit repair program and we’ll
see you on the inside I’m out of here Raise your credit score in one week, raise your credit score in two weeks, credit repair, raise your credit score fast, double reporting credit repair secrets, double reporting, credit restoration, build worth strategies, collection agency, never pay collections, remove inquiries using two letters, remove collections from credit report, 800 credit score, credit repair companies, the true cost of credit repair, how much credit repair cost


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