Geometry Dash – “THE HELL FACTORY” [EXTREME Demon] by TeamN2! | GuitarHeroStyles

BUT BUT BUT Look… I leave. WHAT IS HAPPENING TODAY What is happening today… What are you talking to me? With 5.646 attempts… Done with a flu… I bring to you… WHAT I BEAT IT?! I BEAT IT!! It can’t be… I don’t believe it… I DON’T BELIEVE IT. I was almost finishing streaming btw… Almost 4.000 spectators… omg… What happened… I need to watch the stream… Lazy, I’m gonna do it with a calc What a headache…

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  1. ha viajado a velocidades supersonicas ha sobrevivido sobrevivio a los nueve circulos del infierno a un cataclismo se ha bañado en sangre estuvo con un fastasma extraño dio un tour por la fabrica del infierno paseo paseo por el mundo rojo domino la hoja de la justicia supero sus miedos y ahora se enfrentara al devorador de dioses

  2. GG GuitarHeroStyles, Al Fin Derrotaste A La Fábrica Del Diablo, A La Fábrica Del Demonio, A La Fábrica Infernal… GGGGGGGGGGGG

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