From insight to action: including data in your adaptive workspace

Data is not just a buzzword It’s what drives the world today Using the right data, the right way, can make all the difference for your organisation With the adaptive workspace, you see data that is most important to your role Within Workspace 365, you can integrate and visualize several analytical tools And Business Intelligence software Such as Power BI, Google Data Studio, Tableau and many more This way, you can connect hundreds of data sources And display them in a clear and comprehensible way So you are able to optimally interpret and utilise it You can use this data to discover trends and connections And see how your processes are running Bringing data to your dashboard enables you to make better informed decisions, Make predictions and proactively act on them To strengthen your organisation Moreover, the data a person sees is aligned to their role So they only see information that’s relevant to them Which they can use to get important insights and boost their productivity and business Think of risk assessments and cash flow forecasts for CFOs Connecting sales activities and results for Sales Managers To see what activities are most successful HR employees discovering patterns in and connections between employee retention And specific employee attributes To optimize the hiring process And much, much more By integrating analytical tools such as Power BI, Sisense, IBM Cognos or many others In your adaptive workspace, You can have all your most important information instantly insightful, straight from your dashboard You always have your real-time information available to you on any device Together with all your other applications, documents, information and news This allows you to immediately go from insight, to action By combining your important data with all the tools and information you need to act upon it Discover more about bringing data to your adaptive workspace on

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