Foreigner tries homemade DINUGUAN + BAGOONG at the market in Cebu City

They told me we can just eat it this way, but we’re going all the way. We’re putting the blood in The key ingredient in Dinuguan is blood a naturally produced animal sauce that’s not used enough in western cooking [Music] Here this is the star of the dish-the pork blood. You can try making your own Dinuguan at home but if your local market doesn’t have a tin bucket brimming with pig’s blood, you can try my new brand of pig’s blood at The affiliate link is in the info box down below Mmm. I shouldn’t have done that and we got something I’ve never seen. What is that? and we’ve got some Iva Which is what makes it sour? This is all coming from my brain and not from somebody off camera The top part here is hard, kind of like a cucumber and the bottom part is a little more bulbous like a grape. You just bite the hole into the whole thing Boom!! Very sour, actually it tastes a lot like a green grape oil. With a little more sour. Well, that’s yummy We’re going to the market? Okay. Okay, let’s go. Let’s go to the market Today Veronica was nice enough to invite me to her home in our neighborhood We’re going to make some homemade Dinuguan, but first we need to go to the market to get the pig part, okay? Hey, are we taking this horse? Yeah. Alright, this horse is going to town. Hi, Carbon. Carbon? Carbon market, that’s the carbon market. Oh, we’re going to Carbon market Bye Are you scared? What? no, I feel like we’re in a horse-drawn carriage. I feel like this is my Filipino fairy tale I thought as soon as I got on the cart the horse was going to lift up. What is the name of this neighborhood? This is [Filipino language] and the other one where I live is [filipino language]. Oh. [filipino language] You back to back, but I’m guiding what do you like the most about your neighborhood? We live harmoniously Harmonious. no problem. no problem with the neighbors. nobody calling the cops that you’re playing loud music. no. okay Nobody growing their hedges too tall Beyond City Ordinance Is this your normal market that you usually shop at. yes, it is. Oh, we’re going to the wet market Let’s see what treasures there’s here we have a half of a face. There. with an ear attached That’s nice. Oh look at that We’ve got some inners. ah I don’t know who she’s handing that to, not me Oh,to the hook. There you go, hook. What about heart? we also got heart Dinuguan is a still containing all of your favorite pig parts. For example: Kidney, liver, there’s also some lungs, and you could eat…. Dude, I’m trying to make a food video You could even say it has a lot of hearts Okay, because they put… I’m making a joke about the heart in the Dinuguan why won’t… why won’t you let me Anyways, that’s a joke. You get it heart, liver, lungs the intestine and the kidney. It’s like a… Oh The lungs. Oh sorry. Basically this is like a no smoking commercial. Look at the beautiful clean version pig lungs. Kids, don’t smoke Side-quests, I heard about this thing called Bagoon. Bagoon. Bagoon? yes. and.. Is it here at the market? it’s in the other side. could I try it with the whatever you do? ok, we’ll go there. okay, Let’s try it Big day today, lots of new things. I think we’ve found something special here So just the shrimp paste here is called Bagoon? Bagoon. and why is it bright pink? They put some food coloring in. oh so they want to make it more appealing They want a posh, yes attractive more attractive.Oh it is very attractive because if you look at this one this grey ones is not attractive at all but when I see this pink one. I’m like, I definitely should eat that regardless of how it smells. It’s aged for… I guess Seven months to one year. seven months to one year, so it’s like a fine wine That’s how it looks like on the first day. Oh hi, I’m gonna come uncomfortably close to you This is the fresh Bagoon and you’re taking stuff out. What do you take out? Oh the stone. we got to take out the rocks. 100% no rocks guarantees. Thank you We’ll buy some mangos over there.ok. so we can pair it with the mangos. so which Mango do we eat with bubble? We can have this one-the apple mango because it’s sour. What does this guy do? [filipino language] ….Oh, I thought it was a hand-washing center. no. ah ha ha come get your hands wash everybody. All right It’s important to clean your fruit before you eat Okay usually if you’ve got some Bagoon there’ll be a vendor who has some of this cut up already for you-the mango cut up and probably a little cup or a Baggie of fermented shrimp funding which one is best? I want like the most powerful intense Bagoon There is. maybe this one. the purple one? Oh, it’s on my actual hand That is not what I wanted Very powerful. very powerful smell. It doesn’t frighten me. It’s exciting to me We’ve got the shrimp paste here. I got a big ball of it, and then I got my mango here, and then you just chew it. Yes yummy There’s pandemonium in my mouth. It’s confusing wow Huh, they both have pretty strong flavors. Yes, sour and salty I don’t know which is more powerful like the seafood flavor or the salt, but it is some pretty intense saltiness, bro I did it. I’ve tried it. I hope you’re all happy I’m going to put this in my pocket like a souvenir for the rest of the day Hopefully, I don’t forget and fill it all in the washer. they offered up this other one This is actually cooked so This one is not cooked, just fermented for a long time. people tell me I put too little. are you sure No, That’s enough It’s sweeter. Oh that’s actually pretty good. I can see myself eating that, if I… Was on an Island or something with no food? I would eat that. if you want to try and Bagoon for the first time maybe start with the cooked stuff Cuz it’s actually quite good. See I’m even gonna have another bite later off-camera. all right back to the mission This isn’t a normal everyday riding vehicle. This is actually for food. How are you doing? Okay? Not too, heavy Let’s switch. hold on, I feel bad you sit here oh Right great great. Oh, they’re getting mad. I think I’m trying to take their job You’re too slow Oh, we’re getting pass on the side here, okay? Now. We’re pulling in the wheel traffic I’m not doing this is a nice, but it’s kind of behind schedule. I think you’re gonna climb up there It’s a bit steve. We all know it is a horse so many obstacles, let’s go Let’s go. go high. We did it. Yes, okay, right here. You can get up The preparation station was a dinuguan, and we have all the spices here Right we’ve got onion the garlic, spring onion, green pepper, ginger, the bell pepper and the […]. that’s really sour. Okay It’s a blood the last thing that goes in yeah, I’m getting excited But you got a big patient. I didn’t realize this is kind of a lot of works to prepare. right? Two hours Maybe to prepare all of this. two hours. So is there an instant version? Here we have all the meats that been boiling here for about an hour right? Yes. … this is … huh? What? it’s… is it’s for suitably fine? I Guess not We don’t know what this one is. It’s …. Oh, okay. I thought it was something else So this is gonna boil a little bit more and then we cut it into little pieces. Yes Whichever one you think is the cutest organ? Why don’t you leave a comment down below letting me know. why is that important to have such tiny pieces? You ask Paul
Ok Paul Talking to my chest, this is.. like. is it a better texture like waiting while you eating it. feel more yummy. Yeah, I’m here the guy from the Fiesta yeah dinuguan Yeah, or dobodogu whenever they need someone to chop organs into small pieces. That’s that’s you, you’re the chopper man ok, to be honest. This is my real contribution right here Compared to them. I’m sorry that’s really pathetic. This is gonna smell awesome. I mentioned all your neighbors are gonna start approaching Hey, what are you guys up to? We’ve gotten into a beautiful place that smells amazing Actually, we’ve put all these spices in there, the inners and a lot of vinegar and salt yes And it’s time for the most important ingredient They told me we can just eat it this way, but we’re going all the way. We’re putting the blood in oh Ohh And did you get this blood this morning? Yes from the market. and now it’s gonna the turn stew a beautiful kind of Reddish brown color What kind of flavour does the blood give? Sour. I put some… msg?Msg.Yeah You like this or…. I don’t know if I know what it tastes like for sure I just know that some people complain about it. getting bald. bald? Bald. mSG makes you lose hair? Oh, this is not good. I’m already going pretty quick. Why do you think I wear a bandana? So here we are after a long day and after a lot of hospitality by my new Filipino mother. ok Veronica here looks a lot better than I thought it would. everybody said try the Dinuguan because all the internal organs Because of the blood, I think they were trying to scare me. nice try. okay cuz we have an expert today which cooked this Maybe you cooked this maybe a million times. Yes I would say so too. so we have it with some rice Mixed up. Organ, tons of spices. We’ll try out taste? it’s really good. Yes Thank you. I’m sor.. I mean, I’m sorry to say I’m surprised cuz nothing can feel it come a long way Before when it was did some organs boiling in the water and add the strong kind of animal sense And then? I was like.. is gonna be good, but with the spices It’s nice and spicy, too But not too spicy, and then I like that all the organs are chopped into small pieces cuz the texture It’s so much better and each organ at the different texture yes, so every bite. You know some softer ones and some harder one Mmm, sauce itself is really good. I’m going to take one more bite Cuz I know everybody else is starving waiting for me eat for my dumb show This is fantastic. Yeah there you have it Dinuguan in the philippines Homemade is absolutely outstanding Next time you are in the philippines or if you’re filipino go out and try to morrow in honor of this episode I would like to say again. Thank you so much. You’re welcome. side hug And we’ll see you guys next time

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  1. I love dinuguan whos more into meat not organs. And also those sauce was dried up. It wouldnt look like brownish but instead it will look more blackish in color.

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    I enjoy your videos love yaaaa🀩

  3. We have that green sour fruit in Guyana south america too. It's called balimi and we preserve it with pepper, vinegar, pieces of lime etc. And use as a relish. We never bite into it!

  4. My god my place! Welcome to CEBU sonny☺☺
    Carbon market is the place you can buy anything sir sonny.
    Hope you enjoy our foods and the peopleπŸ˜„πŸ€—

  5. Nice to know that your here in our place sir. Thumbs up for all your videos related specially in eating πŸ™‚ try also visit Talisay City, Cebu, the Lechon Capital of the philippines

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  7. That's a disgusting version of dinuguan. Our clan makes a better and cleaner version of dinuguan. Just small well-cleaned intestine and meat. Yummy. My most favorite filipino food of all time-No.1.

  8. You can also try crispy dinuguan. Instead of internal organs, they are using the pork meat which they fry first then mixed it with the dinuguan sauce. The only difference is that they are using pork meat. You may also try bopis. It is a stir fry internal organ of a pork which usually serve as an appetizer or pulutan. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  9. Ignore this comment as this is a personal msg for someone

    Yah accept me for what i truly am.
    Im only sweet if youre my lover or a friend.
    I really want to be ur friend as much as possible but sometimes, your words are too much… Tell me that we will still be in peace with each other..

    This is the way that i am. I dont like naivity and niceness all the time. And many more.
    Im not the girl that youve built in ur head.

    I dont believe in stockholm syndrome

    Im a realist.

    Respect the things that im doing because i have my own mind and we will just be fine.

    You feel intimidated by some things and that makes you so paranoid. Things are not black and white.

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  10. Raw bagoong makes everybody puke dont eat it next time.. haha we highly recommend the dinuguan from quezon with coconut milk.

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  14. You can eat instant dinuguan at any Goldilocks store. Thats a Bicolano's version of dinuguan and probably the best dinuguan you'll ever eat. Ingridients are mostly the same, its just it has a coconut milk added on it

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