First Work Vlog in Japan | my WEEKLY ROUTINE & New Visa

Life in Japan: My Work Routine Hello guys! Welcome back to the first vlog in a really long time. Quick note! You’re probably going to notice that this video may be a little bit pre-season, if you know what I mean. I switched up my Visa, started working in Tokyo, and I just got really crazy about doing my job and getting used to my new routine. So I’ve been filming a lot of vlogs, but this is my first time editing it. Who’d imagine that, huh? It is about, just a little bit after 4 o’clock so I’m going to get back to my day and let you guys go back in time and get caught up. Alright, see you there! Good morning. Oh my god. Alright, 6:45. I’ve actually been up for about almost two hours. I usually wake up before five or just before five. We have a skylight above our bed so it gives no mercy. It’s good though. It gets me up. It’s 6:45, and it’s time for Lily’s walk. So welcome to my work routine. Let’s go, Lily! Let’s go out. That’s Lily’s food. Not sponsored. Lilly wishes it was sponsored, right Lily? Like your food? Good stuff. Alright, see you. Bye! So, 9:06. We made our deadlines, we made our first batch of deadlines on Wednesday. I wake up around five, have some coffee try to clean up a bit, but clearly not so much. And then I’m usually sitting down at six, getting work done, walk Lilly, have coffee time with Boomer. And then, try to hit my first deadline and get it done by 9:00 a.m. Most of the companies that I work for, they start really working at about 9:30 or so, so around 9:30 is when I start to get emails back or I start to get feedback and then I have to start a whole other round. Even though it’s remote day, I have a meeting in the city, but I also need to go and pick up some more makeup because I ran out. I really ran out. I’m really glad I finally have my shade in Japan, it’s been like a lifesaver. Finally, a cheap brand as of, like, this year. You can get it in Harajuku, and you can also get it— I saw it in Osaka station. That’s it. That’s what we’re working with today. I’m going to pick up some more of this today as well, but anyways. We are out of time. I only now have twenty minutes before my emails are going to start running back in, so. Alright guys, made it to Harajuku, and I had a very good meeting actually. I made it from Tokyo all the way to down to Harajuku, and I’m sitting in front of Lush. I haven’t been to Lush in a while, so I’m smelling all of these smells. It is now 6 p.m. and we are off to find our shade, get back home, get back to work. Haul time! I got some color. Hello? Hello? I am sitting on Boomer’s kanji homework. Boomer’s writing “寝” (sleep) Sleep deprivation To get up. I need to get some more work done, and then eat these sushi. and then Whatever, I don’t care. It’s 7:30, I got to get to work, eat this sushi before Boomer smells fish on his desk. Oh my god. You wanna go out? You wanna go for a walk? Let’s go. Come on. Vlog-ception. Not gonna lie. Today was a hard morning for me. Thursday. 8:22, and I have eight minutes to put on my face and get back out the door. Yes, I am wearing the same blouse as yesterday—don’t judge. I only wore it for about three hours. Finally showing you what I got last night. First is the golden honey foundation. I can finally cover up my face. Uh, this is a little yellow for me. Uh oh. Definitely yellow. I have a bunch of deadlines today and I have a presentation tomorrow Today, I’m going into Tokyo and I have to give my full attention to this company today, so anything I needed to get done for Friday or anything I needed to get out to other people I had to get it done last night. Something that’s pretty hard for me now is that when I work for multiple companies I have to stay on top of all of my deadlines, and if I have to be at a different company one day, and I have to focus on their stuff, and that means, anything that comes up like if I get an email from another company on that same day then I have to either do it really early in the morning before I go out or I have to do it late that night So I can usually communicate and get things done early, even. But this week is particularly difficult because I’m trying to coordinate with a bunch of different people, and I can’t really plan for it. So it’s like, argh! It’s all fun. This foundation is a little yellow. My eye bags are a little deep. But we’re going to work on it. While I was waiting for certain pieces of a puzzle that I needed last night, I managed to finish subtitling and upload a new video. Yay! So that’s already up now for you guys. Subtitles are rough. Every now and then one of you guys will step up and even do just the English subtitles, you know the closed captions. Anytime anyone writes subtitles for me, it is a huge help,
(including the subtitles you’re reading right now, thank you!!!) and I’m trying to figure out a way to make that more consistent because I can’t put out videos as often as I want to because I spend almost like a whole day subtitling in two languages. So if anyone can help, that would be huge. Let’s see what this looks like. It’s a little red for me. Just tone that down a little bit for me. Like all I want is this nail color on my lips, and I can never seem to find the colors. For now, I’ll just keep mixing and matching until I go back to the States in two weeks and pick up my real shade. Alright. It’s time to go! Good morning, I just got off the train, and I’m walking but I just realized I uploaded my video and there is a problem with the subtitles I’ve been getting a lot of comments saying that there’s a huge problem with the subtitles and the English subtitles aren’t showing, even though I literally woke up at 4 a.m. to write them and I want to cry The file is on the computer at home, so I can’t upload them forever The video’s just going to sit there with no subtitles. I’m dying. Okay, see you guys at lunch. Lunch break is over. It is 12:03. It is Saturday, and I managed to somehow skip a day in what is supposed to be a vlog about my work routine. Yesterday was a wash. I woke up early—way too early, in fact. This is not a normal week. Normally, I do work a lot, but I had to stay up almost all night and then definitely be awake and working at about 3 a.m. for the last two days and that’s not normal. and I didn’t want you guys to think that was normal. And to be honest, I most definitely crashed. Basically, I had a huge presentation on Friday. I did a quick happy hour, but I came right home basically because there is a huge typhoon. Boomer’s work got canceled. Trains are down. We are going to shutter up and start the day. There was a point here, sorry. I went a little crazy yesterday, my brain’s been a little bit off. Oh, by the way. A girl at work yesterday complimented my lipstick. She said I was so happy. That actually made my day. Do you like my glasses by the way? I feel like I’m like that girl in Matilda. What’s her name? Lavender? I feel like I look like Lavender right now. It’s about noon. We’re going to get some supplies, shut down the storm doors, and wait out the typhoon. The last four rices. Is it rouge? Where’s the apple juice? There isn’t any. What are you getting? We got the shutter down. We’re safe. There’s a lot. Let’s eat. This is so cute. What is this? Do you see Tokyo Tower back there? Yeah, I do. It’s Tokyo Tower. Oh my god, it’s Tokyo Tower. Good morning, everyone. I made it to Shinjuku. Today I am working remotely from one of my favorite cafes called Caffice. You can’t see it up there but it’s in this Kurumu, cute place. Had a bit of a hiccup this morning. Someone left their cellphone under my butt. Their Samsung Galaxy was sitting under my butt on the train. I was just in the middle of running down the door and the train car number that I was sitting in so I could turn it in to lost and found when it started ringing. So it was like an impromptu Japanese quiz. And being that I haven’t had coffee yet, I couldn’t—I was like train, phone, train, phone. I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth on the phone with this total stranger. About to turn it in to the lost and found, and now I’m ready to get back to work. Today is a remote day for me, so I’m mostly going to be here at my favorite place. It’s called Caffice. It’s like a cafe office. And I’m going to get some work done. Made a quick pitstop to pick up my contacts. And now I’m going to go and find my friend, actually. Alright, let’s get you back before— What time is it anyways? Lunch is over. Time to say bye to Sam. But thank you for coming. Alright guys, time to say goodbye to the vlog—that’s you guys. It’s time for me to get back to work, so I’ll see you guys in the next vlog. If you liked this video, make sure to like and subscribe. I can’t believe I’m saying this. More importantly, leave me a comment below, let me know who you are, and what you want to see. I’ll see you guys next time. Bye!

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  1. 6:12 this is what happens to me when someone speaks to me at work

    My daily routine:
    1. Wake up at 8am
    2. Get to work at 8:30am
    3. Breakfast at work 9:30am
    d. snacc
    iv. lunch
    5. decline meetings
    a. do actual work from 2pm to 5pm.
    10. 6pm go home
    11. 6:10 arrive home
    14. eat dinner
    z. 8:45 go to bed

  2. So glad you guys were ok after the typhoon and thank you for taking the time from your busy day to make this video for us!!!

  3. I'm currently on an exchange in Tokyo. I've been so frustrated with my Japanese studies lately. Seeing how good you are at Japanese and how you manage your life here has made me a little happier.

  4. いつも映像が綺麗だねぇ。撮影してる人はArtistなのかな

  5. The intro and outro are shot near Yokohama Station, huh? Thanks for putting this video together! It is clear a lot of love and dedication went into this 😀

    17:26 it seems that your PASMO is unregistered. It might be a good idea to register it so it can be tracked down more easily if lost 🙂

  6. even though you were running about earning that money, this video actually felt super relaxing! really cool to see what your routine is like!

  7. your videos always have such a unique quality to them? it's difficult to explain, but they feel really down-to-earth, calming and sincere and i really appreciate it!! it makes them so fun and interesting 💓

  8. Your video reminds me the same experience i've been through when i left my university routine for my first job routine 10 years ago when i was still living in Paris.
    I still remember how i was so proud to get my first salary, it felt like a such incredible achievement.
    I wish you all the best during all your new career.
    Have a great week and keep on enjoying these precious moments of life <3

  9. Hi Loretta! Nice to see you. Just wanted to say how much I love your editing! I know you work really hard on these videos – It’s top.

  10. I love this video so much! Your vlogs are the best! Been a huge fan since about 2012 or 2013 and aaahhhhh 😍😍😍 I'm just so happy for all your accomplishments!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing! It's great to see that you've made such a lovely life for you and your family there. It's super inspiring to see someone hustle for their own dreams in Japan outside of the typical ALT/Eikaiwa lifestyle . すごく忙しそうですが、お大事にしてくださいね。

  12. I'd love to help subtitle!!!
    I've been trying to navigate the whole helping creators subtitle.
    Please let me know if I can help 🌸

  13. This lifestyle is not normal,why will you move to a different part of the world and still live like this? Are you happy there and is this your dream job and lifestyle routines?

  14. Omg the foundation! Will definitely look for it next time I’m in shibuya🙏 I could’ve sworn only Dior (in isetan) had my shade

  15. Loretta, I have been watching your videos for such a long time. You have always been such an inspiration to me and are one of the reasons why I find motivation in studying Japanese. I absolutely love your editing and content. Being able to experience life in Japan and other things through your channel is an amazing thing and I am forever grateful that I stumbled upon your channel long ago. ロレッタさんの動画を見たら、毎回本当に感動します。これからも、よろしくお願いします!☺️ (PS. I am currently a full-time student in uni, but I will do my best to help with subtitles (: )

  16. I'm not going to waste time talking about my routine because it's nuts now. What I really want to talk about is how I really, really want salmon onigiri now.

  17. Shiseido has released an expanded line of foundation. I'm not sure if it's just for the foreign market, but I would suggest stopping by.

    Otherwise, thank you for inviting us into your life.

  18. I feel your pain with not being able to find my foundation shade in Japan. 😭😭


  19. Omg in the opening scene I just kept thinking how I've seen the scenery in anime! Your living my dream girly! I've followed you for a long time and I'm soooo proud of you and all the progress you've made. We're probably around the same age but I swear I see as one of my kids, lol. If I make to Japan I'd love to meet you. (Scratch that, WHEN I make it. Gotta stay positive and speak it into existance!) I promise to bring you brown ppl make up from my stash. I tend to collect make up and never wear it #momlife >_<

  20. What is your job? What do you do with these different companies? It sounds interesting to have different places to work with. Also remote work!

  21. I know I’ve brought it up before but I’m so proud and happy for you. Thank you for allowing us to follow your journey all this time and giving so many tipsinsights. You’ve developed such an awesome filming and editing style, it’s been great to see it develop over time.

  22. I think the lipstick shade that you blended together looked good on you. When I lived in Japan there were no makeup products for me, so I always had to bring them back from the US. How much longer do you think Boomer will remain at his Japanese language school?

  23. Yay a new vlog! I've missed your vlogs soo much! I always replay your grad school vlogs on this channel and your Boomlore channel.

  24. I love watching your videos! I lived in Japan for 2 years moving around kyushuu and when I heard the sound from the stop lights on this video it gave me such a nostalgic feeling! Ill apply to MEXT this year! I actually was a volunteer missionary so I talked and met with tons of people and gave free English classes around kyushuu! By the way, do you think that having lived around Japan for 2 years and having taught English is a good thing when it comes about the scanning? Tons of yoroshiku from Brazil!

  25. Loretta's back! Thank you for posting. Wow, you are busy! Whenever you need support, I'm happy to help with your captions. I have a question for you: what productivity apps do you use to stay so organized and keep track of all you do?

  26. I am a nurse in America. I have been wanting to visit Japan. I would love to move there and work at an American Hospital on a Base. I have only seen 1 opening in the Naval hospital in Okinawa. I am not too sure it would be perfect, but It could actually be filled. The only way to find out would be to apply. If it garners response from the Navy, they we will be coming. Yes I can at times default my biggest decisions to if there is still an opening we go. I got to where I am by doing that. Roswell, New Mexico and neither of us are overly fond of it. If we move to Japan we will be coming up to Tokyo and Want to meet Victor and Tomoko in Nagoya. We have people we need to meet.

  27. Those glasses did make you look like Lavender, especially with the slightly retro striped top. Very cute. Thanks for sharing your life. Hope you can rest more soon!

  28. Watching you slay the day while failing at keeping up with my own! Ha. I absolutely hate going out towards Harajuku and all that, but if that area has my shade…might make the trip!

  29. My wife mentioned if you cannot find the shade of makeup there can you order from online to get the color you want? Love your daily life video's in Japan! 🙂

  30. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who wrote in subtitles already?!?! I'm blown away! German subtitles (by whxsperofsprxng) and English (by one of you!) now available!
    Here's where all the magic happened:

  31. I am in love with this vlog! You are one of my reasons to stay motivated during my japanese studies. I am currently living in Fukuoka until July and my level is somewhere between N4 and N3. Some days I fell like making progress but then, when I want to watch the Japanese TV Drama, I can't unterstand anything 🙁 and I want to give up! Did you have the same problems? Like, I am learning for such a long time now, I should understand at least something, sigh sending you so much love! xxx

  32. Kemushi you are honestly so awesome, inspiring and humble!!! Thank you for your videos of your daily life in japan 🇯🇵
    You have inspired me to learn Japanese! 😊🙏🙏
    Much Aroha to you and your partner and cat 🐱 haha 😂

  33. This video was a video I didn't know I needed. It may sound very odd, but it inspired me to work harder this week! Just in time for Monday at my own office too.

  34. Thank you for the great video. I think that it is really cool that you find time and patients in your busy schedule to carry the camera with you and then edit everything into a video for us to watch 😊

    I have a question regarding your freelance job – is it in Japan often that companies employ freelancers for support in different fields?
    I ask because I am working also as a freelancer and consultant for the medical device industry in Germany, but I would really like to move to japan and work there in the medical device/equipment field. For quite some time I was asking myself if it is necessary to be employed in a company directly or if Japanese companies also like to be supported by freelance consultants.

    Thank you very much for your time 🙂

  35. ロレッタありがとう サマンサの元気そうな笑顔を一瞬だけど見せてくれて またフィルム見れたらうれしいんですが・・

  36. So I’m trying to understand your job but what exactly do you do for living? You mentioned on the video that you work for a multiple companies but what do you mean by that?
    Love your video!!

  37. You looked absolutely amazing this entire video. I'm 😭😭
    Such a busy schedule!
    Can I ask how many companies you work for and if you're doing translation work or implementing your graduate research into your job? Also, i remembered that you had a job with NHK, will you be on the road again soon? I'm looking forward to flipping on my tv and seeing you in a mini tour-documentary!

  38. Hi I have a puppy dog just like yours, my dogs name is thumbalina. Thank you for sharing your vlog from Michelle in Australia

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