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  1. I just got my KS of this and am happy you’ve done a Run Through! I’ll be watching this later when I prep to play. Thanks Rahdo!

  2. Let's see…
    Probability of busting out by rolling a "1"…
    …on the 1st throw: 1-(5/6) = ~17%
    …in the first 2 throws: 1-(5/6)^2 = ~31%
    …in the first 3 throws: 1-(5/6)^3 = ~42%
    …in the first 4 throws: 1-(5/6)^4 = ~52%

    This last one is also the probability of getting at least one "4" when Richard rolled his dice at the start of the next turn… so although it seemed like he got hosed, it was really only about 50/50.

    I'd love to see Paolo put a few probability annotations into the subtitles whenever Richard gets all high-pitched about a die-roll or card-flip that went wrong :p

  3. Super excited to see you do a Runthrough!! Saw this on Kickstarter and unfortunately missed out on it but had the print and play to test out.

  4. The Headquarters doesn't make it clear, but in the rulebook examples it turns out that the bonus for three of a kind is not cumulative with the bonus for a pair. So when he uses three ones to draw cards, it should have been five cards, not six.

  5. At about 13:30 He keeps saying he needs to discard a blue card to build the Golum. He discards a Golum to build it, which is purple not blue. He had a blue card in his hand, but discarded the Golum instead.

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