Fancy by Jessica Simpson

hello thank you so much for coming back
to watch this week’s Saturday for a grand shakedown so today I’ll be sharing
with you the most perfect scent for the holidays coming up in less than a week
just so you know yeah anyway it is Dancy by Jessica Simpson so
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you anyway I can’t believe Thanksgiving is in less
than a week that’s crazy to me this year has just flown by I am really lucky
because I’ve gotten to try a whole bunch of really great fragrances but I did
find this one and I’m just shocked by it so like I said this is fancy by Jessica
Simpson first of all can I just show you the bottle the this is a fine fragrance
mist so they do have a perfume and the perfume bottle does look very similar to
this the gold accents butterflies everything like that this is a 8 fluid
ounce bottle of body spray and I’ve used quite a bit of it I’ve had it for about
two weeks and I do have to say I’m not one of those people that I don’t usually
like repeatedly use the same fragrance day after day after day that’s just not
what I like to do I kind of like to match my perfume to my outfit my makeup
my mood I have to say this is absolutely beautiful it’s just a really really
girly very sweet which used to not really be my you know my favorite thing
in the world but this is absolutely beautiful
ok so it has some really great notes so top
notes of pear apricot nectar and red fruits so strawberries cherries stuff
like that it’s mid notes are gardenia jasmine and toasted almonds
I love jasmine I love gardenia those are some of my most favorite floral scents
so right off the bat just beautiful and then it does have bass notes of
sandalwood vanilla creme and amber once again those bass notes totally in my
wheelhouse absolutely love amber and those woodsy cents so perfect perfect
perfect perfect okay oh my gosh just like all of the fine
misters they’re great it’s just very very fine okay so right off the bat I’m
smelling that strawberry I’m smelling like plum it’s very fruity when you
first spray it on after it does time after it does have some time to kind of
settle on the skin that’s when more of the notes do kind of
come out to play this fragrance was launched in 2008 so
it is 11 years old and it was made by the perfumer Alex dadier
it’s da di er I do apologize I don’t don’t know how to pronounce his last
name but this smells so expensive I was actually wearing this at work and one of
my co-workers came up to me and they’re like what is that
and I told them and they’re like can you stop and I always have perfume on me I
always carry perfume but this that’s the first time someone actually asked to use
one of my perfumes that I was wearing okay so I’ve been sitting here chatting
for a second so after it’s has some time to kind of settle onto the skin I
definitely smell that sandalwood the vanilla
it smells more more fruity and like with the bass notes then I get I don’t get a
ton of the floral okay maybe just a touch just like the tiniest amount of
jasmine very very small amount though it smells more fruity and like with the
vanilla and the almond and just a little bit of amber but it’s so girly and sweet just a really really nice perfume I you
know I I bought this when it was on sale for 249 I bought a few of these types
that were when they were on sale just because I do do I do like two or three
days a month depending on how many Saturdays are in a month because I do a
Saturday fragrance shakedown every other Saturday so these were on sale and so I
picked it up and like I like Jessica Simpson she’s not like one of my most
favorite like artists or anything like that but when I got this and I smelled
it I was blown away I guess Jessica Simpson has come out or
there’s been more perfumes with her name on it
and that wants me to try I want to try more just because fancy is so good it
smells expensive it smells luxe it doesn’t smell cheap or
like there’s only one note it just it smells amazing it it kinda reminds me
just a tiny bit it reminds me a little bit of candy by Prada sweet and girly I
really really do love this set and I do think it does have something else I
really love like vanilla and like the amber but the amber is very light and
this but it’s just such a nice blend of fragrance it’s very girly it’s I can see
a lot of different ages of people liking this fragrance I can see they’re very
young like you guys I’m talking like tweens all the way up to even like
someone that’s in their 60 or 70s I think it is just one of those scents if
you like sweet you like girly I really do think that you would like fancy by
Jessica Simpson great great scent beautiful bottle I think this would be
great for the holidays coming up and I will link it down below it will be an
Amazon affiliate link you’re welcome to use it but you don’t have to but it’s
just such a beautiful scent I really have been enjoying this probably can’t
see it but I’ve used like I said I’ve only had this about two weeks and it is
down by that much like it is amazing I can see myself using this all year round
to me this doesn’t smell like just a summer scent or a spring scent I can see
this just being very universal all year round so I will definitely continue to
use this I’m guessing I’m probably gonna be going through it kind of quickly
because I used this two or three days in a row which like I said I don’t do but
it’s it’s just a really beautiful sweet scent that it is overpowering but
people will notice it in a good way it’s just it’s beautiful so anyway I’m gonna
stop babbling about a perfume but anyway I hope you enjoyed this week’s Saturday
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a sec you

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  1. I love Jessica Simpson! This fragrance sounds great. Very excited to give this a try. Thank you for always bringing us awesome recommendations.

  2. This fragrance sounds gorgeous. I won't be buying any fragrances for people this year as I have already got other things in mind xx.

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  4. I love fancy. Recently I like more fruity and citrus scents cause my hubby is allergic to alot of other scents like floral which I love the most.

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