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welcome back guys to the beautiful tuffington bird house where today we're going to build something a little different as some of you guys may be where the water purifiers can produce a reasonable amount of income now I chose tapping the boat house because it seemed like a good place to build a purification plant it has a good volume of fresh water around the side and the thing I love about tuffington boat house is you know it's pretty well intact so the plan is to build a good perimeter some defenses and a purification pool now if you haven't found tapping to bodasse it's located right here on the map so let's go ahead and let's get started so first thing we're going to want to do is we're going to want to just build ourselves a perimeter to kind of lock this place down a bit so I found that the level of the shed right here turned out to be a pretty good level to run a perimeter right round so we'll just build some fences right here up until around this rock line and then we'll put a floor and roof in so we can build a corner and then we're going to do the same thing all the way across now don't worry about doors or anything just share we set up Arthur so you will find that the floor will get a little unlevel so you just gonna have to force it in just a little bit and once we speed up this one in and maybe maybe one more yeah that should be about right there okay and then we're going to do the same kind of thing here and there just a little bit different so rest up from the other side yeah and then this is will allow us to put some concrete floors in we're going to put a little concrete enclosure just here you can't run fascist around if you want to it's completely up to you now we're going to build this concrete wall pretty much in line with the back side of the house so I'm going to need to do is we'll just build this back a little bit there's going to be kind of like some little purification pools we're going to have our purifiers sort of between them or parallel if you will and we put some floors in here just so we can get across I'm going to fill this out just a few more and it would sleep out right there so we're going to have now is a gap of two spaces between each concrete floors it's going to allow a kind of spacing between each purification water purifier and that worked out pretty good because I've come pretty flush against the base of the house so stick our last one in here this should line up pretty well too yep okay and then we're going to finish off our concrete wall now and you can make this higher or like I said you can put fences in it's completely up to you I just think the concrete looks you know just a little bit better up against the water purifiers so we're just ick one more in here should get us pretty level and then we'll put a doorway in so I'm just going to go in line with the actual doorway of the house it wasn't too bad and we'll just chuckle a door in here alright doorframe at least and just put a couple flaws in something you know so I was putting a little entranceway at the start there finish off your perimeter by just making sure all sides have been finished and what you'll notice now is we have this kind of rock that gives a kind of a little bit of an entrance into our perimeter and we don't want that so what I'm going to do is we do the same sort of thing as earlier we're going to put some concrete walls in here and we were just a couple of little defence towers and now we're not going to build my sort of normal design of my defence towers have you seen any of my recent videos but you'll see especially on my spectacle island fortress yeah those defense towns can be quite tricky and quite resourceful so we're going to go something really simple here and just build some kind of square top towers with few railings around the side another thing also is we may actually just bring this little farm area out a little bit so I'm just going to take them out and I just put them away and we'll put them back in so put a door in the front here and then just one more around the side and it just gives a little extra space to build some sort of farming error now what we're going to do is we're going to start putting our purification plants in and I'm going to get with the industrials and I'm going to put maybe four of these in because these are your money tickets right here these produce quite a few pure fight waters so we're going to put as many as we can in here and I don't think we can fit much more than four so we'll just stick the four in stick two more here and just kind of fit them in wherever you can the floor isn't not exactly super level so what we're going to do is we're sick two more or maybe three smaller just just normal water purifiers only because the water normal water purifiers much smaller and you know plus the put industrial purifiers in here it would probably sit higher than the house looks a bit untidy so it's up to you you can put whatever you want in let's go to a bit of detailing and we'll take that out and we'll just put another little Block in here to close that gap and sticks small flooring in here we just got ourselves a live kind of entranceway here so we'll put some rails around because we're going to put a couple of little Toro platforms in here just to kind of secure the main entrance so now let's just go ahead and put another tower in on the other side and so this has done the exact same ways we did it on the other side except for the fact that it's it's just backwards ok so now let's go do a little bit of electrical work on the water purifiers and I've just done this by putting some platforms in try and it's kind of centered between each especially the industrial purifiers because what we're going to do is just put a few pylons in here and on each side so we can just run the wire straight through because I've planned to the other side when I'm going to build a little sort of electrical shed you know like a shader if you will so the plan here is to pretty much just build a power line that runs straight through and then what we're going to do is we're going to connect all our water purifiers to each corresponding power tower pilot and what that's going to do is just allow us to neaten the Y's up a little bit not have them running sort of everywhere and it's another reason why I've laid the water purifiers out kind of you know all around the same sort of height so just keep everything a little bit neat and tidy and and it's just a bit more practical so go around and special all water purifiers have been connected to at least one of the pylons okay it is we're going to connect one more pile on to this after which is going to be connected to a whole heap of generators so first things first and just eating all the shed back there that just magically appeared we're actually going to build something different a bit later on so we're going to do is just stick a couple of or just stick a guard post on each defense tower now we can run some rails around the outside just a neat up a little bit and that's pretty much gonna be the end result we're not going to do anything fancy here we may just take a couple of turrets and yeah we'll just see how we go just put some railing around the outside right here and go all the way around just leave a little space to get up and then which it yeah it's basically you do it on the other side as well so do the same thing just mimicking it and should end up with something like that back to our purifier pools a simple little walkway in trend here somewhere don't you run that straight across just four just in case if you have any need to walk around here and you know move wires around or whatever the case might be so put some rails in and I'm not real sure about these lines everybody just take them out put some different ones in so we use my usual favorite that I use most my videos and we'll just put these image list okay it's a little bit a little bit more Tarija okay and now we come back to the entrance and we put my little taller platforms in so this is just done with your small stairs and just one little small floor block we go with laser turrets and I will why these up later try don't know you do show you guys how to do that put a few more decorations in just let me see what we're looking forward this in this entrance so I'm another thing now is we're gonna actually do something with the busted up roof up top and I don't I thought about building like a whole room or something like that then I thought kind of I don't really want to do that so what I'm going to do is to put some flaws in up here and you do that by just putting just putting stairs in and then running your falls off your stairs as you see earlier I elevated mine by putting putting floors in underneath the stairs and we should put some railings in here and just put a guide post in here because I feel I might just put a stopper up here you know it's up nice and high now you got okay good view there to take things out from the distance so take the stairs out and we're going to run one floor around this side and I mean look this isn't my best design obviously it's just not a lot you can do this place this side its roof up here so and we're not going to get a 1-up and snap the stairs here so we're going to get as close as we can to the wall and that's not too bad and we just stick a couple more railings in just to finish it off yeah that should do it little you know gonna snap a nest off the top in so put a guidepost in because you can't really have someone guard something without a guide post and that's what's you have so now we're going to go ahead and we're going to build this electrical shed and now I'm I'm not gonna lie to this is a bit of a pain so you can build this however you want there's a lot of forcing stuffing and stuff like that so I just start off with the floor roof prefab here and just try and square it up is centered as you can and what we're going to do is we're going to build the shed above the floor that it's on at the moment and it's pretty much just going to go like that the whole way along so you stick some flaws in here because we get to put our walls in after where it's going to get a little bit tricky gear we'll put this door in first and just try and lift that up to the second floor that's not too bad so now just put some just put some walls along the side here get it a little bit shake going and now what I had to do here was actually take the fence out first and then put it in and then go inside and flip it around okay this is kind of a straight roof the whole way along and then we're just going to put the fences in we're going to lift them all all back up only the ones that are in line with the shed though so so it just looks a bit better and now one more fence in and now we're going to start putting our generators in so fit these in as tight as possible I managed to fit two in there and only one here you can put another one in it's just going to be floating around and look a bit weird and then we'll just put some smaller generators in on the right side here so should be able to get a few of these in I think maybe six in total depending on how you space them and then of course you're just going to go along and we're going to wire them all up each one two to the one next to it and don't forget bad big guys and then I can just put a contour just up the top here and then one on the opposite side so we just run white one wire along and we're going to sort of connect all of them together and then simply just put a power pile on in here so we can kind of get around the corner here too bad ok so now we're going to just put a few market stalls in and these are pretty basic and simple I do have much better design but we just keep it simple for now and the main purpose of this is to basically the way you're going to make money is by making purified water and you can make a lot of it especially with the amount of water purifiers we've got so this just gives you a place to sell them you shall need a minimum three settlers or you put one of these in and that way you can just get rid of most of you most of your purified waters as you collect them ok and like so this isn't really necessarily don't have to do this you go Solal you stop the diamond city or wherever you like this is just a just an idea of one now I'm just leave this fence over it's not very practical having it right next to the stairs and I'm pretty happy with that so there you go guys and yeah what this basically does is it just produces a solid income in the background of you know while you're journeying or questing or whatever you're doing in Fallout and you know so every time you come back you may have a couple of hundred purified waters every time and to put it in perspective add 20 caps per purified water 100 purified waters I work out to be around 2,000 caps okay now depending on your bartering skills and perks and whatnot so I hope you guys like it and please don't forget to leave a like if you did luck always thanks for watching guys I'll see you guys next time

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  1. Spectacle Island is where I would choose to do it. Plus there's already a generator there that produces 20 Electric. It's there to power the radio but it only needs 5. I built a 5 for the radio and used the generator on the boat for water. Cut down on resources

  2. I actually did this myself. And within 20 minutes of me leaving it. It was swarmed with gunners. I think a total of 8 attack. While that was going on random ghoul showed up followed by giant blood bugs it was a freaking mess

  3. I tried watching this video but the awesome rave music in the background was a bit much. I couldn't hear half of what you said so I couldn't finish the video.

  4. Before watching this video, I’m giving it a thumbs up for no other reason than it’s a settlement video that isn’t 30 mins to an hour plus long. Bra-fucking-vo, man! Sincerely.

  5. I usually just turn that one into a jet lab lmao. Put floor in the boat house. Wear a radiation suit to give it the breaking bad feel.

  6. Hey, guy's…here's a mod https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/28940 that will give you an awesome looking settlement for your water production facility.

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