Faith & Co. | Work Forms Us (Dan Kaskubar)

(uplifting music) – We are in the business of helping people discover
their God-given gifts and potential through the dignity of work. We really feel like work is formational. Work is something that helps people understand more about themselves and more about the
world that they live in. Work is also a way for
everybody to contribute to the greater good and to the needs of their community. You can see, in people’s eyes, when they come and they meet with us, and they’re discouraged about, either the type of work
that they’re doing, or the fact that they’re
only doing part-time work and they want full-time work. Or the fact that they feel trapped. We have heard people say that they are treated like
commodities in their jobs. That their supervisors tell them that they’re not important
and that they’re replaceable. We hear people, basically with a whole bunch of stories about what its meant for them to work, where it’s clear, there’s
a big hole in their lives, and really, in their hearts about what work can be for them. And instead of it being
a dignifying experience, it’s exactly the opposite. It’s like, if you have someone who’s not living into their potential, that’s a tremendous opportunity, not just for them but for all of society, to receive more from that person. Productivity is a function of technology, labor, and capital, right? And we talk all the time, in society, about technology and about capital. I think there’s a tremendous opportunity to talk more about labor and not just in a way of, of like formal education, but really in terms of potential and what can really happen when people who have more to offer are seen by their employers. That they can offer more. And that’s the kind of
aspirational approach that we wanna take to
our work at Activate. (uplifting music)

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