Factory Reset LG DVD Player, How To

Hello guys my name is Dominic and today
I’m back with another LG quick hacks video. Today I’m going to show you how to
do a factory reset on your LG DVD player. So stay tuned. If you are here now you might have noticed that your LG menu does not have any factory reset on the
menu at all. You don’t have any place to reset it and it has quite a number of features which if you mess with them. There’s no other way of going to the factory reset. So get your remote ready I’m going to show you a quick hack So that you can factory reset your LG DVD player. You will need a remote control with a numeric keypad. The 1 2 3 4 5 6 up to 9. That’s what I call numeric keypad. Here is another example of
such a remote. The only difference with the first remote is that this remote can
also be used to control your TV. That power, volume down, up, channel and AV button are for your TV. The other buttons are for your DVD player. Now the third example is a remote that won’t help you at all. This remote does not have any numeric keypad so if you have such kind of remote. It’s better you borrow one or maybe you buy another one with a numeric keypad Such a small remote is used with these
small DVD players. These small DVD players usually do not have a display on them. As you can notice my bigger DVD player at the bottom there has a display. The small DVD players that don’t have a display usually come with the small remote. That usually does not have a numeric keypad The first step is to make sure that
there is no disc inside your DVD player. Open it and remove the disc and close it. The next step is to press the setup button. Go to display then aspect ratio. Then highlight 16:9 Now from here press the following sequence of buttons. 1 3 9 7 1 3 9 The numbers on your screen. After that you press enter. And the factory reset is done You can see from your screen. At the bottom factory reset is done. After this you switch OFF your DVD player. And then you switch it ON again. The factory reset is done. It’s that simple. And just like that the factory reset is done. Just select your language and it’s done. I’m very apologetic about the autofocus on my phone. But I hope you’ve learned something new. You can share it with your friends. Please let me know in the comments which other hacks you would like to know about LG products. Goodbye and thanks for watching till the end, Goodbye again.

15 Replies to “Factory Reset LG DVD Player, How To”

  1. Thanks for the tutorial, do you know how to unlock the previous models of LG home cinemas? I have an LG LH-T6445 and I have no sound, I need to fix 🙁

  2. I have a DP432H and had to make sure that the display option was set to "4:3" before I began. But then the process worked perfectly, many thanks!

  3. My LG won't do anything. Can't even power off. Remote doesn't wonk, nor does buttons on the player itself. Only way to shut it off is to unplug it. Any suggestions?

  4. On tv aspect ratio 16:9 only shows widescreen display mode…this option stretch a 4:3 Picture…how can I resolve this problem?

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